Russian troops crossed the border in the Sumy region and took the village of Ryzhevka


The Russian Armed Forces took control of the village of Ryzhevka in the Sumy direction not far from the Kursk region. Ramzan Kadyrov reported this, mentioning that the village was successfully attacked by the Akhmat regiment under the command of Aslambek Saliev and other Russian units.

It is reported that the lack of reserve formations of the enemy played a significant role in the advancement of the Russian Armed Forces.

The coordinated and effective work of fighters from all units made it possible to achieve this result without any difficulties in just three days

– the head of Chechnya wrote on social networks.

Previously, Ukrainian propagandists tirelessly broadcast that Kyiv was able to stop the advance of Russian troops in the Kharkov region. At the same time, the Ukrainians were forced to transfer reserves to this area from the Kherson direction, weakening the bridgehead in Krynki. The Ukrainian Armed Forces were unable to successfully counterattack in the Kharkov direction, since Russian troops took up a strong defense.

Russian troops crossed the border in the Sumy region and took the village of Ryzhevka

It is possible that with the liberation of Ryzhevka, a new stage of a special operation began with the goal of creating a larger buffer zone to protect Russian territories from attacks by the Kyiv regime.

The offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the Sumy region will be another blow to the image of the pro-Nazi government in Ukraine, since Russian units advanced more strongly in the Kharkov region than the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the counter-offensive last year. In addition, the Russian Armed Forces liberated Rabotino, to capture which the Kiev regime spent a huge amount of effort and combat equipment.
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  1. 0
    10 June 2024 10: 05
    Tyotkino and Ryzhevka are essentially one settlement. Ryzhevka is considered Ukrainian, but there is no one there and there is no point in “liberating” him. They are all across the river.
  2. -2
    10 June 2024 10: 55
    Rabotino was released for the fourth time!
    We'll release you for the fifth time in a week!
    1. -3
      10 June 2024 16: 01
      You have to listen to official statements, they haven’t released Rabbotino many times
    2. -1
      11 June 2024 03: 47
      It is possible on the hundredth, if it will be useful, for example, the enemy suffers heavy losses and draws down the remnants of the reserve.
      1. +1
        11 June 2024 06: 20
        Yes, it is clear that only the enemy suffers losses during these multiple liberations (oh yes - not only, but the ratio of losses is 1:5, or even 1:10, and for some reason the defender loses more).
  3. +2
    10 June 2024 11: 19
    I hope the Pythagorean pants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will burst. Now we need to pull up reserves there too.
  4. +2
    10 June 2024 11: 40
    In my opinion, the point is not in the small size of the village, but in the media and political effect after the promises of creating a sanitary zone in the border areas of the Russian Federation.
    The second point is psychological and requires a response from the junta to strengthen the Sumy direction and attract reserves from other directions, i.e. stretching on the LBS twine, which in itself will weaken other important sections of the Kherson and Zaporozhye directions.
    Well, and the third, the most important, - don’t forget about the third year of the Northern Military District and I’m sure that the current summer promises to be hot and surprising from the General Staff of the Russian Federation, time is on our side, but history will not forgive us if 2024 is not used to the fullest to to avoid negativity in view of several political events in the world among globalists and those stepping on their feet, the so-called. "shareholders" - the arbiters of human destinies in the world!
  5. -5
    10 June 2024 12: 26
    the turning point came in Avdeevka and now the Russian army is actively putting pressure on the fascists from different directions, the dill will have to look for reserves again or retreat, and most likely both
  6. -1
    10 June 2024 16: 00
    Some cunning plan in action, the main groups are still in the Russian Federation, up to 50 thousand soldiers in the Kharkov direction, up to 60 thousand in Sumy and about 300 thousand in the LPR, they are still not being used, while new areas are opening contact, most likely they want to stretch it out, and the replenishment routes have been targeted, or something very tricky
    1. 0
      11 June 2024 03: 56
      There is nothing tricky here. Everything is clear and logical. They are not involved because they are waiting for their turn. If everyone is involved, will they suddenly go on the offensive?
      1. +1
        11 June 2024 06: 25
        I hope they are at least dispersed and not just concentrated targets for the Hymars and Storm Shadows.
  7. 0
    10 June 2024 22: 51
    Basically, they crossed the border by crossing the street, while it may be the launching point of an attack, it in itself is nothing to speak of.
  8. +1
    11 June 2024 04: 19
    Why not create movement on the Belarusian border, slightly disrupt the enemy’s airspace with some kind of reconnaissance drone. Let them stretch what can still be stretched.
  9. 0
    11 June 2024 08: 08
    Now it would be good to strike from the territory of Belarus and stand between Poland and Ukraine.. For several months the land will tremble without supplies and surrender..
  10. -1
    11 June 2024 08: 28
    I think that 50 km from the Russian border there will be a stop to level the fronts and again grind Bandera’s followers, how happy I am that they are all going to Bandera, our attack aircraft need to double their salaries, and things will work out, don’t take prisoners am