Russia changed its tactics and Ukraine’s energy system was on the verge of collapse


Ukraine faces a very difficult heating season. Previously, Russia paused after attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, giving the opportunity to carry out restoration work. But now Moscow has changed tactics and the Russian Armed Forces are exerting an unprecedented impact on the already paralyzed energy system of Ukraine. This is stated in the material of the American CNN, providing some details of what is happening.

In 2024, the Russians focused on targeted and regular attacks on thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, gas storage facilities and electrical substations. They managed to significantly reduce electricity generation and complicate energy flows (transportation) in Ukraine. All this led to the fact that the Ukrainian energy system was on the verge of collapse.

The new approach differs from last winter, when attacks were less productive (precise) and the damage was easier to repair. Now the Russian Armed Forces are using more advanced weapons and taking advantage of the weakness of the Ukrainian air defense system.

Moreover, Ukrainian officials and top managers of local energy companies admit that it will not be possible to avoid power outages this winter, and the main task now is to minimize their duration. Currently, blackout schedules have been introduced everywhere in Ukraine, and there is no electricity for several hours a day.

If we do not restore damaged stations and improve the capacity of power lines, people will have electricity for less than four hours a day

– explained DTEK Executive Director Dmitry Sakharuk.

He pointed out that there are 120 days left before the start of the next heating season. At the same time, it is necessary to spend $50,5 billion on restoring the damaged energy infrastructure of Ukraine, but this figure will soon increase even more, since the Russian Armed Forces do not stop attacks.
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  1. +6
    23 June 2024 11: 16
    And with such energy, Ukraine still hopes to defeat Russia, a country over which the Sun practically never sets?!
    Truly, madness cannot be cured.
    1. +2
      24 June 2024 06: 13
      Who will be the first to suffer from energy destruction? Military-industrial complex enterprises? No. There are nuclear power plants that are not attacked for obvious reasons. People will be forced to spend the winter in cold apartments without water and sewerage. It is not the energy industry that needs to be destroyed, but logistics. Turn all the roads on the Ukrainian border into rubble so that nothing can be delivered. And then the victorious reports from 404 that they exported as many as several million!!! grain by rail and road to the west. Well, weapons are coming from the west. There will be no roads and the end of the pind proteges....c.
      1. +2
        25 June 2024 16: 45
        What are the reasons not to attack nuclear power plants? The reactor is located in a reinforced concrete cocoon (this is not the RBMK reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant) which can withstand a direct blow from either 120 tons of Boeing 737 or FAB500 (this is not a secret). You need to hit the 750 kV generating transformers. These transformers weighing 250 tons were produced in the USSR (now in Russia, in the USA and Europe the current parameters are different, so at least 2 years production time, hundreds of millions in price, and... 30 minutes for Iskander to repeat the lesson) they can only be removed from a stopped state long ago at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. The open switchgear (OSD) where the transformers are located is located 2-3 km from the reactors, so fearlessly hit the outdoor switchgear even with ODAB 9000. After the generation is turned off, the reactors automatically switch to “cold” mode with power from backup sources that are checked daily according to regulations. ZNPP has been in this regime for a year and a half already. But from 11 Iskanders or Daggers aimed at 3 nuclear power plants we get minus 60% of the country’s generation. U. 60%, that’s the thing. The IAEA will of course speak, but it has no right to vote after what its gunners-“observers” are doing at the Zaporizhzhya NPP together with the Ukrofashist. Minus 60% of generation with only 11 missiles....
    2. -4
      24 June 2024 09: 49
      Quote: prior
      And with such energy, Ukraine still hopes to defeat Russia, a country over which the Sun practically never sets?!
      Truly, madness cannot be cured.

      Are you throwing cheers into the audience? fellow
  2. +10
    23 June 2024 11: 41
    Banderaites must live in darkness and cold...if they must live at all
    1. -4
      24 June 2024 09: 51
      Your sofa will be waiting for you! Go. request
  3. +2
    23 June 2024 12: 31
    If the President of Urina is an ethnic Jew Zeze /according to Putin/, then what nation are the Bandera fascists in Ukraine?
    1. -2
      24 June 2024 09: 50
      This mystery is great!
      (according to 114 nationalities)
    2. +1
      27 June 2024 00: 18
      I don’t care which one. If they don’t allow Russian speakers to teach their children in Russian, then they are fascists.
      1. 0
        29 June 2024 12: 50
        They are hostile to everything Russian. Back in 2014, books and portraits of Russian classics were simply thrown out of libraries.
    3. 0
      29 June 2024 12: 48
      Eurohutsuls. A wild mixture of Hutsuls and those who led them. But everyone wants to go to Europe. When they already understand that their so-called elite is of no use to us. She is hostile to Russia. Hence, there is no point in preserving their elite villages.
  4. +1
    23 June 2024 13: 08
    This was discussed back in April.
  5. +3
    23 June 2024 16: 35
    The new approach differs from last winter, when attacks were less productive (precise) and the damage was easier to repair.

    And last winter they didn’t tell us this, but claimed that they had almost driven the Ukrainian electronic system into the Middle Ages. And here are the new forecasts:

    The bird of happiness of tomorrow
    Arrived with ringing wings...
    Tomorrow will be better than yesterday....
    1. +1
      23 June 2024 17: 56
      TV commercials “Winter is Coming” were shown many years ago..
      And Europe, without our gas, should have frozen long ago...
      1. -2
        24 June 2024 09: 53
        They drowned them in dung and rode donkeys and didn’t freeze. angry
    2. -2
      24 June 2024 09: 53
      Tomorrow will be better than yesterday ??? By the age of 30 they promised a radical improvement...
      1. -2
        24 June 2024 10: 00
        We must be patient..
        1. -1
          24 June 2024 10: 02
          And We, like terpils, will enter Paradise, and they will simply die!?
          (from speeches..)
  6. 0
    23 June 2024 17: 10
    In Russia, the wear and tear of heating networks is 80%, among the Banderaites it is 90%, the understanding of what the Soviet legacy is among the Banderaites will begin when all the thermal power plants are demolished, and it’s easy to destroy them, hit the pipes, even Geraniums are enough, the reinforced concrete ceiling of Soviet energy shops is designed to be hit by a cruise missile , or better yet, the destruction of key 110 kV transit power transmission line supports will solve the issue of power supply to the entire Banderstat, they blew up power line supports to Crimea for us...
    1. -2
      24 June 2024 09: 54
      The more they warm up, they will rush to the front.
  7. +2
    23 June 2024 19: 43
    Is not a fact. Among the dancers, consumption has fallen, industrial production has decreased, minus 10 million population, Europe will provide a flow and pay for it, as long as they fight. There's no harm in dreaming...
    1. -2
      24 June 2024 09: 57
      Europe will join the ranks. What did Macron say in response to the threats?
      Already our instructors, and already our specialists, and already our weapons, and we are already receiving summonses and coffins!
      And we also have nuclear weapons.
  8. +1
    23 June 2024 19: 51
    If they have acted this way since 2023, then today Ukraine’s energy sector is listed at about zero, with all the consequences for the military-industrial complex of Ukraine and other things.. But why did they do such a stretch, who determined the strategy, because a clear strategy that can achieve the objectives of the strategy is not visible to this day. Conclusion: it’s time to change donkeys at the crossing.
    1. 0
      24 June 2024 10: 01
      For now, only flies on donkeys are changed. fellow
  9. 0
    24 June 2024 09: 04
    How do our bourgeoisie protect oil enterprises? Maybe they are not for NATO? Because of them, because of the ideology of civil servants, we see soldiers in balaclavas!
  10. -2
    24 June 2024 09: 47
    The more residents will go to the front to keep warm. fellow
  11. -2
    24 June 2024 10: 05
    This will bring unproductive forces - children and old people to the West to Europe. It will free up the hands of public utilities for war.
    Europe has already received 9 million.
  12. +1
    25 June 2024 08: 51
    A year ago we already heard this song. And nothing, everything is fine with energy. You need to hit at once, and not poke one by one, giving you the opportunity to quickly recover.
  13. 0
    27 June 2024 08: 38
    A strike on the enemy’s energy and bridges is carried out on the third day of the war after attacks on air defense and so on. military purposes. Every freshman in military universities knows about this.