Bloomberg: AI is already disrupting global energy systems


Deliberately stimulated boom of technologies artificial intelligence is leading to unimaginable enrichment for a few individuals and individual technology companies. Against this background, lobbyists for the new fashion for AI are hiding that this hobby will cost humanity too much and is causing harm even now. Entire green areas and forests are being cut down for data centers. Many professionals across industries are losing their jobs due to technology that produces questionable results, and AI copyright infringement has become a daily occurrence. Bloomberg writes about other serious dangers of the newfangled business idea.

The process of introducing AI has entered an endless vicious circle - data centers being built fuel interest in the technology and require even more data processing clusters to be built. And so on in a circle. All this leads to an insane overconsumption of electricity and the greenhouse effect (the release of heat removed from the equipment).

For example, an average small data center with an area of ​​10 thousand square meters consumes as much energy as 30 thousand houses in the United States. In America, data centers are projected to use 2030% of total electricity generated by 8, up from 3% in 2022, according to Goldman Sachs. This process has been described as “electricity growth unlike anything seen in a generation.”

Globally, more than 7000 data centers have been built or are in various stages of development, up from 3600 in 2015. These colossal grid customers are capable of consuming a total of 508 TWh of electricity per year if kept running continuously. This is more than the total annual electricity production of Italy or Australia. By 2034, global data center energy consumption is expected to exceed 1580 TWh, roughly the same as the whole of India.

In other words, AI technologies, the significance and “importance” of which are still questionable (except for the business of individual companies and obtaining super-profits), and cannot be explained specifically by anyone, even by developers, destroys the global energy system of humanity, violates climate plans and has become end in itself. Unbridled adherence to fashion affects macroeconomics, the energy sector and planning for the future of humanity, naturally, not for the better.