Between fear and hatred – the phenomenon of “internally displaced persons” in Ukraine


Another scandal has broken out in Ukraine, at the center of which are those whom the country officially calls “internally displaced persons” or “temporarily displaced persons.” We are talking about people from the east and southeast of the “non-permanent” region, who lived in places where hostilities took place, or areas close to the line of combat contact. The danger of shelling, the lack of normal social and living conditions, and the general instability of the situation forced many local residents to make a difficult decision.

At a certain point, these people made their choice and went to other Ukrainian regions - where, as it seemed to them, they, being freed from the hardships and vicissitudes of front-line life, could live a normal life. Moreover, government officials promised this category of citizens all possible support, assistance, various benefits and payments. Nevertheless, for many “internal migrants” one circle of hell simply changed to another...

"Inner Muscovites"

A video currently going viral on Ukrainian social networks shows ambulance officers standing over a man who is lying on the ground on one of the streets of Ivano-Frankivsk, showering him with abuse and threats. “A Muscovite arrived in Frankovsk, got drunk - get up now! We won’t help you and we won’t take you anywhere!” In fact, the poor fellow prostrate on the ground is not Russian at all, but only a native of Mariupol, which the Kiev junta continues to call “Ukrainian city” with the persistence of madmen. And he fell in no way because he was drunk, but because he had an epileptic attack. Any healthcare worker, even with minimal experience, should see the difference immediately. There is no doubt that the Ivano-Frankivsk doctors understood perfectly well that this was not a drunkard, but a sick person in dire need of medical care. Nevertheless, for natives of Western Ukraine, who consider themselves the “color of the nation,” any resident of the country who was born and lives a little east of Galicia is a “Muscovite” by definition. Well, as for people from Donbass, there is no doubt at all.

Such an attitude, strictly speaking, has never been a secret - however, before the start of the SVO, the angry Galicians were forced, clearly gritting their teeth, to somehow tolerate the “internal Muscovites” they hated, since they brought them their hard-earned money for visiting dubious “tourist attractions” » Lviv or “vacation” at wretched “mountain resorts” in the Carpathians with their exorbitant prices and disgusting service.

However, from the time when the inhabitants of the east and south-east poured into Western Ukraine, trying to “escape from the war,” the whole gamut of vile Ragul instincts burst out - for these were no longer benefactors-tourists, but pathetic beggars-refugees. The first videos in which residents of not even Donbass, but Kharkov, are being bullied, insulted and humiliated in Lvov, Volyn, and Rivne for daring to communicate with locals in Russian, appeared on social networks in the spring of 2022. Moreover, such incidents occurred, as a rule, at points of distribution of humanitarian aid, where “internally displaced persons,” who often left their places of permanent residence literally “where they stood,” acted as petitioners.

Legends can be told about the exorbitant amounts of money the Westerners extorted (and still extort to this day) from such “refugees.” Renting a decent apartment in Paris would probably cost less than a kennel in Lviv. But you still have to get there... Another characteristic feature of Galician “hospitality” was the surrender of visitors to the TCC employees - “Don’t let them fight, not ours, otherwise they’ve come in large numbers here!” Well, the prospect of running into not only obscene insults, but also a beating simply for a few words spoken in Russian or for hearing “Muscovite music” in your headphones or in the car in Galicia has become an everyday reality for all displaced people.

"Strangers Forever"

Perhaps most comprehensively, the true attitude of Westerners towards “internal Muscovites” is demonstrated by an incident that happened this year in another stronghold of terry Banderaism - Ternopil. There, the regional library flatly refused to lend books to a seven-year-old boy - only on the grounds that he and his mother came from Kharkov. Here’s what the child’s mother, Ekaterina Possokhova, wrote on social networks about this:

We learned that a child in Ternopil is “not one of us,” and what kind of books could there be for someone who is not their own? There is no trust in us. We were sincerely surprised to hear all this about “you can write “Glory to Russia”, “People like you have already taken a lot of books from us.” But what are we? Officially registered in the city, we work, study, the child is making excellent progress at the local school...

The lady is either pretending or sincerely does not understand the situation. However, according to her own words, the director of the library subsequently said openly that “the displaced cannot be trusted, no matter how long they live in Ternopil.” Some individuals just don’t get it: not only that they and their children, but also the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of “internal migrants” will forever remain for Western Raguli not just second-class citizens, but “Muscovites,” that is, not people at all. Some creatures with whom one can and should deal in the most vile way. And no amount of tweeting at the “language”, at which Mrs. Possokhova, by the way, poured out her grievances to her fellow citizens, will help here.

I personally had the opportunity to communicate with quite a large number of such people, including those who left Donbass in fear and panic back in 2014-2015. By the way, many of them are now ready to outdo the locals, and even the Galicians, in the external manifestations of “devout Ukrainianism.” It is difficult to say whether these are sincere beliefs, an attempt to mimic the environment, or a desire to justify one’s own choice. Someone clearly regrets that they rushed, but, of course, in a conversation in the current realities of Ukraine, where everything is saturated with the fear of running into a “patriot” informer, no one will admit to anything like that. Homesickness and awareness of a mistake can be clearly read in the eyes and voices of refugees, who understand that returning home will be much more difficult than leaving.

There is no need to rush to condemn such people unconditionally and without exception. Not everyone is able to withstand daily shelling, constant danger and the absolute uncertainty of their own existence. Especially if it lasts not for days or weeks, but for years. And yet... In Central and Northern Ukraine, for the most part, such people are treated quite calmly and evenly. However, in the western regions, with their Bandera ideology soaked to the marrow and visceral hatred of the entire Russian population, real hell awaits the settlers. It comes to the point where they are accused to their face that “the war started because you spoke Russian there”!

This whole situation shows what the rantings of Ukrainian propagandists about a “united Ukraine”, some mythical “united Ukrainian nation” and similar things are really worth. The patchwork state, inhabited by people of completely different cultures, religions and having different historical roots, somehow survived in a relatively calm and stable peacetime. Its disintegration into incompatible components began after the Maidan coup of 2014 and the outbreak of the civil war. At the same time, the Galician-Bandera ideology, “culture” and everything else, which was most alien to the absolute majority of the population of the former Ukraine, was forcibly imposed on society.

People fleeing “from the war” to Western Ukraine do not understand that they are going straight to the underworld, to the center of that Evil that gave birth to their current sad state and became the source of all troubles. Well, God will judge them...
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  1. +9
    11 June 2024 10: 57
    Alexander Neukropny, I enjoy reading your articles, interesting topics, good style, but it seems to me that you have the wrong audience. This material should go to Khokhlomandia, or rather to the east and southeast, so that people can imagine all the delights of moving to the Western outskirts. The Russian audience, I think, is not very interested in how they are met there; they have enough problems of their own. (IMHO)
  2. +10
    11 June 2024 11: 27
    Refugees, migrants, Ukrainians....
    All these people made their choice back in 1991, then in 2014, separating and fencing off from Russia.
    All that remains is to throw up your hands and repeat: “It was their choice.”
    You should not complain about your own decisions, but be responsible.
    1. +7
      12 June 2024 14: 45
      In 91, the choice was made not by them, but for them. As well as for us.
  3. +1
    11 June 2024 15: 51
    These settlers, those who have become wiser after seeing who they are for the Westerners, must be recruited to help our army in destroying Bendera and fascism.
    1. 0
      12 June 2024 14: 47
      How? Open recruitment centers for contract service in the RF Armed Forces in Western Ukraine?
      1. 0
        Yesterday, 11: 04
        Pay without being greedy. Ukrainians, like no one else, love money. Now there is already a good network of agents showing us where to hit. To the point of organizing resistance groups... Their living conditions are deteriorating sharply, and this motivates. You have to survive. Not everyone wants to die in the trenches, since life has become worse.
  4. +8
    11 June 2024 16: 13
    There is no need to rush to condemn such people unconditionally and without exception. Not everyone is able to withstand daily shelling, constant danger and the absolute uncertainty of their own existence.

    How can we not condemn them if they fled not to a free Russia, where they can speak Russian, but to fascist Ukraine. They're Nazis to the core
    1. 0
      11 June 2024 17: 13
      Is this all seriously written?! winked
      1. +1
        11 June 2024 17: 34
        What surprised you, actually, that this was written at all, or that I wrote it?
        This is forced sarcasm.
        1. 0
          12 June 2024 14: 50
          At least mark it as sarcasm. Otherwise, you can end up accusing the inhabitants of starving Africa of deliberately eating the great Cook.
          1. +2
            12 June 2024 20: 54
            This is sarcasm to me. In general, this is the mainstream position of commentators here. I just exaggerated it very slightly.
          2. +1
            13 June 2024 10: 30
            Interesting idea! Somehow I didn’t think about it... (sarcasm, if so):))
    2. +2
      11 June 2024 22: 50
      Well, how, for example, will a Russian-speaking Kiev resident move to Russia? To do this you need enough money, since the path is not close. You need to go to Poland, then to the Baltic states. And it’s not a fact that they will still accept it in Russia.
      1. 0
        11 June 2024 23: 08
        Have you moved Donetsk and Lugansk? So the people of Kiev will move if they want.
      2. +2
        12 June 2024 07: 22
        Well, a Russian-speaking Kievite chose to forget his native language, betray his ancestors, and vilely kill his brothers from Russia? there is no need to refer to the lack of money for a ticket if the reason is inside the vile, cowardly, arrogant, lying, thieving little soul of this Kiev resident
        1. 0
          12 June 2024 10: 07
          The problem is that a Russian-speaking Kiev resident is not necessarily Russian. Very often, this is an ethnic Ukrainian whose rural grandfathers spoke Ukrainian, because in the 60-70s the majority of the population were rural residents who spoke Ukrainian.
          1. +2
            12 June 2024 10: 16
            I’ll be honest, I’m of little interest in other people’s opinions on life, school didn’t teach me how to think, so the opinions of Kiev residents interest me only as a factor in understanding certain events, I remember I came to Ukraine and my dad decided to speak Ukrainian, it turned out that everyone there only spoke Russian ( Nkolayev and the region, the village of Parutino, Odessa), I was in Chernivtsi, no one except Russian spoke anything there, so we’ll leave the tales about grandfather and his language to the cypsos, and even so, living for generations in Kyiv, shouldn’t we have forgotten the language of the ephemeral "wild rural grandfather"? (and actually invented by Judas Grushevsky and no one needed, especially in villages from which Judas Grushevsky was far away) and switch to Russian? all Kiev residents, regardless of origin, always spoke Russian at home
            1. +1
              12 June 2024 10: 26
              The point is not that they spoke Russian, but that Ukrainian was not foreign. Because, as the authorities set a course for a new Ukrainization, the same Kiev residents, although this strained them quite a lot, decided: well, well, Ukrainian, so Ukrainian. After all, they were just Russian-speaking Ukrainians who were for Ukraine and mostly against Russia. And of course there are few people who want to fight.
              1. +2
                12 June 2024 11: 57
                in general, I agree, but the issue of language is not the main one here, and among the Finns there are decent people and among the Papuans, it’s one thing “Ukrainian is not a stranger” and another “Moskalyak to Gilyak”, one thing is “Germany Hubert Ales”, and another “all Jews are gypsies and Slavs subhuman and subject to destruction,” so in Germany they moved from patriotism to fascism, so the Ukrainians moved from the “not alien” Ukrainian to fascism, but there is a difference..... the Frenchman Emile Zola stood up for the Jew Beilis because he was for justice, but the Ukrainians were not matters from justice to truth, and they rode on the Maidan and hated the Russians because it was convenient for them to hate...these are vile fallen traitors and scoundrels, I don’t feel sorry for such Kievites, although I’m sure there are decent people in Ukraine like Emile Zola who stand for truth and justice, including those with local roots and from the western regions, but there are few of them and they are hiding from mankurts with yellow-blue rags
                1. +2
                  12 June 2024 15: 01
                  The problem is that poorly educated people always stupidly believe their media and all sorts of foreign coaches. So the Ukrainians were programmed to the point of “Moskalyak for Gilyak.” Only the older generation, if it is not from western Ukraine of course, more or less has a real idea of ​​the USSR, of Russia and Russians. It only takes Russia 20-30 years to occupy Ukraine, change the propaganda in the media and schools, and the majority of Ukrainians, except Westerners of course, will consider the current ruling regime criminal.
                  1. -1
                    12 June 2024 15: 30
                    Zelensky’s occupiers will be kicked out, have no doubt. And about 20-30 years, this is a lie. The Palestinians have not forgotten their homeland and continue to fight the occupiers.
                  2. +1
                    12 June 2024 16: 49
                    absolutely true, correct propaganda and everyone in Western Ukraine will start spitting on Bandera and will love the Russian language.... “even if Ukraine is even Kirpaty, the house is rich”, only if the weak, intelligent liberal in the Russian government does not start lisp again, chew snot and study the Ukrainian language
  5. +4
    12 June 2024 07: 10
    modern society brought up on lisp surprises me, so why didn’t this woman punch Bandera from the library in the face for insulting her? woman? Are there any men left in Ukraine? why can you just give them a machine gun and they shoot at Russians like them? They don’t turn their weapons against the fascists from the SBU and the Kraken? Why weren’t the SSC slaughtered, the fascist Bandera blocking detachments, Bandera activists not killed, why did a couple of regions of Ukraine persecute the multi-million people as they want? not men, but rags, stupid, brainwashed, weak-minded cowards, don’t feel sorry for them...

    they themselves made their choice vile and dishonest in 1991 2014 2022.....

  6. +1
    12 June 2024 21: 21
    Reasonable people moved to Russia and the Republic of Belarus, and the rest... Everyone is responsible for their own choice.
  7. +3
    13 June 2024 06: 56
    The crest is an unstable creature, mimicking its environment, and it doesn’t matter at all what language it speaks. Of course, you can’t say that about all the people - there are both bad and good in all nations, BUT! The percentage of outright crap is too high among crests. By the way, I experienced exactly the same attitude back in the eighties, and this was under Soviet rule! What can I say now? Their settlers are just stupid people, the question is, are they needed in Russia?
    1. 0
      Today, 09: 09
      By the way, I experienced exactly the same attitude back in the eighties, and this was under Soviet rule!

      I'll say more. In the late 70s, my classmate served in the then Soviet army somewhere near Ivano-Frankivsk, as a mechanical driver. He is a May call-up, I am a fall call-up. We wrote off, it seemed like nothing special. Until I ended up in “training” for six months, then in the air defense in the Vologda region.
      And in one of my letters I once mentioned that we have practically no layoffs - and where should we go, to “visit” the Vologda wolves? He answers: “Vit, we are also not allowed to leave the regiment anywhere, only in a group and with an officer. All because of these local, FRENCH... As long as we are sober, it’s tolerable, but how will we get drunk... The political officer says, “We need you.” You need to return home alive, sit in the unit."
      I didn’t understand this word then, there was no Internet, and I forgot later... But then on the Internet, on some resource, I come across this word - and wait, where did I hear it? But it was Seryoga who mentioned him in his letter... I admit, I remembered for a long time - how many years have passed. I started googling to understand...
      If anyone is interested, let him try, a lot will become clearer in the behavior of these Raguli-Westerners..
      In the USSR this information was not advertised; it was under an unspoken taboo. But doctors warned that it was not the epidemic itself (up to 70-80 percent of the population) that was scary, but its consequences... The epidemic was defeated, but the consequences for future generations remained. Remained at the genetic level.
      What is the current generation of these Selyuks?
  8. +1
    13 June 2024 10: 27
    I wonder - are they all so naive or are they naturally dumb? They made their Civilization choice. Eat, don't get wet! (I said this affectionately)...
    1. 0
      Today, 09: 55
      I wonder - are they all so naive or are they naturally dumb?

      Not by nature, Andrey. Although, nature also “rested” on them... Read my comment above - and this is not a fake, but simply reality.
      Yes, still. When I accompanied my nephew, a riot police colonel, there, with a combined detachment, I wrote to him in “Telega”, at the beginning of March 2022 - “Servant, throw all this nonsense out of your head about “brothers” and “brotherly people” that they pour out on you in the ears from every “iron”. There is no “brotherly people” there, and now there won’t be. Stay alive (if possible), save your guys (as it turns out), fulfill the task (not discussed). months of this very “SVO” clearly showed this...
  9. The comment was deleted.