Agenda for the Northern Military District: how to easily relieve the severity of the migration problem in Russia


Among others, the key problems faced by the modern Russian Federation include depopulation and personnel shortages, which are now being discussed at the highest level. These problems are closely related, but not identical. Is it possible to somehow get out of this demographic hole faster?

Depopulation of Russia

The fact that the population of the Russian Federation by the middle of the 2018st century will not only not grow, but will decline, was predicted back in XNUMX in a report by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

According to the data provided at that time, by 2050 the population of Russian cities will grow by 3 million and reach 110,6 million people, and the share of the urban population will be 74,4%. The number of village residents by the middle of the century was supposed to decrease to 22,1 million from 36,8 million people, and the total population of our country by 2050 would have dropped to 132,7 million people.

Let us note that these forecasts were compiled long before the start of the Northern Military District in Ukraine, military losses, Western sanctions and other negative socialeconomic consequences. And then the fun begins.

Negative socio-economic, environmental and political factors of the turbulent nineties, which to date has led to a deterioration in the demographic structure of society, a shortage of qualified labor, a predominance of the population of retirement and pre-retirement age, as well as a general decrease in economic growth rates.

The authorities have been trying to solve this problem for more than one year by creating the most favorable conditions for the emigration to the Russian Federation of people from Central Asian countries, primarily Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. It is believed that hardworking migrants from the former Soviet republics with their strong traditional families will quickly fill the demographic gap and provide the domestic economy with a much-needed skilled and inexpensive workforce.

It’s just that this idealistic picture painted by someone in high government offices does not take into account important nuances.

"Ethnicity Adjustment"

On the one hand, Tajik and Uzbek women and their husbands are truly capable of making a significant contribution to solving the demographic problem of the Russian Federation by “adjusting their ethnicity.”

That's just how they show results of sociological research, a significant part of the “new” Russian citizens with a migration background do not seek to integrate into Russian culture, but prefer to live in ethnic enclaves, according to Sharia law, and are ready to pump up their rights, defending their way of life in the “new territories” of the conditional Moscowabad and Dushanburg.

On the other hand, there is, alas, no talk of any skilled labor in the form of migrants from Central Asia. The highly qualified specialists who are there are in demand either in their homeland or go to other countries where they are offered favorable working conditions.

People from rural areas who do not have a good education come to us in large numbers, who can work in construction, drive minibuses or deliver pizza, but, say, they go to a machine-building or aircraft plant without a good education. technical You can’t put preparation and knowledge of the Russian language on the machine.

Worse, it is precisely this environment that provides the most fertile soil for the growth of ideas of radical Islamism. Oddly enough, in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan itself, local authorities are extremely seriously struggling with this phenomenon, rightly seeing it as a threat to internal political stability.

But within the framework of ill-conceived Russian migration policy, it turns out that it is easier for religious extremists to move to our country, where they feel at ease in their ethnic enclaves. The consequences of all this were demonstrated by the recent monstrous terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall shopping center in the Moscow region.

Or there will be more, alas and ah.

What to do?

Thus, instead of solving existing problems with demography and the shortage of qualified labor, new, much more serious and dangerous ones are being created. Their sharpness can be removed in a fairly simple way.

In particular, all “new male citizens” between the ages of 18 and 60 will be given a summons and sent to serve in the Northern Military District zone for at least a year. Those who refuse to fulfill their duty to their new homeland will be deprived of Russian citizenship, as well as denied social security.

Let them either return home from where they came to us, or live and work on the basis of a temporary permit, but without free medicine, education, government benefits and other things that are due to citizens of the Russian Federation. Why on earth? “Pacifist” dependents are not needed here, this is not the time.

We will talk in more detail separately below about how we can begin to solve the problem by attracting truly motivated “new” citizens.
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  1. +8
    10 June 2024 18: 41
    how simple it is: they want to get Russian citizenship - a year for themselves with weapons in their hands. no - only a visa for 3 months. or the French Legion as an example
    1. +6
      11 June 2024 08: 43
      As long as both citizens and non-citizens are “living oil” and a means of profit for the authorities, even discussing the problems of migration and depopulation is pointless.
      1. 0
        11 June 2024 10: 32
        Where, I wonder in what century, ordinary people were not “living oil” for the authorities. Even democracy has never been democracy.
        1. +5
          11 June 2024 10: 48
          I lived in the USSR for 34 years and did not feel like “living oil”.
          Every citizen had a chance.
          Almost every director or official had either an ulcer or a heart attack, instead of palaces and stolen billions.
          I won’t say the same about our democracy.
        2. +2
          11 June 2024 12: 36
          What other kind of democracy? Democracy is a form of organizing the power of bureaucrats over the common people.
  2. +14
    10 June 2024 18: 56
    Just don't reinvent the wheel. Many countries have laws regarding migrants. Everything is spelled out there. For which you are subject to a large fine. For which you are subject to deportation from the country. But it seems that migration in Russia has an influential patron.
    1. +1
      10 June 2024 21: 32
      Are you talking about Laws in Europe? Made me laugh! Haven’t you heard what’s been happening there with migration for the last ten years!? And in the USA? Also, after all, there are laws!!!))) Good night...
      1. +4
        11 June 2024 08: 53
        I'm talking about laws in the Middle East. And in Norway, migrants are not very active.
    2. +10
      11 June 2024 08: 31
      Gee...I know the name of this patron!
      1. The comment was deleted.
    3. -2
      11 June 2024 16: 55
      It’s not ours to study someone else’s experience. Your own rake is dearer. Although even in Russia’s closest neighbors, the issue with migrants has long been, at the very least, resolved.
  3. +3
    10 June 2024 18: 59
    There is no such thing as a “new” homeland. It is always the same for everyone.
    How does the author imagine “putting people under arms” who either do not even have an 8-9 grade education or do not speak Russian? How will they read and teach the charter?
    I don’t know how it is now, but 20 years ago 7-8 people came to our dacha to look for any job, of which only ONE spoke Russian.
    1. +5
      10 June 2024 20: 36
      In storm groups with a machine gun, and behind us with machine guns, so that their heads are clear.
      1. +3
        10 June 2024 20: 43
        I am for. but put their own countrymen in the barrier detachments. They didn’t stop the retreating, they swapped places.
      2. -1
        11 June 2024 08: 31
        With a sledgehammer???...not
      3. +3
        11 June 2024 13: 39
        Why the hell do we need such warriors?! They won’t even defend their own Churekestan, and even less so with us, they will lie down and lie in front of machine guns or run away to the enemy!
    2. +5
      10 June 2024 21: 23
      How do they work on construction sites without knowing Russian?! Everything is simple, just like in construction, the platoon leader (brigodir) knows Russian and conveys the task to the rank and file. As experience in construction shows, foremen do not participate in construction (they consider themselves thieves) so there will be no problems with the language. There is really one point, on the Internet there are voices from Central Asia saying that once again Asians are fighting instead of Russians, but there is no answer to the question “where are these 40 thousand migrants a year to the Russian Federation who commit 40 thousand crimes a year on the territory of the Russian Federation”! Does anyone have information about 80 thousand “guests” from the former USSR on the fields of the Northern Military District during the two years of the same Northern Military District?
      1. +1
        11 June 2024 08: 35
        As experience in construction shows, foremen do not participate in construction (they consider themselves thieves) so there will be no problems with the language.

        Yes exactly. The thieves bring the actions to the general group and place them in their places. They collect the common fund and don’t work! Bai - hillock.
        He is required to work with his head and authority, to solve problems.
    3. +6
      11 June 2024 06: 37
      How does the author imagine “putting people under arms” who either do not even have an 8-9 grade education or do not speak Russian? How will they read and teach the charter?

      How did they then pass the Russian language exam to obtain a Russian passport? smile
      And if they don’t even know this minimum, then maybe the decision to issue citizenship as obtained through fraud should be reconsidered?

      I don’t know how it is now, but 20 years ago 7-8 people came to our dacha to look for any job, of which only ONE spoke Russian.

      Do we really need such compatriots to correct our ethnicity? Or should they just be guest workers?
  4. +7
    10 June 2024 21: 24
    Depopulation in Russia? Since the beginning of the 24s, TV has been broadcasting 7/2 programs about various givers from House 16, Malakhov, Beremen at XNUMX, and so on and so forth. A generation of givers grew up, but no one wanted to take them as wives, and those who took the risk soon became alimony workers. Instead of culling the generation of these women and zeroing out the bullshit on TV and social networks, they began to introduce new alimony and introduce protective measures in Russian courts regarding the abandonment of children after a divorce from their father.

    Is it surprising that over the last 5 years the word “Registration Office” has become something vile and associated with a scam? In our region, the number of marriages has fallen 12 times over 2.7 years, and the divorce rate is 135% of the number of new marriages.

    But this did not stop legislators; they legally prohibited tens of millions of men from turning to surrogacy services under threat of criminal prosecution. And those who took advantage of this earlier were put on the international wanted list or sent to prison under the article “slave trade.”

    The state, with its mediocrity and Putin’s cultural subterfuge, was able to mentally convince men not to start families.
  5. +9
    10 June 2024 21: 49
    How to solve a problem? Very simple. Seek advice from Lukashenko, he will explain everything clearly.
    1. +5
      11 June 2024 17: 01
      You won’t believe it, but I have repeatedly laid out the experience of Belarusians here. And in response? No, not silence. In response, a bucket of slop, because it is not right for great Russia to learn from some Belarusians. We, they say, with a mustache and our own rake are dearer
  6. +4
    10 June 2024 23: 24
    Again they propose to use SVO as some kind of element of punishment. The problem of migrants who have received a passport will be perfectly solved by the register of persons liable for military service. The problem of those who did not receive it is migration legislation. For years!! nothing is being done in this direction, some changes are always just a gimmick, normal Russian-speaking people struggled with obtaining citizenship almost until 2022, and after that, when real simplifications were signed, according to their own official statistics, obtaining citizenship collapsed for obvious reasons, and at the top I don’t care who exactly will fix it - don’t Russian compatriots want to return to their historical homeland in such numbers? Well, to hell with them, there are still applicants from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Who is preventing the adoption of a law at the federal level, as in the Belgorod, Kaluga, etc. regions, prohibiting migrants from working in certain professions in principle? With civilized (in general) Georgia, a one-way visa regime was in effect for a long time, if you noticed, it worked very quickly - Georgian migrants are now something about the 90s. In short, there would be a desire to cut at the root of the problem, and not to gather up wild crowds in frenzied numbers, and then argue whether to use carrots or sticks to force them to love Russia.
    1. +3
      11 June 2024 06: 37
      Again they propose to use SVO as some kind of element of punishment.

      Why punishment? This is a test of loyalty and nothing more. How are they better than other men?
      1. 0
        11 June 2024 15: 20
        Well, our mobilization lasted for a month and a penny in 2022 and many people did not fall under it at all. Since then there has been nothing to show for it, just regular conscription service.
        Yes, and you forget that formally migrants are precisely those who DO NOT have a Russian passport - that is, with a residence permit, a temporary residence permit, or generally temporarily staying (those who work under patents, for example). Many, judging by the statistics, have already stopped at the stage of residence permits (especially since they have now made them permanent), what should we do with them?
  7. +2
    10 June 2024 23: 55
    Hypocrisy. All this has been widely written about for about 15 years, long before the aforementioned 2018.
    And about much more.
    To extol this with such deliberateness 15 years later... Especially when every second person on the street already speaks something other than Russian...

    And the idea

    In particular, all “new male citizens” between the ages of 18 and 60 will be given a summons and sent to serve in the Northern Military District zone for at least a year.

    1) directly contradicts Putin’s promises that conscripts will not take part. Only volunteer contract soldiers..
    2) if you don’t serve in the Northern Military District, but as Russian conscripts, then why hasn’t this been done yet? , for 25 years of import, and for 2,5 years of SVO?
    this means the ruling class absolutely does not need it.
    you can ask demagogically into the air as much as you like... but... everyone already understands everything...
    1. 0
      11 June 2024 00: 25
      Seryozha, you read a lot, when will Zelensky give us our lands that don’t want to be Ukrainian after the coup? laughing
      1. -1
        11 June 2024 10: 58
        Provocation is completely off topic of the article. as usual.
        1. -1
          11 June 2024 14: 47
          Ukrainians migrate not only to Europe. Donetsk and Lugansk joined us. In my opinion, the migration of Slavic-Ukrainians with their territories of residence is a good sign.
          But you didn’t want to answer why the Ukrainian Zelensky prevents other Ukrainians and Slavs from migrating to Russia. Of course with your own land. Historical.
  8. +5
    11 June 2024 08: 17
    Quote: AC130 Ganship
    There is no such thing as a “new” homeland. It is always the same for everyone.
    How does the author imagine “putting people under arms” who either do not even have an 8-9 grade education or do not speak Russian? How will they read and teach the charter?
    I don’t know how it is now, but 20 years ago 7-8 people came to our dacha to look for any job, of which only ONE spoke Russian.

    You know, for once I agree with the author.
    Citizenship must be granted in exchange for the performance of civic duty. If you don't want to go to the station, it's a one-way ticket. The fact that they are uneducated and do not speak Russian did not prevent many of them from becoming heroes during the Second World War and fighting with dignity. And the SVO is not yet the Second World War. They can dig trenches, equip positions, etc., a soldier, a fighter, in addition to direct combat operations, has many other tasks that do not allow him to properly rest in moments of tactical calm. These are the tasks that can be entrusted to new citizens who do not know the language and have no education.
  9. +4
    11 June 2024 08: 18
    I would like to, but alas, this will not happen. Because this is a targeted policy.
    We do not have any shortage of personnel; we have a shortage of technological jobs, which the authorities are not going to fight.
    An example that I saw recently in the Moscow region: about 15 migrant workers with brushes and buckets of paint were painting a fence along the road, these 15 migrant workers could easily be replaced by 2-3 people with an airless painting apparatus, one prepares the surface, the second paints, the third prepares the materials. And in the end, they would do the work faster and better and receive decent pay.
    And so with us in everything.
  10. +3
    11 June 2024 08: 29
    Is it naive that the authorities want to solve the demographic problem, and not turn the tables on Islamic elements???
    Should radical domestic elements be diverted from criticizing the authorities to criticizing the incoming Islamic elements??!!!
  11. +2
    11 June 2024 08: 39
    This will lead to the alienation of outsiders from power and the collapse of the country!
  12. +1
    11 June 2024 09: 06
    Now there is practically no one to live in the Far East, no one to work in factories! It will all end with the “avid friend” simply swallowing these territories “on the sly” and without even flinching! This is where everything goes! Everyone is silent, and those who speak on this topic do not hear them!
  13. +3
    11 June 2024 10: 15
    Our “new citizens” are being rapidly fenced off from mobilization and conscription for military service by a corresponding brood of future jihadists. They came to us for this reason, in order to hang their numerous offspring on our built social system. To the detriment of our children.
    We need the will of the leadership to investigate each individual migrant for violations in the process of obtaining citizenship. And almost everyone has them.
    Does he know the language? If not, how did you pass the exam? On the way out to my native village.
    I entered the country at the invitation of the employer company. Did you work there? Can the inviting company report on the payment of taxes by this migrant? No? To the exit.
    What does he write on the networks? How do you feel about our laws and orders?
    And so many things.
    There are no simple solutions. What is needed is the will of the leadership to push through the lower layers of power, to force them to carry out constant, purposeful work. Take them away from their usual feeder. Otherwise - leaving work + article.
    There is no other way.
    1. +1
      11 June 2024 17: 38
      Deputies should deal with migrants and give permission when necessary. The deputy will give the go-ahead for the presence of migrants and the duration of their stay in the area. It is clear that the responsibility for this decision will rest with the deputy.
      1. +2
        11 June 2024 17: 45
        Deputies will not be physically able to deal with every migrant. The maximum is to obtain the necessary package of documents (laws, by-laws) for the work of the relevant bodies.
        And those who let them into the country should do the work. Federal Migration Service, they have the entire database, they are aware of all matters. Under the control of the FSB. Control of the final result and selective control of those checked and abandoned.
        They themselves flooded the country with them, even if they send them back.
        1. +1
          11 June 2024 17: 51
          Everyone doesn't need it. We need to know whether migrants are needed. Deputies are meeting with people; this will be another level of protection for our state.
          1. +2
            11 June 2024 17: 57
            We need to know whether migrants are needed.

            What is needed is not migrants, but normal credit conditions for the real sector. Then it will be possible to reconstruct production and increase labor productivity (which in our country is below the level of city sewerage).
            And if we bring the number of officials back to normal, there will still be extra people.
            1. 0
              11 June 2024 18: 13
              We need control. There is no need to overload the government with unnecessary management. Deputies are quite suitable for this. But this is my point of view, which needs to be thoroughly tested.
  14. +5
    11 June 2024 12: 45
    I remember very well these national cadres in the Soviet army. Do you want to destroy the Russian one too? There is no recipe in this matter until the Main Storyteller begins to live in his own country, and not in a parallel universe... Or we, through blood and snot, will not understand that everything depends on us.
  15. +2
    11 June 2024 13: 16
    Yeah, the Tajiks will fight us! They didn’t fight a damn thing during the war, they were only heroes in post-war films! At best, if they didn’t run, and also to the enemy, then they chopped wood in the rear. Then from the age of 43 they took more. And it was not in vain that the Chechenovs, Ingush and Tatars were evicted, because... En masse, almost everyone, helped the Nazis, exterminated our partisans and served as policemen in the Wehrmacht! To this day, all Asians and Chureks say that this was not our war!
    It will be the same now. Some have already shot Russian soldiers at the training ground during mobilization in 22!
    Don’t let them come to us at all, much less with their families and a complete village!
    But the authorities don’t care about the Russians, they are replacing us with obedient Asians who will not defend Russian wealth and land.
    1. 0
      Yesterday, 13: 22
      We need to be more precise. - Not “tarar”, but Crimean Tatars. In addition, not all Chechens and Ingush and Crimean Tatars were on the side of Germany. Most of them heroically fought in the USSR spacecraft units!
      1. 0
        Yesterday, 15: 12
        Apparently you yourself are non-Russian, that’s why you protect them. But the country knows its “heroes”.
        What's the biggest part?! Three cripples and a half fought for us
        The Tatars are all running around with one of their pilots, the hero of the Soviet Union, and pointing at him as proof that we all fought! But in fact, most of them, I repeat, almost en masse (!), surrendered and killed partisans, our scouts, carried out sabotage, served as clubs and served the Wehrmacht in such a way that entire units were made of them by the Nazis. There are a lot of documents and memories, but then they shouted that we were not to blame!
        Their entire enemy essence was then perfectly manifested in the 90s in Chechnya and Ingushetia, when all Russians were slaughtered and turned into slaves.
  16. -1
    12 June 2024 07: 10
    Everyone's opinion is valuable, but there are nuances:
    As the experience of the history of world civilization has shown and continues, there is a lot of useful information from the international politics of the so-called. countries of “eternal democracy” - Geyropa and America, which has recently faced a lot of problems due to the systematic blurring of migration problems; There is no point in listing everything, but the main ones are religious differences, culture, mentality, etc.
    My idea is to take the best from the experience of the USSR and world civilization and gradually introduce it into the Russian Federation, relying on the support of the entire multinational and multi-confessional people of the Russian Federation in the best traditions of ancient Russian civilization, allowing new cultural ethnic groups to develop without excesses and preferences!
    All bureaucratic agreements and illegal actions on the so-called. breadth places of different structures should be strictly suppressed by controlled bodies, and many small problems should be solved without leading to little or big bloodshed!
  17. +2
    12 June 2024 12: 47
    There is a famous saying

    who does not want to feed his army will feed someone else's

    Let’s change a little “whoever doesn’t want to feed his own people will feed someone else’s,” which is what actually happens. How does this threaten the state? Diasporas have long become not only an economic, but also a political force. True, they are not officially recognized as a political force yet. Obtaining citizenship and infiltrating security and political structures indicates that they are actively working on this. Already now, diasporas have the opportunity to influence the country’s economic activities, and soon the political agenda. Will migrants raise Russia to the level of Germany and France?, or will they lower them to where the economies of the countries of Central Asia and former Soviet republics are now located? I think the question is rhetorical. The economic and political agenda requires urgent correction.