Macron acknowledged the connection between election failure and aid to Ukraine


French President Emmanuel Macron admitted that his party was sunk in the European Parliament elections by its connection with Ukraine. This is how he commented on the dissolution of the French parliament, which followed immediately after the failure of the presidential party.

In Europe, parties that oppose aid to Ukraine have strengthened their positions

- said Macron.

He urgently announced early parliamentary elections before the situation got out of control, and it was rapidly deteriorating for Macron’s party. He made the decision in the hope that a two-tier system of elections not based on party lists, but on a majoritarian system, which makes it quite easy to reset the high ratings of Marine Le Pen’s party, will give him and his party the opportunity to avoid total political defeat within the country. Macron will also have time to sit out difficult times.

Eurosceptic parties achieved an absolute victory in the elections to the European Parliament. Thus, in Germany, the SPD of Chancellor Olaf Scholz was only third, losing elections to the CDU/CSU bloc and the Alternative for Germany party, and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo, who supported Ukraine, resigned after losing the elections to the European Parliament.
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  1. +4
    10 June 2024 14: 01
    and I warned him a month ago that he would end badly!!! He had to read me and gave the example of Johnson and Nuland.... anyone who touches Holy Rus' with unclean hands and supports the fascists guilty of the Holocaust, rapists, robbers, torturers of people in the Donbass and Odessa... will drink the cup of God’s wrath. ... we are Russians, God is with us! ..... the same fate will befall the leaders of the Czech Republic and the Baltic limitrophes and other accomplices of fascism ... they will be shot 12 times and run over by a car
    1. -3
      10 June 2024 15: 52
      fascists are coming out guilty of the Holocaust

      The Holocaust took place 80 years ago, and along with tens of thousands of collaborators in Ukraine, there were millions of Ukrainians who fought against fascism. Don't care about their memory?
      1. +3
        10 June 2024 22: 00
        and don’t lump Kovpak and Tutuchenko into one pile with Bandera and Shukhevych, if the inhabitants of Ukraine cursed Bandera and Shukhevych and erected monuments to Kovpak and Tutuchenko, then in general everything would be different, as in fraternal Belarus, for example
      2. +3
        11 June 2024 00: 28
        Quote from Pembo
        in Ukraine there were millions of Ukrainians who fought against fascism. Don't care about their memory?

        It is Ukrina who spits on their memory. Zelensky even spits on his grandfather.
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. +3
    10 June 2024 16: 23
    Ukraine is the tenth thing. He bashfully keeps silent about the fact that these are the parties of Soros and other masters of the world agenda.
  3. +2
    10 June 2024 22: 56
    These nationally oriented parties and forces in Europe will crush the world's ruling Jewish clans. And their (synagogues) proteges, like Mikron and Schultz, will continue to pursue their anti-Russian policy, regardless of the plebs!
    Who will listen to them?! When did people decide anything?
    Those who are not bought will be killed. They will never voluntarily abandon such a luxurious bridgehead as the outskirts, and even where Russian Russians themselves kill each other! They will not let 140 years of hard work to create a militant Ukrainian out of Russians go down the drain, this is not Afghanistan!
    So the Rothschild puppet Mikron with “his” guards is dust, and even more so the German fascists!