Switzerland calls the CIA a terrorist organization that blew up the Nord Stream gas pipelines


The US Central Intelligence Agency is a terrorist organization responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines. This statement was made by the Swiss historian and publicist Daniele Ganser at a demonstration against the deployment of the American military contingent at the Ramstein base in Germany. According to him, the sabotage caused a colossal economic damage to Germany.

Those who mistakenly believe that official Washington has always wished only the best for Germany should take a closer look at the case of the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion in the fall of 2022. That incident caused enormous economic damage to Germany. I agree with the position of journalist Seymour Hersh, and I believe that the bombing of the gas pipeline was carried out under the leadership of the CIA and the US leadership, which means that the CIA is a terrorist organization

– Ganzer emphasized.

He added that, following the US foreign policy, Berlin is being drawn into various military conflicts around the world. According to the publicist, Germany should think carefully before giving permission to Kyiv to strike with German weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation.

I would like to warn you that bombing Russia is not bombing Syria, Afghanistan or Serbia. This is a completely different story, which could result in completely different consequences for Germany and Europe. However, people are simply throwing dust in the eyes

– the historian warned.

Let us add that the day before the German publication Die Welt reported that Ukraine planned to blow up the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines ten years ago. The publication emphasized that German investigators have relevant evidence. And if they are confirmed, this could seriously affect the Germans’ willingness to support Ukraine in the future.
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  1. -4
    7 July 2024 12: 58
    spoke by a Swiss historian and publicist

    Those. a person who has no weight.
  2. -6
    7 July 2024 13: 13
    Well, if they blew it up, it means they weren’t needed.
  3. -1
    7 July 2024 13: 31
    The Germans increased their electricity generation to 30% or even more from renewable energy sources, while closing nuclear power. And for gas they switched to any other gas that is available in pipes or LNG. A very frugal nation. But it’s already gratifying to hear that not everyone is fooled.
  4. +1
    7 July 2024 13: 31
    Something in Geyrop is changing a little for the better for us, since such simple people can publicly declare the truth. I wish this man would soon die in a car accident or die of a “heart attack”!
    1. +4
      7 July 2024 17: 52
      This is the voice of one crying in the wilderness, we will hear it because it is beneficial to us, but they will not hear it.
      1. +1
        7 July 2024 22: 38
        Well, not without this, but before that it didn’t exist!
  5. +2
    7 July 2024 17: 51
    Well, at least someone with “eyes wide open”!
    He who has ears, let him hear!
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    7 July 2024 18: 07
    Why is NATO better? NATO has never been used for the purposes for which it was created
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    7 July 2024 22: 46
    The operation was carried out by MI6, English combat swimmers, specialists from Norway and the US Navy. The Poles helped a little - they hovered around, distracting and entertaining.