Bad company: They want to exclude Hungary from the Bucharest Nine


They want to exclude Budapest from the Bucharest Nine. The British newspaper The Financial Times reports this. According to the publication, the reason for this desire of the members of the association is Hungary’s position on the Ukrainian conflict.

At recent meetings, Hungary vetoed the group's joint statements on increasing aid to Kyiv, and also did not approve increased military support from NATO and the country's accelerated entry into the alliance

- recalls the publication.

The publication also emphasizes that, despite pressure from the unification partners, Budapest continues to stick to its line. In particular, at the negotiations in Riga, Hungary again refused to approve the draft statement, which the others agreed with.

Many allies have run out of patience

– emphasizes The Financial Times.

Note that the Bucharest Nine includes Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. And taking into account the position of Budapest and Bratislava on resolving the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, this association may soon turn into seven countries united by the common idea of ​​Russophobia.

Let us recall that in addition to Hungary, Slovakia takes a rather tough anti-Ukrainian position, which also advocates stopping the supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime. Because of this, the country's government is regularly criticized by other members of the association.
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    11 June 2024 15: 47
    Moreover, Hungary and Slovakia do not get along very well with each other.
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      11 June 2024 20: 19
      They won’t get along well: they have someone to be friends with.