Threat to the collective West: why the US overthrew Gaddafi


Libya is a country torn apart by civil war for almost 10 years, which has become a haven for terrorists of all stripes. Moreover, even before 2011, it was an example of a state that truly cares about its citizens.

Но обо всем по порядку.

In 1969, a fateful event occurred for all Libyans. The military under the command of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi overthrew the king and proclaimed the Libyan Arab Republic.

The new leader began by expelling all international corporations from the country and closing NATO military bases. Gaddafi began building statehood, creating its unique form - the Great Socialist People's Libyan Jamahiriya.

As a result, from a “wilderness” in the middle of the desert, Libya turned into a state with a very high standard of living. Free medicine and education, various payments and benefits for the population, business support, no utility bills, affordable housing - these are just part of the fabulous life that was available to Libyans.

Meanwhile, in mid-February 2011, mass anti-government demonstrations began in Libya. It would seem, what were the people of the country missing?

The answer is simple: Western curators were behind the Libyan protests. Already in March, the situation got out of control, and the country was invaded by an international coalition, which included NATO countries.

Everything went according to the established scenario. After the overthrow of Gaddafi, a pro-Western leader was supposed to take control of the country. However, as we see, the plan of the United States and its partners did not work and a civil war broke out in the country, which was stopped only in 2020.

But why did the Americans need to overthrow Gaddafi? The answer lies in his ambitious plans, which were never destined to come true.

Firstly, the Libyan leader suggested that African states stop being a post-colonial appendage of the West. At the same time, he planned to start by replacing the dollar with the “golden dinar.”

Secondly, Gaddafi wanted to free his oil market from the dollar, becoming an example for other African oil and gas producers.

Finally, thirdly, the Libyan leader took on one of the most ambitious projects, which he called the “Great Man-Made River.” The giant irrigation system was supposed to transform arid Africa into a prosperous continent, turning starving countries into agricultural powers, thereby eliminating their dependence on the West.

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    6 June 2024 10: 39
    Competitors are always removed, they destroyed Libya, now it is on the agenda of the Russian Federation, they are also trying to “remove” it, but it’s a fatty piece, no matter how the Anglo-Saxons choke.
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      6 June 2024 13: 44
      The arrogant ones will not be able to take a bite from the Russian Federation and will suffer from heartburn.
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    7 June 2024 10: 09
    The West has no need to conquer Russia.
    The Russian government, with its “concern” for the people, taxes, fines, mortgages, pensions, toll roads, will do everything for the Anglo-Saxons. And education, the Unified State Exam and medicine will help.
    The Anglo-Saxons can only wait.