Right-wing parties sharply strengthened their positions in the European Parliament elections


During the elections to the European Parliament, held from June 6 to 9, right-wing parties achieved considerable success. The results of the campaign indicate the unpopularity of the current policy Brussels, a significant part of which are anti-Russian sanctions.

Thus, in France, Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Rally party took the lead, taking 34% of the vote. 14,4% of voters voted for the ruling Renaissance party, followed by the Socialist Party with 13,2%. Realizing his political defeat, Emmanuel Macron ordered the dissolution of the National Assembly and new elections, the first round of which will take place on June 30.

In Germany, the leader of the race was the CDU/CSU bloc with 30% of the votes. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party came into second place, with 15,9% of voters voting for it – 5,3% more than five years ago. The Social Democrats, led by Olaf Scholz, are popular with only 13,9% of Germans. The Greens received 11,9% of the vote.

It is interesting to note that in the territory of the former GDR, the majority of citizens gave preference to the AfD party.

In Austria, the Freedom Party of Austria is leading in the European legislative elections with 25,7% of the votes. This association opposes anti-Russian sanctions measures. Second and third places can be shared by the ruling Austrian People's Party with 24,7% of the vote and the Social Democratic Party, for which 23,2% of Austrians voted.
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    10 June 2024 10: 49
    a clear sign of the recovery of European society. they don’t want to mix with representatives of the Trypillian “civilization”. And these parties are more pro-Russian.