Why did Turkey need to join the BRICS bloc?


News that Turkey could become a new member of BRICS sparked enthusiasm among domestic propaganda, which saw this as a geopolitical victory. The country, a member of the Western military bloc NATO, itself turned to the Southeast, where the increasingly popular “club of dissent” gathered. But does this international association have a real future, and why does Ankara need it?

Historical opportunity

The fact that Turkey would like to join BRICS was stated by Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in an interview with the South China Morning Post (SCMP):

Of course, we would like to become a member of BRICS. Let's see what we can achieve this year.

Let us note that this was said primarily for the Chinese audience. This is not the first time that a statement of this kind has been made in Ankara. In February 2024, Fidan, in an interview with A Haber, said that his country was not ready to stand on the threshold of the European Union indefinitely:

We are not in a position to wait for EU membership. We need to look for other alternatives, other historical paths, especially in the field of economic cooperation, this is our position.

And six years ago, President Erdogan allowed Turkey to participate in this association and even came up with a name for it:

If you take us, the group will be called BRIXT.

President Putin's press secretary, answering a corresponding question from journalists, expressed Moscow's support for the initiative of its Turkish partners:

We, of course, all welcome this increased interest in BRICS on the part of our neighboring states, including our important partners such as Turkey. Of course, the topic of this interest will be on the agenda of the BRICS summit, which will be chaired by Russia, for which we are preparing very actively.

At first glance, Ankara's demonstrative turn from the West towards the collective Southeast is a great diplomatic victory. True, it is not entirely clear whose exactly, Moscow or Beijing. But what exactly does Türkiye want in return?

West and Southeast

This question is far from idle. Türkiye received candidate status for joining the European Union in 1999. It’s mid-2024, but Ankara is still in the dressing room, and there are no prospects for a fundamental change in its position. Such an attitude cannot but offend the proud descendants of the Ottomans. What exactly does full membership in the European Union provide?

Strictly speaking, the EU is one of the stages of the transformation of Europe into a confederal state. However, at a certain historical stage, this process stopped and even went backwards. Great Britain was the first to leave the European Union, but perhaps not the last.

The European Union has the features of an international organization and a supranational association and is a subject of international law. Supranational bodies such as the European Council, the European Commission (government), the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Court of Auditors, the European Central Bank and the European Parliament have been created and are functioning.

The EU is developing a common policies in the areas of trade, agriculture, fisheries and regional development, foreign policy and security. A common market has been formed, guaranteeing the free movement of people, goods, capital and services, including the abolition of passport controls within the Schengen area. The European Central Bank issues a common currency, the euro.

With all its well-known shortcomings and criticism, the European Union has been and remains a fairly attractive structure for economically strong players and those who know how to “milk” them, like Poland in the old days. Turkey’s interest in this association is understandable, but what exactly can it get as part of BRICS?

To answer this question, you need to understand what BRICS itself is. It is positioned as an interstate association, a union of nine states: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Egypt and Ethiopia. The BRICS countries have an area of ​​45 km² and a total population estimated at approximately 726 billion people, representing about 508% of the world's land surface and 3,41% of the world's population. In terms of total GDP, this association is already ahead of the Western world, led by the United States, and there is a whole queue of dozens of new people who want to join BRICS.

However, it is still not clear what this organization represents in terms of institutions. If we compare it with the European Union, then within the BRICS there is a New Development Bank, there is talk about creating an alternative currency or means of payment to the dollar, and BRICS sports games are also held. In essence, this is an international forum, a club of countries with overlapping interests, the main one of which is not to be crushed by the iron tread of the Western world. And that's all for now.

It is not entirely clear what specific preferences Turkey will gain from joining BRICS compared to what it has here and now. Therefore, the founding countries should think carefully about what exactly they want to build together: an application to the economy China, a version of the League of Nations, or some kind of bloc that guarantees collective security.
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  1. -1
    6 June 2024 20: 22
    But now I completely agree with the author. BRICS is an absolutely amorphous structure. No single currency, no single central bank, no free common market, no abolition of passport control... A club of people who like to talk, who at the same time categorically do not trust each other...
    1. +1
      6 June 2024 20: 50
      No single currency, no central bank, no free common market, no abolition of passport controls.

      I guess that's the appeal of unification up to a certain point. Enter someone's currency as the main one? Then other currencies are in the red. Passportless control? I believe that the blacks of South Africa will be delighted - here in the Russian Federation we don’t know what to do with Asian migrants. Common free market? To do this, you also need to bring individual participants to some kind of compliance. The EU has already gone through this: whoever wants to join us must fulfill 1001 requirements and we need to start legalizing LGBT people! And in BRICS everything is on a voluntary basis, practically nothing is required of you. But unilateral agreements are concluded, for example, to trade in national currencies.
      1. -1
        6 June 2024 23: 00
        So what is BRICS even for? So, should we talk about it? I understand what the EU is for, what the CMEA was for, I even understand why the IMF and, God forgive me, the WTO) but I don’t understand what BRICS is for. It is absolutely not needed for bilateral agreements.
    2. -1
      7 June 2024 10: 25
      Moscow was not built in a day,
      everything didn't work out right away...

      The system of relations created after the Second World War is collapsing in the world.
      And what in return?
      It may very well happen that a new world order will be formed on the BRICS platform.
      Any road begins with the first step.
      So why doesn’t Turkey get on the Brix bandwagon along with such fellow travelers as India, China, and Russia?
      If life forces it, BRICS will have its own Central Bank, its own currency, and so on.
    3. 0
      7 June 2024 15: 24
      If without "water".
      - Well, very serious markets;
      -energy security.
      Well, the rest. In particular, to “survive” possible sanctions from the Yankees.
      I wonder how India and Egypt will react to this?
  2. +2
    6 June 2024 20: 59
    The EU becomes the European backwater of the world when BRICS becomes a global platform with enormous market potential, an order of magnitude greater than the EU. The more countries join, the more attractive BRICS becomes. The Anglo-Saxons understand this and are taking steps to collapse, but times are not the same, the countries are more independent and see their prospects in joint independent development.
    1. -1
      6 June 2024 23: 01
      Why is BRICS attractive? What is the commonality of development? What is this structure for? What tools does she have? What are the economic preferences for union members?
      I understand the EU - the common market, the free movement of goods, capital and labor. Everything is clearly organized for this purpose. And BRICS...there is no currency, no bank, a market with a lot of barriers and duties, borders - because countries are afraid of each other...if this is an ideal compared to the EU..Your right to think so. I don't want to argue. It's no use, I understand. You just see an open and friendly world differently.
      1. 0
        6 June 2024 23: 52
        You don’t see (for obvious reasons), but other countries are taking advantage and joining.
        1. -1
          6 June 2024 23: 55
          You have nothing to answer. You don't even see it yourself...
          1. 0
            7 June 2024 00: 27
            Summary: Congratulations, you justify yourself - a purely Jewish reaction. (Almost anecdotally)
            1. -1
              7 June 2024 00: 29
              I asked specific questions, hoping to get specific answers from you... But instead, as always... We, the Udmurts, still don’t understand how one can answer like that..
              1. 0
                7 June 2024 07: 40
                Do Udmurts also live in Israel? Are they also wearing sidelocks and yarmulkes? lol
      2. -1
        7 June 2024 07: 44
        The title does not always answer the essence of the question. The most democratic city in the world, the USA, is not. BRICS does not have a single currency, but this does not prevent its members from actively trading with each other. Another question is that we probably don’t know everything about the mechanisms of relations between the participating countries, but during a war this is natural.
  3. +2
    6 June 2024 23: 29
    Ha. Surely the authors themselves understand why!
    But we need to let in the water and fog...

    Receive cheap raw materials and resell them to Europe...
    1. 0
      8 June 2024 11: 12
      Receive cheap raw materials and resell them to Europe...

      And this too, Sergey. But we must not forget about sanctioned goods and technologies.
      The same Belarus imports luxury cars. For whom? What, pensioners in Belarus are entirely billionaires? (for whom they clear customs and register imported foreign cars). And touch what? The same Erdogan... Or the “little pig” Pashinyan? Yes, the same “Old Man”, when it was “locked in”... Everyone is looking for their own benefit, and only their own. And how many people and territories there are is the tenth question...
      1. 0
        8 June 2024 15: 45
        Exactly. Skim cream in both directions.
        But it is harmful for Russia that the note-takers, knowing everything for sure, are hanging noodles.
  4. 0
    6 June 2024 23: 38
    If we consider BRICS as a club of interests, a meeting platform where we can meet to discuss, come to an agreement, and enlist help, then this is already good. There is no need to create an analogue of the EU from BRICS, now the time is different, the EU was founded in 1992 and the example was the Soviet Union, only the USSR had a federation, and the EU planned a confederation. It turned out as always. Each state should have its own currency - money is also culture. There is no German mark in Germany, this is the loss of part of the culture, but the Poles retained their zloty. The best currency between states is gold. All states in BRICS must be equal and free. Türkiye wants to become a member of BRICS, please comply with the organization’s Charter and that’s it.
  5. +1
    7 June 2024 08: 29
    If the EU is an economic and political organization, then BRICS is only an economic one. In the sphere of politics, BRICS has not yet shown itself in any way. The policies of the BRICS countries differ from each other in many ways. Example, India and China.
  6. 0
    7 June 2024 19: 16
    He wants to sit on two stools, no matter how much he breaks his butt.
  7. +1
    7 June 2024 22: 10
    ..interstate association, union of nine states

    For now, this is a party business card website, which contains the details of the political association and brief information about its attractiveness for those joining the ranks. There is no real benefit; on the contrary, there are additional expenses for taxpayers for politicians traveling back and forth. But as a club of interests, where there is an opportunity to hang out in silence and talk confidentially, to make conspiracies against the hegemon is attractive.
    The future UN(new) UN with a secret security council, a wandering headquarters, mysteriously significant, like Xi and Putin combined
  8. 0
    10 June 2024 21: 56
    How can absolutely diverse states, often openly hostile to each other, be recruited into an association? Example: India, Pakistan, China. There is nothing in common! Moreover, some can be considered as “agents of influence” to undermine this association! This will manifest itself in the future!