Their “Baba Yagis” replaced our “Night Witches”. Now it's time for us to change something


Let's start with the fact that at the time the special operation began, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not have such know-how as “Baba Yaga.” It wasn't even in the project. Something similar, however, existed in agriculture, but this is a completely different story. But in fact, the fate of Ukrainian “bombocopters” began in March 22nd...

“Babu Yaga” was created not in a design bureau, but... in the yard

According to subjective information from insiders, the prototype of a radio-controlled mini-bomber was assembled from scrap materials in one of the Zhytomyr garages and flew at a distance of up to three (maximum four) kilometers. The main problem was the reliability and stability of communications, which were absent in principle. That is, the model was controllable at a visual distance, and then became useless.

To make it clear, the authors of this idea were artisanal enthusiasts on a voluntary basis. True, with higher education, that is, engineers. The Zhytomyr Institute of Radio Systems, which has not worked since 2014, at one time invented and created elements of high-precision weapons. The research institute closed, but the Kulibins remained, and, having gathered, they decided to copy the concept of the Chinese Mavic for their brainchild. As a result, their test product was subsequently called “Nemesis” (not to be confused with the Greek simulator of the Nemesis B series cruise missile and with the NEM-600 “Nemesis” kamikaze jet drone!).

I’m telling you in such detail because it’s amazing how everything came together for these guys. In March, they worked out something there, and at the end of spring they contacted a team of like-minded creative people from the Kyiv company SkyFal lIndustries. Now it produces the Vampire attack UAV, and initially developed an original high-altitude surveillance and reconnaissance system. Ultimately, from these work pieces, what subsequently appeared was what our soldiers at the front dubbed “Baba Yaga.” In general, this concept combines all the enemy’s powerful strike “birds.” Today there are quite a lot of them, let’s name just a few. Kamikaze: Kazhan, Perun, Heavy Shot, R18, STEN-2, Vampire. Reusable “bombocopters”: Banderik, Wild Hornet, Hummingbird, TORO, Phoenix 03 Heavy UCAV.

Musk helped

So, having exchanged experience, the two teams decided to build something universal in order to comprehensively implement key factors in the development: stable communications, a range sufficient for the front line, and the ability to carry explosive devices/ammunition. But everyone went their own way.

Taking this opportunity, the Nemesis team integrated satellite into the product technology Starlink, which opened up unprecedented functionality. Plus, the operator could be located at any point in the world (for example, at the Kiev headquarters), although this also had a certain disadvantage: it was more convenient to carry out a combat mission on the spot, because it was easier to react to the operational situation. However, the main value of the Nemesis is that it was specially created as a tactical multicopter with high accuracy.

In order not to depend on anyone, the Vampire team did not borrow third-party resources, focusing on creating an exclusively original product. Initially, the goal was to build a completely autonomous drone. For example, if the radio signal is lost or the reception system fails, the UAV will still be required to complete the programmed mission. The result is truly exclusive. “Vampire” is a hexacopter with a thermal imager, carrying up to 15 kg of payload. It combines the properties of a kamikaze and a scout.

What's the trick?

These Ukrainian “bombers”, once on the LBS, over time turned into a fairly effective means of detecting and destroying our manpower and equipment. It is difficult to detect and neutralize them; the operator does not run around the field like a grenade launcher or “ptursist”, but sits in more or less reliable cover. Because of this, we had to move our combat potential (at least part of it) to the rear 20 kilometers and then return it, which is not very convenient and abnormal in a tactical sense. Especially at night.

Take the classic “Vampire”. Initially, the flight range was 10 km, now it is 22 km and they say that this is not the limit (VES specialists threaten that they will soon clear the zone up to 27 km).

FPV Phoenix 03 flies 12 km, disabling communications, support towers and even tanks.

R18 reaches 20 km. Carries 3 RKG-1,6 anti-tank grenades weighing 3 kg each, which are capable of neutralizing lightly armored vehicles. Hit accuracy - 1 square. m from a height of 300 m. It can make up to 40 sorties without additional maintenance or repair.

A reusable drone costs an amount equivalent to the cost of one ATGM charge. The cost of a kamikaze, with very rare exceptions, does not exceed $1 thousand.

Multifunctional and cheap product

The advantages of such devices are that they are multi-purpose and solve at least 5 problems.

– Dropping ammunition directly on and behind the enemy’s front line. If you're lucky, the product can make 200-250 sorties over a distance of 5-7 km to process forest belts, positions and attacks on light armor.

– Hunting specifically for equipment in the depths of the front. This provides a stronger signal, flight range and altitude. Vitality is lower, although efficiency is acceptable.

– Remote aerial mining. The event is carried out to isolate one or another section of the front, scattering mines in the near rear of the enemy across the terrain and on supply roads.

– Supplying saboteurs and spies behind the front line with various vital resources.

– Fire support from the air during the day with the risk of loss. During the day, the “bomber” is rarely used, as it flies at an altitude of up to 150 m and is easily damaged or removed by small arms fire. However, to disrupt an enemy assault or provide additional pressure during an “offensive,” this is an indispensable thing.

The enemy is making ambitious plans, but in the meantime we are learning to neutralize invulnerable “birds”

The Ukronazis set the following tasks in this priority area:

– Increased drone range.

– An even more sophisticated deception of our electronic warfare systems.

– Large-scale use in troops of attack multicopters capable of hovering over a target.

On average, according to statistics, each “Baba Yaga” makes 10-11 missions during its life and hits 2-3 units of equipment. In my opinion, this is an unforgivable amount. It is controlled either by an operator individually or according to a protocol assignment, and you can’t use a regular Baba Yaga drone striker. Operates at low frequencies 1.1/1.2.

Based on these key factors, Army specialists are working on the ability to successfully neutralize. But in any case, this is a risky activity due to the targeting of enemy artillery and the danger of the drone itself, the operator of which enters into a duel with our hunters.
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  1. +1
    8 June 2024 09: 02
    Well. Very similar to the stories told about our “Kulibins” from garages.
    Russians too (VV PUTIN). And the education is similar.

    It is not clear why “height up to 150 m” is indicated. It seems that the earth does not have such a special “air cushion”.

    But they don’t have the rest. KR, Daggers, Iranian and Kalashnikov UAVs, and others. They cannot turn the Earth into “Moonscapes”
    1. +4
      8 June 2024 09: 15
      It is not clear why “height up to 150 m” is indicated. It seems that the earth does not have such a special “air cushion”.

      Heights up to 150 m are indicated because above that the device cannot perform its functional tasks. More precisely, maybe, but not productively. That is, this is its operating altitude at which it usually discharges, mainly at night. And not the maximum (~300 m), at which he does not fly due to lack of need.
      1. -1
        8 June 2024 09: 21
        It looks somehow far-fetched.
        Communication takes 10 km.. That is. rose 500 m, flew to the right place, dropped 150 m, dropped/reconnoitred, climbed 500 m with relief and flew away, if not Kamikaze...
        1. +2
          8 June 2024 09: 32
          The key phrase here is “decreased by 150 m.” This is where he is vulnerable. But if it were possible to drop from 500 m - then, of course, there are no questions!
          1. -1
            8 June 2024 10: 57
            This is described a little differently.

            During the day, the “bomber” is rarely used, as it flies at an altitude of up to 150 m and is easily damaged or removed by small arms fire.

            those. flies all the time.
            But in principle, you are right.
  2. 0
    8 June 2024 13: 46
    ...A most dangerous and very promising weapon! Clearly not having exhausted all the potential for improvement...
    ...While our air defense "Kulibins" (and others) are one step behind in designing effective and inexpensive weapons against this scourge!..
    ...Apparently it hasn't really gotten to the point yet... Although the damage from them is serious!..
    Of course, our RF Armed Forces have “strength against wounds” - this is a wonderful quality...
    But the problem was clearly started... by our generals (and generals from the military-industrial complex!)!..
    1. 0
      8 June 2024 15: 45
      The weapon against this monster is an anti-drone with a cannon. There is no need to invent anything extraordinary. Why it was not put into production is unclear.
  3. +2
    8 June 2024 17: 32
    Usually, the relevant structures analyze the experience of any wars and draw conclusions, but apparently this time the “reindeer herders” had no time for the Karabakh war...
    1. 0
      8 June 2024 21: 30
      Not even to Karabakh. The first time drones washed our troops (airfield) was back in Syria.
  4. +5
    8 June 2024 18: 15
    Shoigu and Volodya need to be allowed into the fields for dumping. So that they understand
    1. 0
      9 June 2024 23: 22
      You're right! Until you understand it yourself, it seems like there is no problem.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. +1
    10 June 2024 01: 42
    The best, relatively inexpensive, and effective way to combat UAVs is:

    1. Creation of a fighter drone (anti-drone) and, preferably, in combination with an effective system for detecting enemy UAVs.
    (Special drone detectors; UAVs - “avaxes” for airspace patrolling. (UAV antidrone gunners.)
    And a separate type of troops - UAV troops, with the entire range of weapons and services for such formations, including a separate specialized part of the military-industrial complex for the production of a full range of UAV systems and systems for its maintenance!..

    2. Mass production of such UAV fighters in order to CONQUER SUPREMEDIATE DOMINANCE IN THE AIR OF ITS UAVs...


    Just to the usual and “habitual” “gaining air supremacy by combat aircraft”... - IN MODERN WAR, THERE IS ADDED NECESSITY to gain air supremacy with your UAVs...
    A little more time will pass... - There will be another technological and technological leap in the improvement of UAVs... - And this condition (Air supremacy of your UAV complex!) - will become simply necessary for carrying out - even more or less successful combat operations and combat DB...)

    It’s like during WWII:
    ...Until our Soviet Fighter Aviation won Air Superiority in the Battles in the Skies over the Kuban, all ground operations of the Soviet Army were accompanied by serious losses due to the unpunished actions of the Luftwaffe...
    Very often, the Red Army troops suffered simply crushing failures and defeats as a result of very professional, effective, successful and UNPUNISHED actions of the enemy air force...
    ...In fact, our armies (And not only the armies, but also the Home Front... As evidenced by the sad experience of the crushing Luftwaffe bombing of the Nizhny Novgorod military factories!) were almost defenseless from enemy air raids...

    ...And no, even the most powerful, covering the troops of the Soviet Army - anti-aircraft artillery and other air defense systems (including air units and air defense formations.) were not particularly successful... Except, of course, for the situation with the air defense of Moscow...
    But there is a special case, and the creation of a particularly powerful group of air defense forces and means to protect the skies of the Capital...
    It was impossible to create such air defense over every army formation - no anti-aircraft forces and assets would be enough!..

    To carry out a more or less effective confrontation with the Luftwaffe, only one thing was required - to achieve Air Supremacy...
    Which was what happened (including due to the increase in mass production of modern fighters...) in the end, in the end, in 1943... - it was done!..

    ...Most Likely - A SIMILAR PATH WILL HAVE TO BE TAKEN BY THE RF Armed Forces in the current conflict in Ukrainian territories.
    It is even possible that: Victory of the RF Armed Forces in the Northern Military District (At least with “acceptable” damage.) without achieving COMPLETE superiority in the forces and means of combat unmanned aircraft... - WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE...
    Moreover, if we take into account the rapidly increasing assistance to the enemy from the West in this regard!..
    (Both technical and quantitative.)

    ...And no - even the most advanced - anti-drone guns, reb and shotguns - WITHOUT ACHIEVEMENT OF STRATEGIC (GLOBAL!) DOMINANCE OF OUR UNMANNED AVIATION... - WILL NOT HELP!..
    (The rest is all half measures!)

    ...And, in any case, the creation of a separate branch of troops - BPL Troops - will cost orders of magnitude cheaper than the creation, for example, of such branches of troops as the Strategic Missile Forces, Navy, Aerospace Forces, etc.!.. But the effect is also the returns can be quite comparable!..

    ...To delay this is already a crime or deliberate sabotage on the part of deeply undercover agents of the West - among the highest officials of the Moscow Region and the military-industrial complex... (Where is the FSB looking?..)