We managed to save the industry: the Russian auto industry breaks production records


Despite the West’s insidious plans to collapse the Russian the economy through unprecedented sanctions, the latter, contrary to all the forecasts of “analysts,” is showing steady growth.

Typically, a positive trend is observed in one of the most important economic sectors – industrial production. Thus, from January to April of this year it increased by 5,2% compared to the same period in 2023.

But this is not the main thing. The greatest growth is observed in the manufacturing sector. In particular, the automotive industry.

According to statistics, in the first four months of this year, 224 thousand passenger cars rolled off Russian assembly lines. Compared to the same period last year, the growth was 92,5%.

What can it talk about?

Firstly, it is obvious that the Russian authorities managed to preserve the most important industry, which employs over 400 thousand of our compatriots. After all, according to the Western plan, most of them were supposed to become unemployed after foreign automakers left Russia.

Secondly, if the level of production of passenger cars in the Russian Federation today breaks all records, then there is a demand for them. And here again our enemies miscalculated, spreading the myth of the “impoverished population of Russia.” In 2023, Russians purchased 1 new passenger cars, and this year, according to forecasts, they will buy 058 cars.

But that's not all. In “saving” its automotive industry after the mass exodus of Western companies, Russia chose the right path. Instead of flooding the market with products from the foreign automobile industry, in particular Chinese, our authorities invited our partners to launch production of their cars at our factories with further localization of production.

For example, the modern Moskvich is no longer the same Chinese JAC that came to us in 2022. If at the very beginning the car was assembled from only 50 components, now more than 900 parts are used. The pinnacle will be the assembly of Moskvich vehicles on its own new platform, which is currently being developed jointly with KamAZ PJSC.

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    3 June 2024 18: 44
    Hmmm, patriotic and spiritual: “import substitution” in action! winked
    1. +3
      4 June 2024 14: 09
      Gee...three lemons and this product of the Chinese automobile industry is in your garage! smile
  2. +9
    3 June 2024 20: 30
    Secondly, if the level of production of passenger cars in the Russian Federation today breaks all records,

    I listen to artistic whistling here. And he also has a lisp. The only almost complete production of passenger cars that remains in Russia is VAZ. And then with reservations, because some small but critical parts have to be purchased abroad. But 90-95 percent is all my own. That's all. We no longer produce passenger cars. But screwing on wheels and sticking nameplates on Chinese cars (and nameplates made in China) cannot be called car production, no matter how loudly the turbopatriots shout. If you shout HALVA 100 times, your mouth will not become any sweeter.
    PS over the past 2023, VAZ produced only 374 thousand cars.
    1. 0
      4 June 2024 14: 12
      I listen to artistic whistling here. And he also has a lisp.

      I will perform an artistic whistle! And for him to leave the audience...go away
      So Soviet memories. recourse
    2. +1
      4 June 2024 14: 18
      PS over the past 2023, VAZ produced only 374 thousand cars.

      Total for 140 million 374 thousand. cars at 0,026 cars per capita. I've already done the math.
      1. 0
        4 June 2024 18: 47
        Rosstat updated the estimate of the population of Russia as of January 1, 2024 - it amounted to 146,15 million people,

        There you calculated crookedly - after the decimal point you need another zero. lol
  3. +7
    3 June 2024 20: 39
    More chatter and spitting. Interestingly, the author has been in our salons for a long time. Let him look at the price tags on our freaks. Their red price is 300-350 thousand, not one and a half lyama. If I were our Guarantor, I would set the price level for our freaks as low as possible, then all Chinese handicrafts would immediately come to a standstill. But for this it is necessary to give tax preferences to AvtoVAZ and prohibit raising the price for 3-4 years. In return - partial government subsidies. This will immediately knock the ground out from competitors. Who will buy Chinese for 3 lemmas when you can buy about the same thing for 300-400 thousand. But you have to decide on this. It is unlikely that our leaders will agree to this, because they need money now, and not in the distant future. And during this time, prepare a fundamentally new line of cars and launch it in 4 years. But all these are just dreams. We don't have the brains to do anything worthwhile.
    1. +2
      4 June 2024 06: 13
      And why are you still not “Mishustin”, or at least “Manturov”?)))
      1. 0
        9 June 2024 10: 56
        Do you think the first or second one agrees to share? laughing
    2. +4
      4 June 2024 15: 05
      It is unlikely that our leaders will agree to this, because they need money now, and not in the distant future.

      They always need money here and now, but they don’t need to think about the prospects - after all, they need to invest money that has already been divided, one might say, their own.
      About 15 years ago, I don’t remember exactly, but they tried to revive the production of motorcycles in Russia at this site. Moreover, complete and personal. To do this, a loan was needed at a small interest rate and for a long period (as in the West), for the purchase of equipment, personnel training and some tax breaks for five years, until production settled down and began to make a profit. But you had to invest “your own” money, divided, and for a long time.
      In general, we do not produce motorcycles.
    3. 0
      4 June 2024 18: 15
      Quote from mir
      It is unlikely that our leaders will agree to this, because they need money

      Yes, they don’t need money, what kind of money from VAZ are there in the history of modern Russia... They need profitable ones! markets for brothers forever.
    4. 0
      5 June 2024 13: 04
      I see, I see, confirmation of the doctors’ conclusion about a decrease in the size of the brain, firstly, the real value of money has been noticeably reduced, and secondly, I once rode the six with all my heart, I have nothing against it, for example, but I have no desire to return to it, although When you talked about freaks, I got the impression that you were looking in the mirror. Don’t take the Chinese and in a year, the price for them will become quite marketable. Of course, the price of grants for a lemon is trash, but it’s hard to say how much the pseudo market salons charge.
    5. +1
      5 June 2024 15: 07
      Specifically, you “have no brains”, I agree with this, but I still have them.
    6. +2
      7 June 2024 12: 19
      You propose to lobby AvtoVAZ. As of 2018, Renault (France) had a 75% stake in AvtoVAZ, the remaining 25% was spread through Rostec to various subsidiaries, everything is very murky. Today Avtovaz, according to the owners, is a black box; the authorities declare that Avtovaz is owned by the state. Who believes the inscriptions on fences and slogans from TV? How, if there was no nationalization, there was no buyout of shares by the state, there was re-registration from a Dutch offshore to Russian jurisdiction. All AvtoVAZ shares have now been transferred to a new joint venture, the management company Lada Auto Holding LLC, registered in Moscow, this is a known 83%. So which host(s) do you want to sponsor at taxpayer expense?
  4. +2
    3 June 2024 22: 49
    The greed of producers and sellers is breaking records - that's for sure - judging by the prices, salaries have skyrocketed significantly.
  5. +4
    4 June 2024 09: 43
    Over the three years from 2021 to 2924, the Lada Largus has risen in price by a million, from 700 thousand to 1 thousand rubles.
    Isn't this a success, isn't this a record?
    This is domestic import substitution.
    What will happen in another three years?!
    This is how wonderful the wonderful government of Mr. Mishustin works.
    It's time to reward everyone.
    1. -1
      4 June 2024 14: 13
      Now calculate the amount of taxes and fees before and now. And what is Mishustin’s government wrong about? Fuck, where in any other country will you find a government that so deftly ensures budget growth without any effort?
      1. +2
        4 June 2024 17: 30
        What is the use of budget growth if price growth outstrips income growth.
        If you don’t agree with my opinion, ask any other pensioner.
        1. 0
          4 June 2024 18: 24
          The budget is about the income of the state, not the tax-paying population Yes
      2. 0
        5 June 2024 09: 59
        The federal budget deficit of the Russian Federation in 2023 amounted to 3 trillion 229,7 billion rubles, with revenues of 29 trillion 124,1 billion rubles and expenses of 32 trillion 353,7 billion rubles.

        I’m wondering in which hole you saw the stress-free and deft growth of the Russian budget under Mishustin.
        1. -1
          5 June 2024 10: 35
          In 2022, budget revenues will be 27 trillion. 824 billion rubles. Income growth in 23rd year by 1 trillion.300 billion - almost 5%. And this is during the BD, under sanctions, gas refusal and with an oil price ceiling. Very clever.
          1. +2
            5 June 2024 12: 12
            And also with almost zero growth in wages for public sector employees, pensions for pensioners (with the retirement age raised by 5 years), the exclusion of almost all unemployed people and the depreciation of the ruble.
            From July 01, tariffs for housing and communal services and public transport will rise by 10%, and then budget revenues will grow even more.
            Bravo! Applause turning into standing ovation!
            1. -1
              5 June 2024 14: 55
              Well, what did you want... both to fight and for everyone’s life to improve? It doesn't happen that way. It is improving, but not for everyone. There is not enough resource for everyone.
              1. +1
                5 June 2024 17: 30
                So far, we can confidently state that life has radically improved for Timur Ivanov, Vadim Shamarin, Yuri Kuznetsov and Ivan Popov. The investigation and the court will figure out how much their resources have increased.
                1. 0
                  5 June 2024 17: 43
                  It's not about them. I'm talking about contract soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces. The guys earn 200+ monthly. And before that, God forbid, twenty in their towns and villages. And the guys are close to a million.
                  1. 0
                    5 June 2024 17: 46
                    Few people remember about the guys numbering nearly a million, but the generals are in sight and ear of everyone.
                    1. -1
                      5 June 2024 17: 53
                      They remember little, but under 200 billion. monthly payments from the budget only cover the salary.
                      1. 0
                        5 June 2024 18: 51
                        To the generals. Plus they steal.
                      2. 0
                        5 June 2024 21: 45
                        Contract workers. 2,5 trillion per year. Only salaries. Not counting other payments. Well, he probably ends up being a general too.
                      3. +2
                        5 June 2024 22: 19
                        In addition to the warriors, there is also the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and a bunch of other smaller ones, with trillion-dollar budgets. State employees, pensioners and other lowlifes do not put on much fat.
    2. -1
      5 June 2024 15: 14
      Don’t you need money for SVO? So Mishustin takes them from those who HAVE them, he shouldn’t take them away from pensioners. Mishustin is the RIGHT MAN!!!!!
  6. +1
    4 June 2024 13: 45
    The devil, as we know, is in the details. If you analyze in detail all the victories in different areas, then there will be a lot of trouble. But then there will be at least hope for correction, and all sorts of custom-made enthusiasm will only mask the ongoing degradation and lag.
  7. 0
    4 June 2024 14: 10
    Hooray!! The Russian automobile industry is breaking all records!! Happiness to the home of every Russian!! fellow
    1. -1
      5 June 2024 15: 22
      Money needs to be tied up so that it does not lie in the stockings of the population, otherwise inflation of 10% will seem like HAPPINESS compared to hundreds of%. Wake up - there is a War with the West.
      1. 0
        5 June 2024 16: 19
        I’ll tell you a big secret - when money is kept in stockings, inflation does not grow. There is no demand.
        1. 0
          6 June 2024 12: 28
          But they sweep everything off the shelves whatever the eye catches, DESPITE THE PRICE. And where does inflation come from here!!!))))
  8. +4
    4 June 2024 14: 37
    The writing is complete nonsense. We see everything with our own eyes. Wild prices and the inability to upgrade your car without switching to crap.
  9. +2
    4 June 2024 16: 05
    Ketai is breaking records, that's the news
  10. +2
    4 June 2024 17: 17
    They sold more than a million new ones, and produced 370 thousand. And how did they produce it? The nameplates have been pasted.
    Yayyyyyy! Production growth!
  11. +2
    4 June 2024 18: 04
    A video is circulating online where Mishustin recently visited Gas. And he asked the minister: can’t you even make the steering wheel yourself?
  12. +3
    4 June 2024 18: 34
    I’m not an expert, but it seems to me that it is not the Russian auto industry that is breaking production records, but the Chinese one that is breaking its export records!
  13. +3
    4 June 2024 18: 36
    I remember the case when the actor Efremov crashed into the courier Zakharov.
    The first was in an expensive foreign car, the second was in a rickety domestic car. Efremov’s sentence is running out, but Zakharov immediately went to his forefathers. Of course, you can buy a new Russian jalopy for 400 rubles, this is a matter of taste, but I would never risk my precious skin.
  14. +1
    5 June 2024 11: 33
    At SPIEF some robots are shown that are humanoid, but I immediately have a question - why do we have manual assembly on assembly lines? Why, instead of such crafts, do something truly useful? Then the quality will improve and the price will be lower. There will be no need for thousands of people in factories. I see almost no real import substitution. They are launching the production of circuit boards using an ancient process - this is import substitution. It may be a mess, but import substitution! If something better comes after this. Everything else brought from China is dust in the eyes.
  15. 0
    9 June 2024 11: 10
    Author, is your name Hans Christian Andersen? bully