In which regions of Russia in 2019 salaries will grow faster

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia made a forecast of the growth rate of average salaries of Russians in the regions for 2019-2021. It turns out that if nothing prevents, they (salaries) will grow (on average) stably at 4-5% per year.

It is reported "Russian newspaper"at the disposal of which was the aforementioned document. He was commented by the vice-rector of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations Alexander Safonov. At the same time, salaries are indicated per month.

So, in the Central Federal District, the average salary will be most in Moscow, where it will increase by more than 5%. In 2019, it will amount to 73,7 thousand rubles, in 2020 - 77,8 thousand rubles, and in 2021 already 82,1 thousand rubles.

In the Northwestern Federal District, the highest average salaries will be in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, where they will increase at 6% per year. According to the forecast, in 2019 it will amount to 83,5 thousand rubles, in 2020 - 88 thousand rubles, and in 2021 - 94 thousand rubles. Moreover, in Murmansk and St. Petersburg over these three years, the average salary will increase from 54 thousand rubles. up to 62 thousand rubles

In the Southern Federal District, salaries will most likely grow in the Krasnodar Territory. There, in 2019, it will amount to 30,4 thousand rubles, in 2020 it will rise to 32,3 thousand rubles, and in 2021 they promise 34,2 thousand rubles. Growth is projected at 6% per year, as in Sevastopol.

In the North Caucasus Federal District, everything looks rather modest and falls short of the national average. The highest salaries will be in the Stavropol Territory, where in 2019 the average salary will be approximately 25 thousand rubles, in 2020 - 25,7 thousand rubles, and in 2021 they promise 27 thousand rubles. per month. Thus, growth will be approximately 4% per year.

In the Volga Federal District, the highest average salaries will be in Tatarstan, where growth will be 8% per year. In 2019 - 34 thousand rubles, in 2020 - 37 thousand rubles, and in 2021 already about 40 thousand rubles.

In the Urals, the leader is the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. In 2019, the average salary there will amount to 91 thousand rubles, in 2020 - 94,4 thousand rubles, and in 2021 - 99 thousand rubles. Although the increase is only 3-4% per year.

In Siberia, the highest average salaries will be in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In 2019, the average salary there will amount to 41,7 thousand rubles, in 2020 - 43,8 thousand rubles, and in 2021 - 46,2 thousand rubles. The annual increase in average salaries will be 5%.

In the Far East, the highest average salaries will be in Chukotka, where they will grow at 5% per year. By the way, Chukotka is the leader in this matter in Russia as a whole. In 2019, the average salaries there will amount to 95,5 thousand rubles, in 2020 - almost 101 thousand rubles, and in 2021 -106,5 thousand rubles.

It is necessary to clarify that, according to Alexander Safonov, the above forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development is an optimistic scenario. It provides for several conditions, without which salary growth will not work.

First, the overall growth of the Russian economics should be at least 1,8 - 2,1% per year. Secondly, it is necessary to increase the cash incomes of the country's population as a whole. Since the forecast refers to, among other things, the growth of self-employed salaries, and they are very sensitive to citizens spending on services.

That is, if people do not have enough for food, clothing and utilities, then they will stop spending money on tutors, repairs and more. At the same time, in 2019-2021, the previous rates of increase in wages for state employees are not expected.

Another important factor is the reaction of the labor market to the influx of new workers. Additional working hands lead, according to the expert, to lower wages or at least not to increase.
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    We in the Smolensk region both fell, and will continue to fall ...
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    In Krasnodar, the average salary of a person with a higher education is approximately 40.