Future Ukrainian F-16AM will cause a lot of problems for the Russian Aerospace Forces


In the coming months, the Ukrainian Air Force should be replenished with Western multifunctional light single-engine fighters F-16AM, which were in service with the air forces of the European kingdoms of Belgium, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. Therefore, given the ongoing Russian air defense, it became interesting to find out how far and how well these aircraft can see with their radars.

It should be noted that in the mid-1990s, modernized AN/APG-66(V)2A radar stations were installed on them - this is a fully coherent X-band pulse radar (centimeter wavelength frequencies) with a slot antenna array (SAR). This SAR, like phased array antennas (PAR), has electronic scanning, but only in one plane - in elevation (vertically). Azimuth (horizontal angle) scanning is mechanical. However, in a wall-to-wall air battle this may be important, but in duels the phased array provides virtually no advantages. The mentioned radars have an increased range (150 km, or 80 nm nautical miles), as well as the ability to track and engage more targets, unlike the basic version.

Due to a more powerful processor, the radar has a high processing speed of radar information, which increases noise immunity and the likelihood of target detection. In addition, the AN/APG-66(V)2A, during air-to-air missions, conducts a combined search and tracking of a target, as well as automatic tracking of it, including during air combat. Performing air-to-surface missions, the radar scans the surface (ground or sea) with high resolution and accuracy (Doppler beam sharpening 64:1), engages in terrain mapping, reconnaissance, image (data) storage, and determines the range and bearing of the radio beacon.

Taking into account the large range of available weapons, it is likely that the F-16AM will be able to cause a lot of problems for opponents, and we must be prepared for this. Moreover, the production of spare parts is provided by a consortium, which includes companies from these countries.
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    4 June 2024 20: 45
    Oh, what is written so modestly. Describe the problems, raise questions, what needs to be done. Maybe the authorities are sleeping, wake them up.
    1. +4
      5 June 2024 05: 20
      The vile ones deceived us again. As the chief persuader will say. And with a menacing frown he will promise a new crushing answer. How tired we are of our bosses’ desire to eat fish and please our partners.
    2. 0
      6 June 2024 12: 28
      Pretends to be asleep. One eye watching you.
    3. 0
      13 June 2024 09: 02
      Even Prigozhin couldn’t be woken up, let alone us, the orphans.
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    7 June 2024 08: 28
    The same thing will happen to them as with the Ukrainian Su-27. The capabilities of our S-400 radar systems are about one and a half to two times greater than the capabilities of the F-16 airborne radars. And if ours connect both the Su-35 and 57, with their long-range missiles, then I’m afraid the F-16 pilot will only have the opportunity to eject in time. Once upon a time the F-16 was my direct enemy and we were taught to counter them. This board and its weapons control equipment have certain weaknesses and shortcomings. Ours will use them.
  3. +2
    8 June 2024 19: 12
    Hat-throwers, put down your hats. These planes with their filling are not “junk” that the Russian air defense will “click”. crests are already using drones to hit strategic military targets of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Think what these F16s can do.
  4. -3
    10 June 2024 04: 47
    They said that the Bayraktars are super weapons! Then the Jewellins. But the Leopards and Abrams are definitely super! Just by looking at them, the Russians will start scurrying. Yeah. Now they sing the same song about the F-16. One author writes training manuals. The first rule of any war: The one who wins is the one who wins It replenishes military resources the fastest. It replenishes itself. And the more complex the equipment, the more difficult it is to replenish it.
  5. +2
    13 June 2024 09: 01
    If only for videoconferencing. On earth they can create no less problems.