The Daily Mail: if Macron loses the parliamentary elections, he will become a “roast goose”


Emmanuel Macron, by calling early elections, put not only his career at stake, but also the stability of the whole of Europe. The British newspaper The Daily Mail writes about this. The publication notes that the act of the French President is very reminiscent of a gesture of despair.

The publication, focusing on the defeat of Macron’s party in the elections to the European Parliament, emphasizes that processes similar to France are now observed in many countries of the Old World. European youth, who until recently were considered the main electorate of Macron and his comrades, are now trying to increasingly distance themselves from the ruling course, preferring the left or right politicians. In fact, the past elections clearly demonstrated this.

Against this background, Macron's political prospects look very sad. He may not resign, but he will no longer dream of any independence in making key decisions.

Even if Macron's party suffers a crushing defeat in the elections, he will not have to resign as president. However, with Le Pen as Prime Minister, he will not be a lame duck, but rather a roast goose with no hope of salvation

– states The Daily Mail.

The author of the material recalls that Marine Le Pen openly sympathizes with the President of the Russian Federation and, under the influence of this, may refuse further support to Kyiv.

Now combine this with the high likelihood of Donald Trump returning to the White House early next year, and you understand that the real winner from Macron's extraordinary decision will be Russia

- concludes the edition.
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  1. +1
    11 June 2024 17: 33
    Either roast goose or liver sausage
  2. +1
    11 June 2024 21: 00
    Doubtful. Driven horses are shot
  3. +1
    12 June 2024 07: 17
    Isn’t this too chic brand from the small British litter, most likely, it’s hard to even call a rotten toad after everything that he did for his country and geyropa, there is no place for him in modern politics. The sooner this political gnome and non-Napoleon is forgotten, the better for the people and society in the gay European countries.