DPRK: US threatens negotiations with South Korea

North Korea requires the United States and South Korea to abandon the idea of ​​holding joint military exercises. Any maneuvers of the United States and South Korea on the Korean peninsula are regarded by the DPRK authorities as a provocation.

DPRK: US threatens negotiations with South Korea

In a sense, Pyongyang is right. Indeed, only now, with such great efforts, a peaceful dialogue has been launched between the DPRK and South Korea. But if the United States strengthens its military presence in the region and maneuvers on the Korean Peninsula, what is the point for the DPRK to abandon its nuclear program and missile tests?

Therefore, one of the conditions of the negotiations was the cessation of any military exercises involving external forces. In addition, North Korea insisted on stopping South Korea’s purchases of foreign weapons and any military equipment.

Donald Trump, who considers the "pacification" of North Korea to be one of his most important achievements, clearly overestimated his capabilities. It was not worth it so pointedly to "throw" the DPRK, promising complete peace on the Korean Peninsula and immediately initiating military exercises of the American and South Korean armies.

North Korea now has an iron argument against ending its missile tests. After all, any exercises involving foreign military personnel can be considered as another threat to the security of the North Korean state.
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