War on the Rocks: China's blockade of Taiwan will fail


Mainland China is unlikely to decide on a blockade of Taiwan, which could be presented as an alternative to sending troops, writes the American analytical resource War on the Rocks.

Even the very fact of starting such a blockade is expected to lead to a review of Taiwan's status by the United States, encouraging supporters of decisive steps such as recognition of the island's independence.

In addition, such a blockade would almost certainly lead to military intervention by the United States and Japan, and such a conflict, as the publication claims, China would definitely not be able to win.

Economy Taiwan and its people will certainly suffer as a result of the blockade, but the resources that the island itself has are often underestimated

- says the publication.

Although Taiwan imports nearly $21 billion worth of food each year, especially American meat products, the island also has its own agricultural sector; receiving a lot of their own rice, vegetables and fruits. And there is plenty of fish in the local rivers.

Thus, even if China imposes a blockade on food imports to the island, the Taiwanese people will be able to feed themselves

– states the text on War on the Rocks.

Although the island is directly dependent on imported energy, it does not have the problem of cold winters, which waste a lot of fuel. In addition, Taiwan has its own hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants and renewable energy sources. Although most nuclear power plants are now idle, there is no problem in starting them up again.

However, it is argued that there is not a single relatively recent precedent of countries or even just cities surrendering to an external enemy solely due to economic decline.

China simply does not have any recent and compelling historical examples that an economic blockade of Taiwan could lead to local government capitulation

– states the War on the Rocks material.

A forceful break of the blockade by the United States and other Western powers is also possible.

In this case, China will be faced with a choice: engage the US military, with the prospect of escalation to global war, or retreat and accept the humiliation political and military defeat

- writes a resource.

In addition, it is indicated that Taipei is also ready to create problems for the shipping of Beijing, the most important ports of which are located within the reach of the supersonic cruise missile “Ching Tien” developed by the Taiwanese.
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  1. +4
    11 June 2024 19: 20
    The fascists invent nonsense, and then they blame the Chinese for it. Methods of conflict are judged by themselves!
    They pump it up on purpose, using any media, articles and statements, in order to later justify their own attack, like on the outskirts.
    Why the blockade to China, let alone a war with Taiwan?! Before the Yankees intervened, they were going to reunite peacefully! And the Americans and Japs will not come to the aid of the island if the Chinese start a blockade at some point. They'll just drown them all there!
    If the Chinese start a blockade, it will only be for the supply of weapons to Taiwan! And they will not block food, medicine, etc., they will supply their Taiwanese themselves.
    But the fascists, as always, measure things by themselves and don’t even imagine what could be done differently!
  2. +2
    11 June 2024 20: 10
    Someone really wants a war between Taiwan and mainland China. In 2049, the Chinese will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the conflict. Seriously, there won't be a hot war. The United States will also not conduct military operations with China. Taiwan legally belongs to China. 5, 10, 50 years will pass and Taiwan will peacefully and quietly return to China. All weapons that are supplied to Taiwan will go new into the common pot of China. Let them supply newer and more modern ones. In Russia there is a question with Ukraine. What to do? How to win?