China has rethought the role of tanks in future wars


Catai military experts have proposed a new use for tank equipment. In their opinion, the Ukrainian conflict demonstrates the obsolescence of today's tanks. It is necessary to give armored vehicles a new role and work on their more modern equipment.

Thus, in the Celestial Empire they believe that a tank in modern conditions does not need powerful armor and large-caliber guns. The armored vehicle must have reliable protection against drones and missiles and become the center of information support for combat operations for drones. The tank will also be able to attack the enemy at a great distance.

In addition, China considers it important to equip tanks in such a way that they provide effective assistance to infantry. Battles of tanks against tanks will become a thing of the past.

Tanks of the future should be lighter than modern armored vehicles: they will be equipped with an unmanned turret and a smaller fighting compartment, as well as the ability to launch and land UAVs. Along with this, experts believe it is necessary to equip the new tank with a 105 mm smoothbore cannon, an inconspicuous barrel, electronic warfare systems and X-band radars.

Meanwhile, back in 2019, the PRC proposed the concept of a two-seat tank. Such approaches indicate that Beijing has long been working on the creation of a new generation of tank equipment that could successfully withstand its current Western counterparts.
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  1. +4
    10 June 2024 15: 04
    Bring it and try it. Lose many illusions and assumptions. It will be useful for both you and us. This is not a tank biathlon, an invaluable experience that cannot be bought for yuan.
  2. -1
    10 June 2024 15: 17
    There are tens of thousands of tanks built in the world, so the first thing to do is to create weapons against them based on attack UAVs. The existing Lancet, Cube and others carry insufficient warheads to guarantee the destruction of heavy tanks, such as Abrams, Merkava, Challenger, and fortifications. We need a universal attack UAV with a warhead over 10-15 kg. Explosives, with the possibility of autonomous homing destruction of armored vehicles or other targets. That is, AI elements are already needed in the guidance of ammunition, that is, according to the principle: the target is designated (aimed) and then the target is hit in autonomous mode. Regarding the construction of tanks, the PLA correctly determined that the MBT was outdated and should be replaced with other armored vehicles with other tasks on the LBS. Long-range fire weapons are the same, high-precision self-propelled guns, MLRS, guided bombs, hypersonic missiles, etc..
  3. +3
    10 June 2024 15: 45
    What did they rethink there? The fact that our huckster generals fight as they want, without brains, does not mean that tanks have lost their strength. Somehow, after the Karabakh war, no one rethought the role of tanks. Because Azerbaijan had air supremacy there and the armor was used according to science. Never mind, once they get hit with a tambourine, their brains will immediately fall into the correct row!
  4. 0
    10 June 2024 19: 16
    Most likely there will be robotic platforms with guided missiles and missile launchers and 30 mm air-cushioned guns, combined with the possibility of ekranoplanes and the deployment of troops to the squad, tanks are a thing of the past, they need a lightly armored flying infantry fighting vehicle soldier
  5. -2
    10 June 2024 22: 44
    Who are the Chinese going to fight with tanks? Japan is across the sea, you can’t get there with tanks. The USA and China are separated by the Pacific Ocean, tanks will have to swim far. You can't go to India with tanks, there are mountains there. In the south there is sea and jungle. Only Russia and Kazakhstan remain. The PRC is a potential enemy, we must always remember this.
  6. 0
    11 June 2024 01: 23
    With tanks in general, everything is still unclear and the Chinese vision does not inspire optimism.
    Most likely, the next generation of tanks will be unmanned and smaller in size, but will have to withstand RPGs, mines and drones, jam them, create smoke curtains. And all their external superstructure equipment will be subject to large-caliber shelling, up to 30 mm.
  7. +2
    11 June 2024 04: 08
    A tank is, first of all, a mobile firing point. Its goal is to suppress firing points/support positions during an infantry assault. Everything else is additional but optional functionality. Since the firing points/supports are always fortified, the weapon must be large and well protected. All. China has never fought in modern wars, what do they know. Theory without practice is nothing!
  8. 0
    11 June 2024 08: 11
    You just need to put a machine behind the tank to destroy drones. There is a drone killer in the US. The drone is called an anvil.
  9. 0
    11 June 2024 11: 04
    Who, what, is unclear. Anonymous people don’t even have links to sources.

    And this is how the typical concept of a “light tank” is described. Which has already been more or less recognized, and some countries have already started producing...
  10. 0
    11 June 2024 11: 36
    Have traders become too smart having gotten rich on disposable crafts?
  11. -1
    12 June 2024 05: 59
    What is there to rethink? In the future, only equipment will fight, not any infantry.