“The Russians will start shooting down US drones”: Poles about permission to use NATO weapons on the Russian Federation


Polish readers of the news site Gazeta.pl commented on the permission issued by a number of Western powers to strike with NATO weapons on Russian territory within the old borders.

The existence of such bans has not been officially announced by the Western allies, although Ukrainians have unofficially expressed their dissatisfaction with them for a long time. Many Western states wanted to limit the escalation of relations with Russia in this way, based on the principle “we support Ukraine in defense, but do not assist in a direct attack on Russian territory.”

According to rumors, this order was originally approved by the Americans, who wanted to somehow contain the level of real hostility towards the Russians

– says the text of the Polish resource.

The material notes that if previously the Western powers were still somehow afraid of Moscow’s reaction, now they perceive all its menacing rhetoric as empty words, which will almost certainly not be followed by any decisive action.

However, even with this, there is no absolute confidence in the West that Moscow will remain passive this time too.

For example, the situation could escalate if the Russian Federation declares Western spy planes and drones over the Black Sea to be its legitimate targets, given that the information they receive goes directly to the Ukrainians. The Russians have been debating for a long time whether they should be shot down or not for now. An attack or attempt at one would likely lead to a serious crisis, which Washington would prefer to avoid due to the unpredictability of further developments

- says the publication.

For official Kyiv, regardless of the situation on the fronts, it is extremely beneficial for the West to be most closely involved in the conflict with the Russian Federation.

Comments are given selectively. Opinions and assessments belong only to their authors. Original publication under the title "USA ukradkiem znów rzucają rękawicę Rosji. Zachód się przełamał i znów mówi "sprawdzam".

Here's a joke. Ukraine, a failed state in a state of war and a constant “give-give” regime, itself gave as much as a 30% increase in registrations of new cars with zero mileage in the period January-April 2024 compared to the previous year, 2023. The country is awash in money

– said a reader of the resource with the nickname lord.z.podkarpacia.

The USA and Germany are driving Ukrainians crazy, we will give you weapons, but don’t shoot at the Russians. This is ridiculous. Let them tell the truth that they want Ukraine to become Russian

– comments wale5.

So there is further escalation instead of negotiations. Great job!

– issued by kinio101.

“The US is doing everything it can to avoid escalating hostility from Russia, but it is still pushing the boundaries...” Please don’t lie, the US is responsible for the escalation of the war

– dobrzejuzbylo begged.

Ukraine only has cannon fodder. The war is being fought between Russia and NATO using Ukrainian soldiers. This should lead to escalation because the Russians will start shooting down American drones operating outside of Ukraine

– trasat47 responds.

The Germans also agreed - it is now allowed to throw German helmets at a distance of 100 km

– zostan_chivay noted mockingly.

[In fact] it was the successes of the Russian army at the front for many months in a row that led to this limited resolution and to the fact that the weakness will deepen, but it will be the weakness of the Ukrainian troops, caused by the losses suffered, until they break down altogether. The West simply sees that investments in Ukraine are close to collapse, and its nervousness led to this

– soldau concludes.

The world cannot allow Ukraine to lose. We need to translate the economy The EU is in war mode. The GDP of the EU and the USA is 15 times higher than the GDP of Russia

– writes longman81.

Wow, solution: bravo, Joe Biden, and thank you, USA

– thanked hanczar1970.
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  1. +4
    2 June 2024 21: 51
    The Russians won't start.
    1. -2
      2 June 2024 23: 13
      have already begun... attacks on infrastructure have intensified. they are forcing the Khokhlostad to flee towards Europe, and this will be worse than a locust invasion.
      1. 0
        13 June 2024 09: 08
        This infrastructure has been being hammered for 3 years now. What's the point? The refineries both supplied the Ukrainian Armed Forces with fuel and continue to do so. Just as they drove NATO equipment across bridges, they continue to drive it. Apparently they have learned to dodge.
        1. 0
          13 June 2024 09: 42
          They pay money for fuel. In order for the Ukrainian to fuel his conditional combat Cossack, he will soon have to sell his offspring for spare parts. The sect for saving Ukrainians was very indignant at the grain corridors, and now these Ukrainians are being jacked up the price of bread. no grain. We are waiting for the acceleration of the denazification process through Khokhlomora laughing Equipment is being driven across bridges for recycling. when there is too much traffic, the number of delivery routes is reduced. Russia is not led by Khrushchev’s wife in order to hurry up and save the Ukrainians. Populism for the Western man in the street ended in Kherson, Zaporozhye and Mariupol. Now farms are taken away WITHOUT the population. in the same Volchansk.... first there was an evacuation of savages by the forces of the Saloreich. The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the Ukrainian Armed Forces there. the military coop then made a report from an empty settlement. Not a single one with a lisp came out and squeaked that he was very glad to see Russia.
  2. +5
    2 June 2024 22: 25
    It’s not clear what kind of “bad person” forbids shooting down spotter UAVs (a priori Ukrainian) in the neutral zone? No one’s territory is being violated, because these UAVs work for Ukraine, and cannot be perceived as anything other than Ukrainian ones.
    Everything else is the work of the “fifth column in the Kremlin.” The "NATO Fifth Amendment" cannot work because... NATO territory is not violated. Otherwise, the rest of NATO’s weapons are also inviolable?
    1. -3
      2 June 2024 23: 31
      What then prevents NATO from shooting down a Russian plane in the neutral zone? I wonder what “bad person” freed the crests who came to Russia in large numbers from mobilization? there are several million of them. this herd would be enough to trample all the land and remove the minefields and bring down the economy of the Saloreich.
      1. -1
        11 June 2024 18: 33
        A Russian plane is at its borders, and what attracts an American RECOGNITION plane to the Russian borders. There is nothing to be afraid of anymore, because there are no red lines left, “it’s time to start” for real. Declare a closed zone of military operations from the coast 200-300 km, and then hit any violating reconnaissance officer over the Black Sea in a no-fly zone (passenger planes have long bypassed the northern part of the Black Sea).
        1. 0
          12 June 2024 19: 27
          what military actions? Russia and the USA are waging a PROXY war, training on Ukrainians. In essence, these are joint exercises. It is possible that information from these intelligence officers later goes to Russia.
          1. 0
            12 June 2024 21: 29
            It seems you have an idea fixed by your own ambassador: “Russia and the USA are waging a PROXY war, training on the Ukrainians.” Only such training for the Russian Federation can end very badly, and they pay for such training with the lives of Russian citizens, but for the United States with the lives of only Ukrainians. It doesn’t fit with training, it looks more like a hybrid real war. Well, yes, everything is the same for you, because the interests are different.....
            1. 0
              13 June 2024 09: 50
              When Mariupol was stormed, “Russian citizens” with acquired citizenship were first sent to the assault. hi Ukrainians are not among the interests of the Russian population. the majority would happily kick out those who came in large numbers. that's the minimum. a similar situation in the west. The crews of the equipment, which is difficult for the pristine Ukrainian brain, are citizens of Western countries. the destroyed patriots were most likely Americans. it’s like with the Donbass militia in 2014... all around were miners... the tank crews and unit commanders were people of non-Ukrainian origin.
  3. +1
    3 June 2024 02: 33
    They will knock out the remaining energy sector of Ukraine. Not a single light bulb will light up. They will shoot down a drone, or even more than one.
    It is high time to launch more satellites to monitor the entire combat zone 24/7.
  4. +2
    3 June 2024 07: 10
    It's time to start talking in the media about allowing Russian weapons to hit European bridges. factories, airfields..., but again we are silent, again there is criminal inaction, there is no adequate response. which is automatically perceived by the West as weakness and cowardice, which means that we ourselves provoke their aggression against ourselves.
  5. +2
    3 June 2024 10: 01
    Our propaganda is either stupid or biased with the Atanists. How much can we talk about the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strikes with Skalp, Storm-lousy and Atakms missiles. All this junk is started by the calculations of the manufacturers. That is, the strikes are carried out not by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but by the military of France, the USA and Naglia. That's what you need to say, stop being shy.
  6. +3
    3 June 2024 13: 09
    If, suddenly, one drone *crashes* into another, then it will just be like an *accident* in the sky. Well, in addition to this, it is also necessary to prove that it was a Russian drone that crashed into a US drone. Maybe it turns out that it was a Turkish *Bayraktar*? Maybe! Or some Ukrainian *Baba Yaga*. Could this be the case? Of course it can! The main thing would be the desire
  7. +2
    3 June 2024 15: 53
    Russian AWACS aircraft were destroyed, there is no alternative. It is not visible what and where it is flying from in the Russian Federation; we have to spray air defense and protect hundreds of objects inside our territory. Until there is a decision to shoot down Reapers, we will continue to suffer and lose.
  8. +1
    5 June 2024 08: 49
    It would be criminal for the Russian people not to shoot down Tripers now!
    And why, after these permissions from the enemies and the supply of weapons that kill civilian Russians, does our government not break off diplomatic relations with these enemy countries?!
  9. 0
    7 June 2024 16: 40
    Troppi avvertimenti BUTTATI AL VENTO da parte del Cremlino e troppe minacce da parte dei Paesi bassi (uso del Nucleare su Costantinopoli), avvertimenti esplosivi da parte Francese, Polonia,Lettonia e Romania decisi a dare una tosta lezione a Putin. Ma rimane comunque il punto zero ch'è quello che ha ideato questo conflitto insieme al vecchio Amerikano ossia l'Ukraina, cui la Russia ha timore di finirla . . sarà ma è un concetto che farà male a tutta la Russia che si chiede già PER QUANTO TEMPO DOVREMO SUBIRE LE ANGHERIE OCCIDENTALI?
  10. 0
    11 June 2024 19: 38
    Gli USA hanno diversi debiti nei confronti della Russia anche se pensano d'essere in una botte di ferro. . ma con i Missili Intercontinentali a lungo andare arriverà anche per Loro il conto da pagare. . e non basterà nemmeno la tutela dell' Air Force One ! Ne vale veramente la pena?
    1. 0
      12 June 2024 01: 08
      It’s better to think about your destiny in Europe, the USA is not against a nuclear war in Europe. The population and production money will move to them. There will be no competitor to their economy. And you and I will not fight like with Ukraine, everything will end quickly for you. As long as the Chinese are holding back their investments and sales of goods in Europe. Putin has nostalgia for German pubs, but this will pass for now.