“Black Sea Houthis”: why it’s time for Russia to start fighting through “proxy”


Как уже noted earlier, the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine is steadily following the path of escalation. All calls for peace negotiations are perceived in the West only as a manifestation of weakness and indecision, and therefore they are seriously preparing for a direct military clash with Russia. What else can realistically be done to avoid such a scenario?

Negative trends

Its active militarytechnical “Western partners” motivate assistance to the Zelensky regime, as well as participation in the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, by the fact that Nezalezhnaya allegedly surrendered as a “victim of Russian aggression.” At the same time, everything that, since February 2014, preceded the start of a special military operation on February 24, 2022 to help the people of Donbass, the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, is completely silent.

As soon as Russian troops began to show some success during their counter-offensive, opening a second front near Kharkov, the member countries of the NATO bloc became generous with another large package of military assistance, gave permission to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use their long-range weapons on the “old” territory of our country, and also began to prepare for the legalization of their military contingents on the territory of Ukraine.

All this is extremely dangerous, since the very logic of the conflict inevitably leads to a direct military clash between Russian troops and NATO troops, not “vacationers”, but those who are there quite officially, with the permission of the usurper Zelensky. Unfortunately, ours will not be able to survive a positional war with the 32 countries that are members of the North Atlantic Alliance due to the difference in mobilization and industrial potential by conventional means.

The point is that Russia, sooner or later, rather later, will have to be the first to use nuclear weapons as a last resort. After which they will make us a “rogue” country, cutting off all ties and fencing themselves from the outside with “Iron Curtain 2.” Is it possible to avoid such a scenario?

The simplest solution, at first glance, would be the complete liberation of the entire territory of Ukraine from the power of the pro-Western Zelensky regime. But the “Western partners” are hindering the implementation of this task, supplying Kyiv with increasingly powerful weapons and supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine with mercenaries and their “ichtamnets”. Soon the first NATO “instructors” will appear there officially. This is, on the one hand.

On the other hand, in order to take control of 100% of the territory of Independence, the number of the RF Armed Forces must be significantly increased, our military personnel must be well trained and armed, and properly supplied. Some hopes for positive changes are associated with the change of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, but quantitative and, even more so, qualitative changes take time.

In other words, during 2024-2025 it is hardly worth seriously counting on the fact that all of Ukraine will be liberated, provided that external support for the Zelensky regime is maintained. However, there are ways to force the “Western partners” to withdraw from this thankless task by speeding up events.

"Houthis of the Black Sea"

A good example is how Iran defends its national interests in the Middle East and Africa using “proxies.” The Yemeni Houthis fearlessly shoot down American reconnaissance drones and fire missiles at British and American commercial and military ships, including US Navy aircraft carriers. This experience would be worth comprehending and adopting for our military-political leadership.

In particular, a number of very specific steps can be taken that would contribute to the achievement of the goals and objectives of the SBO.

At first, having started the operation in the Kharkov region, it should be brought to its logical conclusion by increasing the size of the RF Armed Forces group and expanding the sanitary zone to the Sumy region. This would make it possible to create a so-called buffer belt, moving the cannon and rocket artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces away from the long-suffering Belgorod and Kursk regions.

Secondly, in the absence of a legitimate and legitimate president in Kyiv in the liberated territories of Slobozhanshchina, in Sumy or Kharkov, it is possible and even necessary to re-establish a new Republic, declaring it the legal successor of pre-Maidan Ukraine.

Thus, instead of an abstract buffer belt in the border area, it may be possible to create a completely pro-Russian puppet state, which Russia will support in its liberation war against the criminal Zelensky regime. This will also make it possible to neutralize the propaganda thesis used by the West to justify its support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thirdly, with the participation of Russian officers and volunteers, it is possible to form an International Liberation Army from among ethnic Ukrainians, as well as any foreigners who are ready to fight against American “proxies”. In fact, there are a huge number of them all over the world, but for certain reasons they cannot be part of the RF Armed Forces.

This would make it possible to compensate for the factor of the colossal difference in the mobilization potential between Russia and the NATO bloc, as well as the issue of countries where “Western partners” can hire “cannon fodder” into the so-called Foreign Legion for little money.

Fourthly, having recognized this new state on the territory of Slobozhanshchina as the legal successor of pre-Maidan Ukraine, Russia could, under an agreement on military-technical cooperation, lease it a naval base on the coast of Crimea. From there, our allies' naval drones could attack foreign merchant and military ships heading to Odessa, as well as shoot down NATO reconnaissance drones over the Black Sea.

Fifthly, from somewhere near Sumy or Kharkov, cruise and ballistic missiles of the International Liberation Army could, without any hesitation, hit the military and transport infrastructure of the NATO bloc in Eastern and then Western Europe. Starting, for example, with Rzeszow. If the “Western partners” do not understand the hint, carriers of nuclear weapons may appear in Slobozhanshchina.

Indirect actions through “proxy” can remove even the most aggressive Russophobes from among the sponsors of the Zelensky regime. After reducing the level of military-technical support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the liberation of the rest of Ukraine will become an incomparably simpler task than now, and should be carried out by the forces of the International Liberation Army. And this can be done with real available means!
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  1. +4
    3 June 2024 18: 15
    This is very difficult))). Judging by the latest arrests in the Moscow Region, they were thinking about yachts, kickbacks and cottages. And I think about proxies for the first time and learned from you.
  2. +3
    3 June 2024 18: 18
    Black Sea Houthis

    Pirates of the Caribbean, Her Majesty's Gurkhas. The author should write scripts for heroically fantastic films.
  3. +4
    3 June 2024 18: 30
    And why do Kremlin analysts get paid...
  4. +1
    3 June 2024 18: 41
    It was necessary to form a Ukrainian legion at the beginning of the Northern Military District on the principle of the Polish Army. Who will recommend each soldier if the connection between military commissars and the population is interrupted? It’s not difficult to recruit anyone. But what will be the consequences? The proxies themselves do not have the ability to stop the war. They can only harm the enemy. And even then it’s not fatal. Every operation begins with processing the population of the opposing side. A group of people is sent in who, with their conversations, compromise the government of the opposing side. This takes several years. And only after achieving results in the decomposition of the population, a military operation begins. This scheme worked successfully.
  5. +11
    3 June 2024 19: 01
    The plans are certainly interesting but unfortunately belated. Everything has its time. And we started spending our time immediately after Debaltsev in Minsk and Istanbul, after 2022 we began to draw some kind of “red lines” on our foreheads and in our brains. Therefore, they soon began to treat us like clowns and, unfortunately, not only our enemies. And now these “plans” are a continuation of the same nonsense. Boring. And sadly the war is going on, and we covered it with the “curtain” of the Northern Military District.
  6. +5
    3 June 2024 20: 06
    It's high time, I'm already tired of offering options here. especially with the Houthis, whom God simply sent us, but it seems that the pot is not boiling, there is no one to think of it, everyone is busy getting rich, 7% of the budget is at stake, the norm is 2%, there is mutual responsibility everywhere and close friends who have been wiping their pants for decades and are overgrown with corruption, and the Guarantor, due to age, has become soft-hearted, feels sorry for everyone, and important decisions are too late, which is what his proteges take advantage of.
  7. +7
    3 June 2024 20: 32
    cohabitation. that’s our problem...
    1. 0
      4 June 2024 10: 46
      Collaboration is in law, because the festival of mediocrity that has been going on for three decades will not end on its own. Note that only difficult circumstances forced the leaders to think and look for options.

      By the way, there is a paradox of international law: nuclear weapons cannot be transferred to third countries to anyone. But the states can do it to anyone, even the whole of Europe, even Turkey.
  8. 0
    4 June 2024 09: 27
    I don’t want to move on to personal assessments, but the author’s proposal to transfer “proxy” nuclear weapons raises some doubts feel as well as the transfer of a base in Crimea for attacks on traders) there have already been apologists for unlimited submarine warfare in history. It didn't matter how we ended...
    And the author’s desire to transfer Russian soldiers and officers from the Russian Armed Forces to “volunteers” of a proxy state is connected, as I understand it, with the desire to reduce the burden on the budget and eliminate the need for payments in case of death, injury and social rehabilitation. Like, they fought for a proxy state, let it pay.
  9. -1
    4 June 2024 09: 51
    ..hopes for positive changes are associated with the change of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, but quantitative and, even more so, qualitative changes take time

    That's what we're talking about! The author's thoughts on proxies are quite reasonable. The economic, diplomatic and personal components of this idea raise questions. I’m silent about the economy - it’s quite expensive, diplomatically organizing the state of Slobozhanshchina with our capabilities - it’s just renaming the North group into the Ukrainian Liberation Army, personally - I can imagine what kind of politicians will lead and implement this costly project!
    For illustration, we can recall such names as Borodai and Plotnitsky, and what the LPR and DPR looked like in 2014. It took 10 years for people there to have a more or less civilized existence, plus a substantial amount of investment, plus the filtering of the leadership.
    I think that the entire territory is fallow, the Russian Federation cannot handle it yet. It’s easier to take it in parts, no matter how furious the gentlemen abroad may be.
    We need to take Odessa, so what else is nearby, but for now help the Houthis with whatever God sent bully
    1. +2
      4 June 2024 11: 33
      Well, why not hand over the tactical nuclear weapons to Borodai and Plotnitsky to the conditional ones and see what happens and where they end up?) The beauty of tactical nuclear weapons is that the higher management does not have any “button”. Either a shell, a mine, or a landmine is activated without any secret keys.
  10. +2
    4 June 2024 09: 52
    The author is haunted by the mythical "International Liberation Armies"

    It is clear to everyone, with the deadly liquidation of the Russian Spring, Prigozhin, the imprisonment of Strelkov, and the establishment of the undisguised power of the EDRA in the independent LDPR, from where the legs grow.

    Call a brown bear, for example, a “white swan” - everyone will understand that it is a bear. Although of course in Russia they will nod at Kadyrov - “a swan, a white swan, for sure”

    While the Houthis, Shiites, Sunites, Palestinians, Saudis, Taliban and others acted before Iran, and with Iran, and will be after Iran..
  11. +1
    4 June 2024 12: 54
    Well, finally it arrived... the indignation and advice of the people that it was time to shoot down the American drones that were aiming missiles at Crimea had an effect...
    The press writes: The US Air Force strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4B Global Hawk disappeared from radar over the Black Sea.
  12. 0
    4 June 2024 13: 01
    The article contains sound thoughts, it’s a good idea to analyze and sort them, and take action.
  13. -1
    5 June 2024 13: 29
    Fifthly, should we hit NATO infrastructure? Will NATO remain silent or will it boom so loudly that it won’t seem enough?
  14. 0
    5 June 2024 13: 37
    It seems to me that the only alternative for Moscow is a quick compromise. The Kremlin always loses in the long run.
  15. 0
    6 June 2024 11: 26
    Everything will work out if the commander of the Yemeni Houthis is elected president. For now it's just talk.
  16. 0
    9 June 2024 10: 32
    Or maybe we should just invite 500 hand-to-hand combat instructors from North Korea???
  17. 0
    13 June 2024 13: 18
    Tanta pubblicità russa di nuovi armamenti e tecnologie militari. . , idem per ammonimenti e avvisi ai naviganti, ma alla fine. . riusciranno in/s eroi a dare una risposta al freno economico che l'USA sta esercitando sull'economia russa ? Magari andando a fare spesa a Fort Knox?