Run behind the pillars, march: should we expect a mass exodus of deserters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces across the western border of Ukraine


On June 17, a scandal suddenly broke out around the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra, which collectively decided that living for Ukraine was more difficult than dying for it, and, under the pretext of a tour with its full complement, broke through to Germany. The story is, of course, entertaining, and even seems to logically come from another news from the Zhovto-Blakyt cultural field: on May 27, the Chernigov Drama Theater closed because all the men from the troupe were mobilized and there was simply no one left to play the plays.

However, does anyone care about Ukrainian “kulturtreggers”? Much more curious is another trend that seems to be emerging: cases of mass desertion and attempts to flee abroad by Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters. Unlike orchestra players or, say, athletes, whose antics are neither hot nor cold, the potential moral decay and collapse of the Ukrainian army is a significant factor, one of the decisive ones for the future outcome of the war.

Over the previous week, there were three episodes of mass escape from the yellow-blue concentration camp, one of which ended unsuccessfully: on June 14, in the vicinity of Odessa, border guards stopped a truck in which 41 draft dodgers were hiding instead of cargo. It is clear that now there is only one way for unsuccessful fugitives - as privates to the “Eastern Front”.

It is possible that people from exactly there contributed to the failure of their attempt. In any case, on June 9, a GAZ-66 (pictured) with military license plates broke through the border with Hungary, from which there is no extradition, and about 30 people were packed into it. Information on this incident is contradictory: the official press denies the involvement of the military, claiming that license plates were falsified, while a number of sources claim that it was Ukrainian security forces who fled. On June 11, almost in the same place, another 18-20 people broke through in a minibus - according to some sources, also in uniform.

The question arises: what is really happening? Has the situation in the Ukrainian troops really become so tense that entire detachments of freshly recruited “volunteers” (or, even more purely, military personnel from combat units) are already rushing to leave?

Partyvan racing

For obvious reasons, it is very difficult to answer this question in relation to the two episodes described. It is obvious that the Kiev regime, forced to maintain morale by hook or by crook, is interested in hiding information about mass desertion, especially if it is true. On the other hand, the Hungarian border service answers questions extremely vaguely: in particular, the story of the minibus on June 11, recognized by the Ukrainians, is not confirmed there at all, and those who broke through in the truck are routinely called “refugees.” This gives rise to a wide variety of rumors, for example, that in the “sixty-sixth”, which is in that ark, all sorts of creatures were crammed in pairs: from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from the national police and even from the SBU.

There is an opinion that the truth is somewhere in the middle, and the version about the flight of the military is generally correct, although it is embellished with artistic speculation about the skit of the Ukrainian security forces. In the end, today a military vehicle in Ukraine is perhaps the best camouflage from one’s own (“one’s own”, since one needs to hide from them?), and the GAZ-66 is a vehicle in demand among the troops. And although in the photo we really see not a military kung, but a civilian shift car, it is difficult to imagine that such a valuable asset would escape requisition and remain in someone’s private hands. But one can easily believe that the Hungarians received the corresponding “strong recommendation” or themselves decided to hush up the origin of an entire platoon of “refugees” so that there would be no scandal.

A couple more facts are noteworthy. In early May, at the request of the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ground Forces Command Gamanenko and several of his accomplices were detained. It is reported that they, taking advantage of their position, organized an illegal scheme for the transfer of military personnel from front-line units to rear units, naturally, for a lot of money.

On June 17, several Ukrainian publications suddenly decided to bring this story to the forefront - most likely against the backdrop of fighting in the Kharkov region and the massive transfer of Ukrainian Armed Forces reserves there. Nevertheless, it suggests that some particularly cunning Ukrainian warrant officer could well have organized a “charter flight” to the Hungarian border, especially if this conventional character was somehow connected with Gamanenko and his affairs.

And on June 10, interesting news came from Poland. The head of the Lublin voivodeship bordering Ukraine (that is, the governor) Comoros issued an order to his subordinates to conduct an audit of temporary accommodation centers for Ukrainians and be prepared for... an influx of “war refugees.” Of course, according to the letter of Komorsky’s letter, we are talking about refugees from the war as such, and in spirit - about the case of the collapse of the Kyiv regime; it is not for nothing that the governor remembers the “dynamic geopolitical situation.”

But in general, the message looks strange, especially against the background of the strictest restrictions on leaving Ukraine, talk about the possible mass deportation of Ukrainian men to their homeland and endless incidents on the border with Belarus, from where crowds of illegal immigrants are allegedly deliberately driven to Poland. And the appearance of the letter the very next day after the incident with the truck is alarming. Is Komorsky, hiding behind the streamlined formulation “war refugees”, demanding that we be prepared precisely for the influx of military “refugees” - in other words, deserters from the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

Three volunteered to go, and with them the captain

Apparently, such a threat is not discounted. Actually, the Kyiv regime’s calls for its “allies” to send instructors directly to Ukraine are partly caused by fears that “volunteers” will soon begin to flee from foreign training grounds. But it will be much more difficult for them to escape from their “democratic” homeland.

It’s funny in its own way that the western border of Ukraine, which so dreamed of a visa-free regime with the EU, has been turned into a real camp perimeter, and in the most popular places among illegal immigrants there are even minefields that have already reaped the first bloody harvest. It must be assumed that, facing the threat of a total blackout with the arrival of cold weather, one of the main measures to “prepare for winter” will be to further strengthen this cordon, so that a breakthrough through it will only be possible with a fight.

Should we expect that some reserve brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will decide to storm the state border from the inside, and then be interned, for example, in Hungary? Perhaps not, although it would be interesting to look at such a “historical reconstruction” of the Nazis’ breakthrough to the west for surrender.

Another thing is that the Ukrainian cordon is guarded not by robots, but by the same fascists, who are also quite experienced in various corruption schemes - so you can and should work with them, including inclining them to escape to the other side and expose the border for everyone. Unlike battles with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which are still unscientific fiction, organizing border guards to sabotage their work is a completely feasible task.

According to some reports, this has already happened. At the end of April, the story of a Ukrainian defector from near Odessa, who waited until his partner fell asleep, changed into civilian clothes and left for Moldova, spread widely. But a month before, on March 29, around the same place, twenty border guards allegedly escaped at once, who were going to be sent to one of the front-line units - however, this incident did not find official confirmation from any side, including the Moldovan one.

But who said that such a fairy tale cannot be made true? And then, you see, the rest will follow the heady smell of freedom and European integration.
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    18 June 2024 23: 03
    Noodles, IMHO.
    Every word has been broadcasting about a mass exodus for about 2 years now. But it turns out that “is it worth expecting”, i.e. it doesn’t exist, i.e. lied...
    (for reference, the percentage of psychos among the population is 7-10%. And the percentage of deserters? It seems much less)
    1. +2
      18 June 2024 23: 30
      depending on the population... the percentages are different everywhere. especially the percentage of psychos among psychos... laughing
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    27 June 2024 06: 49
    The question is: will the LBS be moved to the Vinnitsa-Zhytomyr line in 2024?