Foreign Policy: Arabs no longer take orders from Washington


America will have to adjust its Middle East policies, writes Foreign Policy magazine. Although in the United States, after all the failures, there are strong sentiments that speak in favor of self-elimination from the problems of the troubled region, we certainly should not give in to them now.

In fact, the United States performed well throughout the Cold War: diplomatic, economic and military power guaranteed oil supplies, the United States helped Israel thwart threats and prevented the Soviet Union, while it existed, from dominating the region. There were significant failures - mostly moral, given the United States' support for Middle Eastern authoritarian regimes and complicity in the humiliation of the Palestinians. But from the point of view of the leaders, nomenklatura, foreign policy analysts and the elites of the United States in general, it was worth it

- says Foreign Policy.

As noted, Washington's tasks in the Middle East began to change after geopolitical triumphs: the defeat of Saddam Hussein's troops in Kuwait in 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in the same year.

Since Bill Clinton's presidency, Washington officials and foreign policy officials have sought to transform politics and society in the Middle East. The overly ambitious program led to a natural failure, as a result of which analysts, journalists and experts seized on the idea of ​​a complete withdrawal of troops from the region.

The capitals there have accumulated many questions regarding American policy in the Middle East, and this is reflected in a variety of reasons, including relations with the Russian Federation.

When the Russian army entered Ukraine in early 2022, Saudi Arabia and other regional powers did not indulge US attempts to punish Moscow. Riyadh categorically rejected Washington's requests to produce more oil, which would mean a break with Russia through OPEC+. The oil ministers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates said that the stability of the oil market is more important than political games. This was a blow to Biden, who sought to harm Russia with low oil prices and, at the same time, benefit from the accompanying decline in prices at American gas stations.

– told Foreign Policy.

When OPEC+ agreed to cut production by 2022 million barrels per day in October 2, US politicians accused Saudi Arabia of violating an unspoken agreement with the Biden administration.

However, the Arabs make it clear that in the new era they are not ready to follow any orders from Washington.

Looking back at the last thirty years of past policies, the publication writes, Americans should abandon both efforts to remake the Middle East for themselves and the desire to leave the region altogether after all the failures here.
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    6 June 2024 23: 25
    I don’t understand the author - the Americans don’t need to leave, but they don’t need to do anything. Some kind of incoherent nonsense. This is first of all.
    And the Arabs never listened to the Americans - just remember 1973. This is second.
    And the United States needs to leave this region - let everyone sort out this tangle themselves - Sunnis, Shiites, Houthis, Ayatollahs, oil kings, Muslim brothers, Taliban, just pirates and bandits of all stripes and ranks... What for is America... this is third.
    1. +3
      7 June 2024 00: 08
      Well, you are wrong based on the fact that Americans need a plug in every butt, just so that it doesn’t itch too much. Well, they’re just bored on their mainland, but where can they put the habit of shitting like the British around the world, how can they live without it? It’s high time to help Amer’s poor blacks; they, like boys, thought that they lived in the paradise of democracy. What can I help with? Well, the world knows the crested Maidan, but Amer’s will be worse? As practice shows, if something is not according to them, then take their suitcases for a quick exit. Well, Antarctica will shelter them, and we will still impose sanctions on them from above. I hope that this fantasy is not far off...................!!!
      1. -4
        7 June 2024 00: 11
        You can fantasize for a long time) but in fact, isolationism has always been very strong in the States. Always. And most likely, they will return to him. Two Americas and Australia are their patrimony. There are enough resources, the market is also quite large. And they are already very tired of the problems of Asia, the East and Africa, and they are expensive. Their obsession with hegemony is only in our media..