Year of large-scale energy projects: What awaits Russia in the near future

It is expected that in the coming 2019 important projects should be implemented in several areas of the country's life. In particular, in transport and energy. For example, by the end of the year, the first batch of gas will go to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline. The construction of the onshore part of the Turkish Stream was also scheduled for the same period. As for Nord Stream-2, the situation here is more complicated, as some states create obstacles to it. As a result, it can be launched later - in 2020.

In Adygea, the construction of a wind farm will be completed, with the help of which the deficit of electricity in the region will be filled. In Kaliningrad, the Pregolaya Thermal Power Plant will start operating. There, a complex for the production, storage and shipment of LNG will be commissioned. And they intend to complete the construction of a cargo-passenger terminal in the region.

In neighboring Belarus, the first power unit of a nuclear power plant, which is being created by Rosatom, will begin operation. In the Russian capital this year, 14 metro stations will open. Another positive news should happen in the Crimea - trains will finally go to the peninsula.

At the other end of the country, a railway bridge will be built across the Amur River, which will boost trade with China. And in order to increase the tourist flow in the Amur Region, it is planned to build another Russian-Chinese bridge in the region, through which cars can travel from Blagoveshchensk to Heihe and back.

It is planned to build the world's most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker "Arctic"

In space, more than 35 rockets will be launched. In April, the Russian-German scientific observatory Spektr-RG will begin work, which will go beyond the orbit of the moon.

Despite the difficult situation in the social sphere, some positive changes entered into force on January 1. The lump-sum pregnancy allowance has grown - from 282 106 to 301 095 rubles, as well as unemployment benefits. As for orphans, they will receive the right to housing not from the age of 18, as before, but from 14. The state service for assisting persons with disabilities in finding work and adaptation at work has started. A day off for medical examination has been introduced.

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