French election results: Macron lost to everyone he could


Marine Le Pen's National Rally party and its allies receive 33,4% in the first round of parliamentary elections in France, Le Parisien reports, citing data from the Republic's Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is a historically high result for the far right.

Behind them come the left, united in the “New Popular Front” (27,98%). The third result was shown by the coalition of supporters of President Emmanuel Macron “Together” (20,76%). The second round of elections will take place on July 7.

The victory of the ultra-right in the first round leads to the infringement of various left-wing radicals and migrants. Against this background, leftists, anti-fascists and migrants who joined them staged mass riots and pogroms. They arose immediately after the announcement of the first election results.

The demonstration began at the Place de la République in the French capital. Police officers were deployed to the demonstration site. Similar demonstrations also took place in Nantes, Lyon and some other cities of the country. For several hours the protest was peaceful. Later, she was joined by radicals who began to set off fireworks and then began to smash the windows of nearby cafes. In response, the police used tear gas.

The French right-wingers verbally call Ukraine an ally, but oppose the supply of weapons to it. They promise, following the example of Charles de Gaulle, to withdraw France from NATO command, maintaining only formal participation in the alliance, as well as to begin peace negotiations with Russia and reconsider strategic relations with the United States.
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  1. 0
    1 July 2024 10: 15
    which is what all the notorious Russophobes needed to prove, one after another they lose their posts, Johnson, Nuland, Maron, Biden,...we are Russians, God is with us!

  2. +1
    1 July 2024 12: 56
    The pasta has gone sour!
  3. 0
    1 July 2024 23: 02
    If he loses as bad in round 2, he's a lame Foie Grau.
  4. +1
    3 July 2024 01: 16
    Le Pen will be even worse than micron
  5. 0
    5 July 2024 11: 49
    Well done for remembering de Gaulle and apparently it affected that the Americans gave them a ride with submarines for Australia.
  6. 0
    6 July 2024 14: 23
    He's a narcissist. Self-lover. Such people take defeat extremely hard, because “they are the best.” And here it is...
    He will intrigue with the left so as not to be a lame duck. But you will still have to limp, the left has its own interests.