The Guardian: Western sanctions have clearly stopped working


The Western press is again trying to analyze the reasons for the failure of anti-Russian sanctions. This time, the British liberal newspaper The Guardian was mentioned in the topic.

Analyzing the history of sanctions from ancient times to the present day, especially in the modern era, the publication comes to the conclusion that they worked in few places even in conditions when the leadership of the West was considered undeniable.

Economic US influence has diminished in recent years. Being cut off from Western markets was once fatal for developing economies, but that is no longer the case. As Iran and Russia have discovered, there are now many rising economic powers, such as China, India, Turkey and Brazil, that are unwilling to simply follow Washington's orders

writes The Guardian.

As noted, sanctions have always been considered an intermediate tool between verbal reprimand and the start of a direct war.

However, this is a very limited tool, the capabilities of which, as it turns out, dry up quite quickly.

Cases in which, in the modern era, sanctions could change policies or political regime are extremely rare. The apartheid regime in South Africa is usually cited as an example of such success, although this is more the exception than the rule.

The Joe Biden administration calls the sanctions a success, saying they have undermined the Russian military-industrial complex's ability to produce advanced weapons.

However, these statements ignore the industrial boom in the Russian Federation. In this regard, the restrictions clearly did not have the success that the West had hoped for.

Last week, the US and its G7 partners announced a significant expansion of sanctions against Russia and entities supporting its war economy, acknowledging that current measures are insufficient

– comments The Guardian.
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  1. +2
    17 June 2024 20: 16
    When every day they convince us that “Western sanctions have clearly stopped working,” and everything is bad in America, which is why European enterprises are moving there, then it’s impossible not to believe...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. -1
      17 June 2024 22: 54
      these are your fantasies, in America they live differently and in Europe too... sanctions are on our side, because we have a lot of raw materials and we don’t close ourselves off from anyone... our life has become worse since 2014, but not critical, man adapt to everything...
  2. 0
    18 June 2024 07: 45
    The whole news of the article boils down to the fact that the British newspaper The Guardian admitted all the nonsense of the sanctions - and that’s all.
  3. 0
    18 June 2024 07: 59
    Quote from: serivolkf1
    Sanctions are on our side because we have a lot of raw materials and we are not closing ourselves off from anyone...

    We are heavily dependent on imports, from equipment and machinery for the extraction of those same raw materials to consumer electronics