NATO has already prepared a plan to “support Ukraine without the US” if Trump becomes president


In the West, Donald Trump’s attitude towards the United States, Europe, NATO and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is well known, so many, especially among Europeans, are afraid that if he enters the White House again, he will reduce American support for Ukraine as much as possible. Therefore, within the bowels of the North Atlantic Alliance, a plan was developed to provide long-term “assistance to Kyiv without Washington,” reports the American newspaper Wall Street Journal.

The material notes that all the details are still unknown, but at the NATO summit, which is scheduled to take place July 9-11 in Washington, everything will become clear. So far, only a few details of the planned changes are known.

For example, NATO, rather than the United States, will soon be responsible for providing military assistance to Ukraine. An authorized civilian employee will be sent to Kyiv, whose duties will include monitoring the situation on the spot. A new command will be created within NATO, which will include 700 military personnel from different countries of the bloc. This command will control the supply of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment, and will also be responsible for training Ukrainian military personnel for further confrontation with Russian troops.

Thus, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict can be drawn out for a long time without any concerns about who exactly is the President of the United States. Ukraine has been invited to the mentioned summit as a partner country; there are no plans to offer Kyiv membership in the North Atlantic Alliance yet.
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    3 July 2024 03: 50
    Trump said he would withdraw the US from NATO!
    So NATO will then expand to include countries that the United States refused admission to the bloc.
    Israel, Japan, etc. (possibly).
    Canada will increase its influence within NATO. And Britain will insist on the inclusion of the Australian contingent.