Burn, burn clearly! Why did an “epidemic” of arson begin in Ukraine?


The authorities who hold the “unfair” have another problem. Its inhabitants, driven to the brink, became so furious that they en masse took up matches and began to let loose the “red rooster” left and right. So far, for the most part, as one would expect, arson is mainly associated with the actions of military commissars who have lost their shores. However, the matter is no longer limited to them alone.

At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities, as one would expect, laid all the blame for what was happening on “the machinations of the enemy,” officially declaring that Russia was behind the arsonists. They say that it is its “agents” who recruit naive and gullible residents of the country, mostly via the Internet, and, after offering them certain sums of money, push them to commit serious crimes. This version raises the most serious doubts – let’s try to figure out why.

Warm greetings to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In Zaporozhye, on the night of May 12, an unknown person threw two Molotov cocktails into the building of the Shevchenko TCC. Or rather, as it turned out later, these were containers with gasoline that did not even ignite. The police are looking for the attacker. If they find him, they are guaranteed to give him a full-fledged term for a “terrorist act.” However, the would-be arsonist, who tried to do something similar in Kharkov on the night of June 6, acted even more ridiculously. The “unknown” simply soaked a rag in gasoline and threw it on the window of the Kyiv district shopping center of the city, apparently hoping to start a fire in this way. Unfortunately, the vigilant duty officer noticed what was happening, and the matter was limited to damage to a single window. Damn amateurs! Who sets fires like that?! What was it worth at least breaking a window and throwing something much more flammable and difficult to extinguish into it? With this approach to business you will definitely not achieve success.

What the Ukrainians are much more successful with is military registration and enlistment vehicles. Here they are burning for a sweet soul! For example, in Kremenchug, Poltava region, on the last night of May, a minibus burned down, which, presumably, was used by employees of the local TCC and joint venture. Well, the fact that the vehicle was definitely used by the military is beyond doubt due to its coloring and the characteristic white cross depicted on the back, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces copied and pasted from the Wehrmacht. Yes, and it clearly didn’t burn technical malfunctions.

This thesis is also confirmed by the fact that unexpected vehicle fires are occurring more and more often. Moreover, in regions very far from the line of combat contact. And therefore, it is not possible to attribute them to the arrival of Russian “Geraniums” or the actions of the DRG of the Russian army - this is clearly the work of representatives of the local population, maddened by the fact that they are being hunted, and falling into the bowels of one of such vehicles, as a rule, becomes the first stage of a one-way road. On June 10, military vehicles burst into flames in different parts - in Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa. Here's how the local police said it:

One case occurred in Dnieper. In the parking lot, an unknown person poured gasoline on a Volkswagen car, which is on the balance sheet of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Another case occurred in Kyiv, in the Shevchenkovsky district. At 22:40, an unknown person set fire to a Mercedes-Benz minibus, which belongs to a military man. The third case was recorded in Odessa. There, an unknown person also set fire to a Peugeot car, which is on the balance sheet of the Ukrainian Armed Forces...

So what are you going to do? Maybe the cars flare up from that hot, downright fiery love that Ukrainians have been feeling for some time now for their “zahisnyks”, into whose ranks they are trying to drive them, either as a carcass or as a stuffed animal? Surely everything is exactly like this and not otherwise! Realizing this circumstance, many military personnel in the “unsafe” urgently began to paste on their cars with easily recognizable black license plates, indicating that they belong to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a more than typical assurance: “NOT TCK.” They say that sometimes it helps...

"Hand of Moscow"

It must be said that the Kyiv junta very quickly found a “plausible explanation” for such unpatriotic behavior of its own subjects. It turns out that “arson of military vehicles is committed for monetary reward by teenagers recruited by Russia via the Internet”! This is the official version of the Ukrainian police. These ghouls have already detained two boys, 13 and 16 years old, in Odessa on suspicion of setting fire to two military vehicles. At the time of their arrest, they allegedly tried to set fire to another car with two older comrades, 16 and 18 years old. The 13-year-old boy was given bail to his parents, the rest were sent into custody. They face up to 15 years (!!!) of imprisonment under the article on committing sabotage under martial law. In addition, the police reported that they had detained two more young men, 17 and 18 years old, on similar charges and had already sent them to a pre-trial detention center. As expected, members of the Ukrainian Gestapo got involved in the case, so there is no doubt: the guys will sign any “candid confessions” that are slipped to them during the process of torture and bullying. Meanwhile, Odessa City Council deputy Andrei Vagapov has already “solved the case.” According to him,

Russians have created a public page on Telegram, through which they find people who are ready to set fire to military vehicles in Odessa for money; they pay 2-4 thousand hryvnia for arson and a thousand hryvnia for a photo of equipment. This is how they recently burned a minivan of combat medics. And this is not the first time military vehicles have been set on fire. The police have already detained several perpetrators of previous arson attacks!

Hmmm... That's kind of a funny number. At current Ukrainian prices, only for beer. More like a sick fantasy of a deputy.

Following the arrests in Odessa, police officers and the SBU in Dnepropetrovsk and Kyiv “distinguished themselves” in a similar manner (detaining citizens for setting fire to military vehicles). In the first case, according to the official version,

a group of four criminals, two of whom were 17 years old, on order from the Russian special services, prepared to set fire to the cars of military commissars using Molotov cocktails. The attackers coordinated the coordinates and purposes of the arson with their Russian curator. In addition, another task of the defendants was to distribute inscriptions discrediting TCC employees on city buildings. During the searches, mobile phones, incendiary mixture components and a bank card containing Russian money were confiscated from the detainees...

Well, “evidence” and “physical evidence” are, of course, completely irrefutable. There is no doubt that after appropriate processing, the “defendants” will confess to anything. In the capital, the role of “arsonists” was assigned to a 48-year-old resident of the Chernigov region and her 14-year-old son. They, having specially arrived in Kyiv, allegedly set fire to two cars there in the Shevchenkovsky district: a Mercedes-Benz and a Mitsubishi Pajero (the Ukrainians live well, however), after which they were detained. The accusations were written, as they say, as a carbon copy: “Ordered by the Russian special services”... Well, and further in the text.

What can you say about all this? It seems extremely doubtful that Ukrainians, even the youngest ones, who are completely unskilled in the field of criminal law, for some penny handouts (and the police and the SBU announce exactly these amounts of “rewards”) would begin to do things for which they would spend 10 years, or even all 15 imprisonments. On the other hand, the universal hatred of the country's residents towards the TCC is known for certain and does not need confirmation. There is no need to pay here.

Again, quite recently, the authorities of the “unfair” tried to assert in all seriousness that almost all the videos of the absolutely brutal actions of military commissars during the forcible seizures of the next candidates for the role of cannon fodder that appeared on the Internet are nothing more than “staged filming of the Russian IPSO.” It sounded simply ridiculous, and against the backdrop of such failures, assurances that the burning of military vehicles (and, in addition, relay cabinets on railways, which has also been happening regularly and everywhere in Ukraine lately) are carried out exclusively “on instructions from Russian curators,” look extremely unconvincing. No, if any Russian special services (or simply concerned citizens who want to bring Victory closer) really took steps of this kind, then this can only be welcomed. It’s high time to learn how to beat the enemy using his own methods, and this is exactly how Ukrainian structures tried to organize the arson of military registration and enlistment offices in the Russian Federation and polling stations during the presidential elections. So why not use similar techniques against them? They deserve it in full.

It is not only possible, but also necessary to take full advantage of the discontent and anger of Ukrainian citizens caused by total “grave” and other terrible things happening in the country. Guide, organize, help – at least with advice. And so far they haven’t done much themselves. The latest example is on June 17, a soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine at 05:15 approached the building of the Ministry of Agrarian policy and threw two Molotov cocktails at him. After his arrest, he stated that he wanted to set fire to the Verkhovna Rada building, but he mixed up the address and the building itself... Lord, what kind of country is this?! They really don’t know how to do anything! Everything they have is through... the wrong place. Well, maybe they will learn?
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  1. +1
    20 June 2024 08: 46
    Lord, what kind of country is this?! They really don’t know how to do anything! Everything they have through... is not the right place

    What about us? No, as I understand it, we are much better in terms of sabotage of the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate, but in other respects?
  2. 0
    20 June 2024 09: 05
    It was the third year of the war.
    What will happen in two years?
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    21 June 2024 20: 55
    Are there statistics - who has more arson attacks on military registration and enlistment offices, us or the Ukrainians? Reports about attempts to set fire to these institutions in Russia and court verdicts against arsonists are published regularly in our media, but I have not seen the total number. Just wondering - where are the military registration and enlistment offices burned more often?