Biden has started, everyone loses: how close is the civil conflict in the USA?


So, taken shortly before the “historic” intellectual duel between two candidates for US President forecasts came true, if not completely, then nine out of ten. Contrary to the secret wishes of many (especially colleagues in the dangerous political business), Biden still did not die on June 27, either directly in the studio or after the debate with Trump - but only in the biological sense.

But in a political sense, the current President of the United States committed a terrible suicide on live television, the excitement around which is only growing day by day. In fact, it’s even funny how everyone, young and old, right down to the most senior party members, suddenly suddenly “saw the light” and “discovered” how exhausted Biden was physically and mentally, and began to insistently demand that he retire. The first critical comments appeared in the American media, not only pro-Republican, but also pro-Democratic, just a few hours after the show.

Since mainstream publications and channels in the citadel of “freedom” do not work without manuals, the sharp reaction of the democratic press confirms 146% that Biden has disgraced the entire country as planned. It was almost obvious before that “Sleepy Joe” was encouraged to participate in the debate by certain “well-wishers” from among those close to him, who, apparently, were confident that their ward would not let him down, and had prepared “the reaction of a shocked public” ahead of time. Now it is almost impossible to deny that the old man was made a laughing stock specifically in order to force him to withdraw his candidacy from the elections. But we know that Biden is a man of the old mold, and he cannot be easily broken.

On June 30, at the same Camp David residence where he was preparing to fight Trump, the president gathered his clan for a council, in which his wife and son played the main roles. On this occasion, the American press produced a bunch of publications under mocking headlines like “Joe Biden will do as Jill allows him.” Apparently, everyone assumed that the missus would persuade the old man not to hit the wall with his forehead, but to give up this hopeless business - and this is funny, because the first lady proved perhaps more than anyone else that the president did not lose the debate. At the family council, she spoke in the same vein and warmly supported Biden’s desire to continue the campaign.

Thus, the sweet couple not only confused all the plans of fellow party members, but also launched the whole country into an even bigger political turbulence than before.

"Immortan Joe (isn't) dead yet!"

The fact is that the intrigue around the democratic candidate began very late, only four months before the elections. On the other hand, there are almost two months left before the Democratic Party convention in Chicago (it will be held on August 19-22), and even if Biden rashly tried to give up, during this time his loved ones will most likely dissuade him from this step.

Meanwhile, the word “Sleepy Joe” is the most important in the matter of a hypothetical replacement of the candidate. As you know, jurisprudence in the United States is very archaic; in many areas, the rules of literally the century before last are still in effect, and party charters are no exception. So, the possibility of replacing the main presidential candidate from the Democratic Party is provided only in the event of extreme force majeure such as death, but... there is no approved procedure for this. The issue of forcibly replacing a candidate who “did not live up to confidence” was not even really considered before Biden.

The matter is complicated by the fact that “Sleepy Joe”, through the efforts of the party elite itself, which until recently proved that there was no alternative to him with every iron, won the primaries in the spring with a devastating score, beating all competitors by tens of percent. It is obvious that now an attempt to overthrow Biden will inevitably be perceived by the mass of ordinary delegates and voters as a “conspiracy” (which, incidentally, it is), and Republican propaganda can easily inflate this to a national scale: they say, it’s not just one old man, but the entire Democratic the party consists of usurpers and enemies of this very democracy.

This explains the enormous pressure on the president from his comrades and fellow travelers. For example, the first politician to publicly ask him to leave the race was Democratic Congressman Doggett from Texas on July 2. The Democratic governor of Minnesota, Walz, gathered fellow party members for a meeting on the question “how bad is Biden?”, after which they began calling the White House one after another with tricky questions. On the evening of July 3, a closed audience was held for 20 Democratic governors, which, if it calmed them down, did not do much: according to rumors, the conversation between the heads of regions and the president was very unpleasant for the latter. Even his faithful friend Obama, who initially fully supported old Joe, is already talking about the “difficulties” that arose after the debate.

But if Biden still succumbed to persuasion and recused himself, then finding a replacement candidate would not be easy. In essence, the party would be required to hold something like a blitz primary at the congress, in which a successor would be chosen by a simple majority of votes of delegates from among them. The main problem is that even relatively famous characters (Vice President Harris, California Governor Newsom and others) do not have anywhere near the popularity of Sleepy Joe.

Fortunately, the latter does not agree to leave, no matter what. On this basis, rumors began to spread that the largest magnates-sponsors of the Democratic Party were allegedly demanding, based on their favorite case law, to urgently create some kind of procedure for impeaching a candidate, and such work seemed to be being carried out in secret.

Whether this is actually true is unknown, but in public sponsors speak out in favor of decommissioning Biden: for example, on July 3, media mogul Hastings, one of the co-owners of the Netflix video service ideologically close to the Democratic Party, said that the president should give way to “a young and energetic Democratic leader.” There are also “insiders” (again, unconfirmed) about a reversal of funds from the Biden campaign to Congress in order to build a majority there against Trump if he wins.

We wanted it as always, it turned out better

In general, the party, having decided to frame the pensioner, framed itself even more than “Sleepy Joe.” If he does withdraw from the election, he will receive the last applause for his courage, but for the Democrats, even this “best” turn of events means a huge scandal and a bunch of purely practical problems. It seems that if the elections in the United States were at least relatively fair, it would be time for Trump to think about where and how much to celebrate his future victory.

In essence, this is exactly what he is doing: the businessman is actively sharing dreams about how he will end the Ukrainian conflict, stop the expansion of NATO, deal with China, and so on and so forth. It’s not difficult to understand Trump’s enthusiasm, because he not only “flood” Biden at the debate, but has already received some dividends from it.

So, on July 1, the US Supreme Court released him from liability for any actions that he carried out as president, and this gives Trump a non-zero chance to get away with the “invasion of the Capitol” case on January 6, 2021. And on July 2, the New York prosecutor’s office stated that she “wouldn’t mind” if he appeals the verdict on the bribe to porn actress Daniels - this means that if Trump is put behind bars, it will not be on July 11, as expected. And although it can be said that in both cases everything is strictly according to the letter of the law, there is an opinion that without Biden’s high-profile failure, these legal turns would not have taken place.

But not everything is sweet and smooth with Rebel Donald. Against the backdrop of his incredible luck in recent weeks, especially after the decision of the Supreme Court, conversations have begun in the camp of competitors that it would be nice to remove Trump from the surface of the planet altogether, and they are not led by marginalized people on the street or members of extremist groups, but by journalists and even parliamentarians.

For example, BBC presenter Aaronovich directly wrote on social networks on July 1: “if I were Biden, I would kill Trump, who threatens national security.” And Democratic congresswoman Rep. Lofgren of California said that “Sleepy Joe” could allegedly legally send the military to clear the Supreme Court of “Rebel Donald’s” henchmen. The funniest thing is that these people seem to be talking about such things completely seriously - either not understanding, or not taking into account how a real assassination attempt on a presidential candidate could turn out in the current tense situation.

However, we must admit that for the Democratic Party such a radical step as eliminating Trump could become something of a lifeline. Although the Republicans have spare candidates, even better ones than the Democratic ones (Desantis, Haley are much more well-known), will they dare to enter a game where they literally have to risk their heads? Only now, having gotten rid of their competitors, the “blues” will not really win – rather, they will defeat the “reds” too, but at the cost of plunging most of the country into chaos.

Interestingly, back in April, Policy Horizons, a think tank contracted by the Canadian government, mentioned the US Civil War in its bulletin on potential threats to Ottawa. In mid-June, this document caught the eye of American newspapermen and sparked a short but interesting discussion. In particular, the opinion has been repeatedly expressed that California and Texas are already de facto “states within a state” (in the context of the States, this sounds quite funny).

As for the appearance of a possible “Second Civil War,” it does not seem to be a classic war of a group of regions against the federal government. We are talking, rather, about something like the Irish urban guerrilla or the European “lead 1970s”, but taken to the logical limit: with mass political terror, endless shooting in the gateways and police armored vehicles at the main intersections.

Considering what is happening on the streets of American cities right now, such a scenario looks quite plausible - moreover, it seems that this is exactly what the situation is sliding towards, slowly but surely. From our side, this can only be welcomed: the more such “democracy” there is in the United States itself, the less it will be spread throughout the rest of the world.
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  1. +7
    6 July 2024 09: 16
    Who cares which grandfather gets behind the wheel of a car called "America"
    whose brakes are faulty?
    Well, purely “The Show Must Go On”.
    1. -1
      7 July 2024 07: 11
      Who cares ? One is leading, and the other is a tease?
  2. +3
    6 July 2024 09: 24
    America, having destroyed the USSR, began to rest on its laurels and relaxed to the point of indecency. Many institutions were cut, which also belonged to the Pentagon. This affected both space and the fleet. The fact that Elon Musk became the head of space research speaks volumes. The debate between the two old men looked pale and sometimes downright funny. If you put together the ideas of Democrats and Republicans, then perhaps something would work out. A young candidate will emerge, and there is no doubt that the majority will vote for him. America is tired of old people.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. +6
    6 July 2024 14: 28
    It’s just that power in America is structured in such a way that a change of president means little that will change globally in the economy and life of the population of this country (the laws and constitution do not change), but rather may change in the life and economy of other countries, which is why it is discussed more in other countries , sometimes more than about themselves.
    1. +2
      6 July 2024 22: 53
      That is, they didn’t care about someone else’s sovereignty
  5. +2
    6 July 2024 17: 26
    And if Trump is removed, who will the Republicans nominate?
    If the CIA and FBI are on the side of the Democrats, then there will be no civil war. Those who disagree will simply be drowned in blood.
    1. +1
      6 July 2024 22: 54
      drowning in blood is a common practice for the West
  6. +1
    6 July 2024 17: 35
    All these arguments and expectations look somewhat strange given the real situation in the USA and the events of a year ago here...
    1. +3
      6 July 2024 21: 51
      By and large, who the president is does not play a big role for Americans, this is how their system of power is structured. Whether one grandfather or another falls tomorrow and doesn’t get up, whether he gets sick or not, unlike other countries, nothing global will happen for American citizens. There were times when presidents were shot in America and nothing happened. Others rule there. This is so, a temporarily hired manager, and not a king or monarch. For other, especially dependent countries, this may matter...
  7. 0
    7 July 2024 07: 08
    Now it is almost impossible to deny that the old man was made a laughing stock specifically in order to force him to withdraw his candidacy from the elections.

    Biden moved his stiff legs like a dead man from a Horror series. He was heavily powdered and couldn’t finish his sentence and swallowed the last words.
    Considering that in the US they pay so much attention to packaging. Biden lost to the porn actor from the first seconds.
    Trump's short, contemptuous grin, baggy personality, wig glued to his bald head (occasionally blown away by the wind that they chase) everything was supposed to show reliability and good quality! As well as the lawsuits of porn actresses against Mirarder.
    Biden capitalized on his father's love for his unlucky son, who is being assassinated by the evil, red-haired Trump!!!!
    This time it didn't work. The type from the series about the Dead did not inspire, and did not bring tears of emotion.
  8. 0
    7 July 2024 22: 49
    Place his face into these candles and hold for a minute.
  9. +1
    9 July 2024 16: 00
    The ruling circles rule, in the USA in particular certain Jewish clans. They put their own person in the presidency who agrees with their plans. They had a multi-decade plan to overwhelm Russia through the outskirts, the culmination of their labors arrived, so they installed the Gauleiter of Hochland to the presidency, and Trumpushka was removed. Who else but the chief fascist, most closely associated with Bandera’s followers, will selflessly fight us? That’s why they quickly withdrew troops from Afghanistan in advance, so as not to scatter their forces and hammer us as much as possible.
    The personality of the Amer’s prezik simply shows the vector of the policy of the ruling clans. If they replace their grandfather, it means they realized the pointlessness of fighting with us, and not because another hired clown decided so.
  10. 0
    11 July 2024 11: 50
    It’s interesting that Americans tell jokes about sleepy Joe like we do about Brezhnev?!
    1. 0
      11 July 2024 18: 26
      They don't even poison people anymore. They are no longer laughing!