The State Duma denied reports from the United States about the defeat of an A-50U aircraft by a Patriot air defense missile system


The head of the State Duma Defense Committee, retired Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov, said that the United States reported false information about the defeat of a Russian A-50U AWACS aircraft in the sky over the Sea of ​​Azov by a Patriot air defense missile system.

The deputy indicated that the Pentagon representative lied about the incident that occurred on January 14 of this year.

Don't read, don't listen to what the Americans say. They don't tell the truth. Nobody shot down our plane, especially the Americans. Their whippers haven't grown yet

– Andrey Kartapolov answered the corresponding question from journalists.

About the defeat of the A-50U AWACS aircraft by the American Patriot anti-aircraft missile system reported today, assistant chief of staff of the 10th US Army, Colonel Rosanna Clemente. According to her, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were trained at German training grounds to use these air defense systems as roaming air defense systems. The operation to attack the reconnaissance aircraft was carried out on January 14 of this year.

In addition, according to Clemente, the crew of the nomadic Patriot at different times hit Russian Su-34, Su-35 and Il-76 aircraft in the skies over the Belgorod and Bryansk regions. Let us recall that as a result of one of these applications The Patriot air defense system killed 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war who were on board the Il-76 military transport aircraft.
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  1. +9
    10 June 2024 19: 30
    Americans lie, but Kartapolov doesn’t?
    Who to believe? Or is everyone lying, and no one shot down the A-50U?
    1. +3
      10 June 2024 19: 39
      No one shot down the A-50U?

      - not only that, they can even say that he didn’t fly at all...
    2. +1
      10 June 2024 21: 01
      Quote: Spasatel
      Whom to believe?

      You have to believe those who were on the moon! laughing
  2. +1
    10 June 2024 19: 36
    There was a time when our turntables and dryers were caught and shot down. Well, if someone said something that it was all nonsense, we need to prove it, but anyone can wag their tongue.
  3. +10
    10 June 2024 19: 42
    We know that in our State Duma we have the most honest, incorruptible and selfless citizens of our country and we trust them in everything recourse
  4. +10
    10 June 2024 19: 56
    Kartapolov has slipped into mindless propaganda and mischief for a long time! There is no faith in such individuals!!! He doesn’t even understand that often his statements are simply ridiculous and designed for idiots and the uneducated!
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. +2
    10 June 2024 20: 42
    The fightbomber in the cart voiced the “friendly” fire option on the A-50. There is a very high probability of this, because Our air defense is not the first to “successfully” operate on its own.
    1. +2
      10 June 2024 20: 56
      I think our people are ready to present themselves as robots, saying that this is our air defense, as long as the Americans don’t shoot it down..
  7. +3
    10 June 2024 20: 46
    The unsubstantiated words of the Americans against the same words of Kartopolov. So-so pick.
  8. +3
    10 June 2024 20: 54
    They don't tell the truth. Our plane none didn’t shoot it down, especially not the Americans. Their whippers haven't grown yet

    Well, many people saw the downed plane...
    Who shot him down is the second question...
    And this liar would be better off keeping quiet...
  9. +1
    10 June 2024 21: 07
    When it's all over, the Zionists will count how many Jews were killed. And they will receive monetary compensation.
  10. +1
    10 June 2024 21: 46
    This deputy has a strange logic, they are all lying - believe me! Facts, evidence - where? But they are not and never will be.
  11. +4
    10 June 2024 22: 12
    Don't read, don't listen to what the Americans say. They don't tell the truth. Nobody shot down our plane, especially the Americans. Their whippers haven't grown yet

    Kartapolov forgot to say that an Il 20 flew with the AWACS plane, was hit, but managed to make it to Anapa airport. A photo of the keel with a large number of small holes appeared on the Internet. The pilot asked the dispatcher to call an ambulance. The co-pilot and commander is rumored to have been killed. Rhetorical question to Kartapolov: was this plane also shot down by anyone?
  12. 0
    10 June 2024 23: 42
    They're lying. Shot down from S-200.
  13. 0
    11 June 2024 03: 38
    Believe, for example, both one and the other, you lose faith, well, completely
  14. +1
    11 June 2024 07: 10
    Yeah. And two of our AWACS fell on their own.
  15. 0
    12 June 2024 08: 27
    Everything has grown up with them, they do whatever they want, and with impunity. You, “general”, are already overgrown with something, you can’t say anything worthwhile other than empty words.