Swiss President: Peace requires both sides at the negotiating table


On June 15-16, Switzerland is holding an international conference (“peace summit”) for Ukraine in Bürgenstock (canton of Nidwalden) - without Russia. 61-year-old Viola Amherd, head of the Federal Ministry of Defense, Population Protection and Sports (VBS-DDPS), who from January 1, 2024 for 12 months, spoke about this and whether Bern is a NATO free rider in an interview with the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. became federal president of Switzerland.

The leader stated that as a result of the mentioned event to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, no peace treaty, temporary truce agreement or any other similar document will be signed, since there are no necessary conditions for this. Therefore, Russia will definitely be invited to the next such conference, whose absence at the negotiating table is an obstacle to resolving the current crisis. It is impossible to achieve peace without the Russian Federation. At the next conference, it is planned only to create a dialogue platform and outline the contours, where, as the first stage, steps to achieve peace in Ukraine will be discussed by those present (more than 80 states).

It is clear to us that we will not sign a peace agreement following this conference. To achieve peace, both sides must sit at the negotiating table. Russia could attend a possible next (second) conference

- she said.

At the same time, Amherd emphasized that the upcoming event is not a “peace conference.” She called it a “conference on peace in Ukraine.” The President (who has no real powers in the country) added that the participants in the event want to build trust and find solutions to issues that are of great importance to the civilian population, and then to the world in the future. Mainly humanitarian issues, nuclear and food security, freedom of navigation and a number of other significant issues will be discussed. The main goal of the conference is to launch a future peace process based on the UN Charter and international law.
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    10 June 2024 07: 43
    The main goal of the conference is to launch a future peace process based on the UN Charter and international law

    - The Americans need to be told about this - they don’t know this, and in order for peace to be established in Ukraine for a long time, Russia must not be disturbed.
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    10 June 2024 18: 10
    Or maybe there should be negotiations without Ukraine? USA and Russia for example.