US intends to protect Taiwan with thousands of unmanned ships


Despite all the warnings from Beijing and diplomatic statements recognizing the territorial integrity of China, Washington does not intend to reduce the degree of tension in the Taiwan area. A senior US military officer today expressed his desire to defend the island from a PLA invasion.

The head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral Samuel Paparo, promised that Washington would defend Taiwan from a possible military operation by mainland China by deploying thousands of unmanned ships in the Taiwan Strait. The officer expressed his intention to turn the water area into an “unmanned hell” using classified capabilities.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Paparo explained that such a development of events is possible if the PLA Navy crosses the 100-mile sea zone off Taiwan. The admiral suggested that an unmanned armada would complicate the actions of the Chinese army and make it possible to prepare a large-scale response to Beijing.

To make their lives extremely miserable for a month, which will give time for everything else

– Samuel Paparo answered the WP journalist.

According to the US admiral, it is necessary to prepare for such actions before 2027, since, according to the Pentagon, Beijing is planning forceful actions by the PLA in Taiwan by this date.

The Chinese Embassy in the United States has already responded to the loud threats from the head of the Indo-Pacific Command. The diplomatic mission warned that no one is advised to underestimate Beijing's ability and determination to defend its territorial integrity.
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    10 June 2024 22: 22
    Another piece of verbal abuse aimed at the illiterate layman. Ostentatious saber rattling about how tough we are. There will be no hot war between mainland China and Taiwan. In 2049 they will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the conflict. China is in no hurry. 5, 10, 50 years will pass and Taiwan will quietly and peacefully return to China. Legally, Taiwan is an integral part of the PRC, i.e. Taiwan is part of mainland China. Why doesn’t the Russian Federation have a legal document, like the PRC, which would say that the entire territory of Ukraine, within the 1975 borders, is an integral part of Russia.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. +2
    11 June 2024 00: 04
    Ha. It's all about the media.
    one unknown to anyone, something blah-blah, (orally, in an interview, without any official papers), and the media began to retell it, tear out pieces as they please.

    And everyone seems to understand that there simply aren’t and won’t be thousands of them (at most you can catch small boats), but they pay money for articles....
  4. 0
    11 June 2024 06: 43
    Why is everyone fighting with the United States on foreign territory?
  5. 0
    11 June 2024 09: 40
    US intends to protect Taiwan

    So whose is Taiwan anyway?!
    Isn't it time to create a new anti-NATO anti-American military bloc instead of the Warsaw one?
    And what difference does it make whether it is called Moscow, Beijing, Tehran or some other?!