More robots and pensioners: Japan has figured out how to deal with the shortage of troops


In the face of a reduction in personnel potential for recruitment into the armed forces, the Japanese authorities are ready to take new measures to overcome the difficulties that have arisen, writes Australian Defense Magazine.

The publication reports, citing the country's authorities, that about 2023 recruits were accepted into service in 8500, which is a significant decrease compared to approximately 10 thousand in 2022 and 14 thousand in 2019, respectively.

Masahisa Sato, a retired colonel and adviser to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, said only 30 new recruits were recently registered in one of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force divisions.

He noted that low wages hamper recruitment, and candidates prefer the civilian sector, where they earn significantly more for comparable work. He said the Army would need "bold action" to compete with the private sector for talented young people.

The Department of Defense has implemented a number of initiatives to address the problem, such as raising the maximum age for entry into service and introducing flexible work arrangements for specialists in areas such as cybersecurity.

One way to solve the recruitment problem is to cooperate with commercial enterprises on some tasks.

Other solutions include the active introduction of robotics where possible, as well as raising the mandatory retirement age for military personnel.
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    2 June 2024 07: 57
    Apparently every liberal democratic party has its own, if not Zhirinov’s then Slutsk’s laughing
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    2 June 2024 08: 30
    It seems that the dementia that has gripped Europe has reached Japan. I suggest that the Japanese hire not just pensioners, but grandmothers as recruits.
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    2 June 2024 11: 19
    and raising the mandatory retirement age for military personnel.

    Let them serve for up to a hundred years. Like in children's poems:
    Threw a grenade
    Right out the window
    Grandfather is old - he doesn’t care.
    And as I understand it, there is no talk of increasing salaries. This is good.
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      2 June 2024 20: 14
      So I’m wondering: do they raise the retirement age for the military there until what age? Today we have fighters in the Northern Military District serving up to 65 years old, do they have the same age limit or even higher? Whose retired soldiers are older - Russian or Japanese?
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        2 June 2024 21: 06
        Information for 2019:
        Previously, military personnel could retire at the age of 53-56. Now the retirement age has been increased to 65 years. At the same time, ex-retirees will receive 60-80% of their salary.
        In this way, the country's authorities plan to solve the problem of recruiting rear troops and redirecting young people to warships and submarines. In addition, the Japanese Ministry of Defense is now actively introducing automation, which makes it possible to reduce the required number of crew members.
        For the rest, the same 2019:
        In the fall of 2018, employees were offered to postpone retirement from 65 to 70 years old.
        The Japanese are considered world record holders for life expectancy. So, on average, Japanese men live about 80 years, and women - 87 years.
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          2 June 2024 21: 16
          Thanks for the info! That is, they will serve as long as we do now. But the life expectancy after retirement for the Japanese and Russians is not comparable. And the chances of surviving until this very pension also vary greatly.
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            2 June 2024 21: 48
            Average life expectancy for men in Russia in 2023 – just over 66 years old. At the same time, the median age in the country is quite wide. Traditional long-livers are residents of the republics of Ingushetia and Dagestan, 75-80 years old.
            Astrakhan 65.86 years
            Voronezh 64.74 years
            Vologda 63.85 years
            Altai 62.48 years
            Irkutsk 61.9 years
            According to Rosstat on the average life expectancy of men, Russia ranks 141 out of 200 possible.
            And this is to laugh:
            The study confirms that a healthy lifestyle has a significant impact on quality of life. Simple but healthy habits can help extend your life by more than 20 years. To do this you simply need:
            no smoking
            do not abuse alcohol
            do not take substances that cause drug addiction
            eat a balanced diet
            maintain a balance between work and rest: get enough sleep and move more
            control stress
            оSurround yourself with positive emotions and events.
            And then die at the age of 25.
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    3 June 2024 08: 40
    that recruitment is hampered by low wages, and candidates prefer civilian sectors, where they earn significantly more for comparable work.

    I would read with great interest about the personnel problems of the Russian police, and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are completely parallel to me. Colonel Zakharchenko was imprisoned, and now there is practically no one to work there (in the police) laughing
    1. -1
      3 June 2024 10: 10
      Quote: Trampoline area instructor
      Colonel Zakharchenko was imprisoned, and now there is practically no one to work there (in the police)

      I understood you correctly that after the imprisonment of a police colonel, there is no one to work in the entire Police of the Russian Federation. And how did he manage to serve all over Russia, manage to visit every city during the day, and at the same time carry out patrol duty, operational search service, and let’s say also the service of district police officers. One for the whole country!
    2. -1
      3 June 2024 10: 12
      He was charged with accepting a bribe and abuse of power. The next day, the court arrested a high-ranking Interior Ministry official until November 8. During a search in Zakharchenko’s apartment, cash in the amount of 8,5 billion in rubles equivalent. Is this this Zakharchenko? If this is sarcasm combined with irony, I’m sorry I didn’t understand right away.
      1. -1
        3 June 2024 15: 15
        If this is sarcasm combined with irony, I’m sorry I didn’t understand right away.

        There’s also a smiley face there (for those who are especially smart).
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          3 June 2024 18: 04
          Quote: Trampoline area instructor
          for those who are particularly intelligent

          Or maybe with this emoticon you make it clear that you are laughing at a country that is losing its best personnel and there is no one left to take over - HA, HA, HA. Why are you then writing your comment in this discussion thread? Imagine: you go to the football fan form and write to them: I don’t care that Zenit lost to Spartak. I’m much more interested in finding out where vodka costs 300 rubles per liter. It would also be funny. Inspired, but not for you and not about you, of course:

          If it is not possible to predict,
          How will our word respond?
          It's better to shut up
          And it will be grace.

          With the deepest respect to you. Remain the same ironic humorist to whom everything is parallel. The main thing is not to study Lobachevsky’s theory of parallels. Your head may hurt.
          1. -1
            3 June 2024 18: 26
            My head never hurts. Even from drinking a lot of vodka. Study your native language - you write completely illiterately. lol
            1. -1
              3 June 2024 18: 58
              I will definitely use your advice. Live and learn. It's great that you never have a headache. I remembered, but not completely, the Russian proverb: your head doesn’t hurt...
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                4 June 2024 03: 24
                but not to the end of the Russian proverb:

                A comma is needed after the word "end". As is known,

                The end is the crown of the whole thing

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                  4 June 2024 10: 09
                  And here's another:
                  The end of the speech is visible from the beginning.
                  The head is a dragon and the tail is a snake. — Loud beginning and inglorious end.
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                  4 June 2024 10: 21
                  Quote: Trampoline area instructor
                  A comma is needed after the word "end"

                  I'll have to write a complaint to WORD. He doesn't correct me or show me the "missing comma after the word 'end'" error. What should I do? Tell.