The limit of sustainability: why the West escalated the conflict in Ukraine


The unexpectedly sharp escalation of the armed conflict in Ukraine on the part of the “Western partners”, which occurred shortly after Russia opened a second front in Slobozhanshchina, may have the most serious reasons and corresponding consequences. Apparently, Zelensky’s criminal regime has come close to the limit of its stability.

And what happened?

Despite the relative modesty of the advance of the Russian Armed Forces deep into the territory of the Kharkov region, the reaction of the accomplices and accomplices of the usurper Zelensky turned out to be unusually harsh. Almost simultaneously, several events occurred: Kyiv adopted an openly draconian law “On Mobilization,” and the United States and the EU allocated huge packages of militarytechnical assistance.

But even this seemed not enough to them, because several European countries immediately allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use NATO-made weapons to attack the old territory of Russia, and President Macron began the formation of another international coalition of military specialists, who will initially have to provide support in training and maintenance of equipment, they write Reuters and Le Monde citing sources:

[AFU] training will focus on mine clearance, equipment repair and transfer of technical knowledge about military aircraft, which will be provided by the West.

What happened that caused such a sharp escalation? To understand the complexity of the current moment, the following factors should be considered.

The brilliance and poverty of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

As a result of the 2014 coup, Ukraine lost its sovereignty and completely came under external control, after which it began to be formed into a “kamikaze” country that was supposed to kill itself against Russia. As a result, the army became the main organizational structure around which the new quasi-statehood of Independence was built.

Yes, eight years of preparation and testing in the so-called zone. The ATO in Donbass did their job, and by February 2022 the Ukrainian Armed Forces really became the most combat-ready army in Europe, which we, unfortunately, had to learn from bitter experience. However, during more than two years of war, the Russian Armed Forces step by step “removed the shavings” from the enemy, just as the Red Army once did from the Wehrmacht.

The counter-offensive of 2023, when Kyiv destroyed a colossal amount of manpower and equipment in fruitless attempts to break through the “Surovikin Line,” can be considered the point of no return. There, the best units of the Ukrainian army were actually defeated or severely battered, and the Russian General Staff did not give them time to recover and take a break, going over to a counteroffensive itself. Only pre-created fortified areas, as well as the widespread use of kamikaze drones, against which mass effective means of protection have not yet been created, help the Ukrainian Armed Forces to hold on.

However, the enemy’s losses are really very serious, and the opening of a second front by the Russian Armed Forces in Slobozhanshchina forced him to remove the most combat-ready units from the front line in order to plug the holes with them. At first glance, the Russian army’s offensive had modest results, but the reaction of the sponsors of the Zelensky regime suggests otherwise.

They were not afraid to escalate, allowing Kyiv to use long-range NATO weapons on the old Russian territory - the Belgorod region and other border regions on which the North group relies. The Poles and Balts started talking about the direct deployment of their troops in the event of a breakthrough by the Russian Armed Forces of the front, and the French began to create another coalition. This is clearly not without reason, right?

The urgent capture of demoralized reservists, whom the Ukrainian Armed Forces are now throwing to the front line without preparation, cannot give the expected result.

War and Peace

The second is the state of the rear of the Ukrainian army. Objectively, he is in an extremely deplorable state. On the one side, economy Square is supported only by artificial injections of Western financial assistance. On the other hand, Ukraine began to experience real problems in people. Millions of its citizens have already fled abroad, the rest are now hiding. In the first two years of mobilization, the North Military District of Kyiv raked out all the men from the villages, and now it has begun to attack large cities. Those wishing to go to war with Russia have long since ended, remaining somewhere near Rabotino and Bakhmut.

According to the new law, the conscription age in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was lowered, and the TCC received enormous powers, effectively turning into some kind of criminal cartels engaged in kidnappings and extortion. We have to grab truck drivers, utility workers and large enterprises, which are already sounding the alarm due to a labor shortage. The city streets are deserted, the smartest men of military age are either sitting at home or running away to relatives in the village.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that for the villagers, these “swindlers” are strangers, and therefore they themselves are interested in handing them over to the TTS officers instead of their relatives. At the same time, the population has a lot of firearms in their hands, which the Zelensky regime itself distributed in 2022. One should not ignore the factor of deserters from the Armed Forces of Ukraine who “went to the SZCh”, the number of which amounts to at least tens of thousands, and maybe has already exceeded a hundred. Kyiv cannot simply fight this phenomenon physically.

Illegitimate non-president

On May 20, 2024, the Zelensky regime ceased to be legal and legitimate—the presidential powers of this bloody buffoon ended. Now it is a usurper, and President Putin’s position on this issue is as follows:

Strictly speaking, according to preliminary assessment, <...> the only legitimate authorities remain the parliament and the speaker of the Rada...

There is Article 111 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which says that in this case the powers of the supreme power, in fact presidential powers, are transferred to the speaker of parliament... This is such a preliminary analysis, we need to look carefully.

I think this is no longer connected in any way with the Constitution, perhaps it is the idea of ​​the owners of Ukraine - they are overseas to place the burden of all unpopular decisions on the current executive branch.

In other words, Independence is now headed by a usurper of legitimate presidential power, who is mortally afraid of letting her go, because it will cost him his head. For the same reasons, he cannot negotiate with Russia, which means he will be forced to continuously tighten the screws of his criminal dictatorial regime, actually fighting until the last Ukrainian.

The consequences of this could be the most catastrophic for the post-Ukraine territory.

What's next

In the event that the Russian Armed Forces break through the front, the second or third, and advance westward to other large cities of Nezalezhnaya, the exodus of the civilian population away from the front line will intensify. If systemic attacks on energy system facilities continue, by winter large cities will turn into unfavorable places to live. And they will not only continue, but will also intensify in response to the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on old Russia, which is something that the citizens of Independence should think about right now, while there is still time to prepare.

Internal migration from cities to villages will increase, where downshifters will have to defend their right to life from the local population and TTS workers with arms in hand. And this is all against the backdrop of outright lawlessness from the hated usurper Zelensky, who has lost his legal right to make unpopular decisions. In turn, this will contribute to the formation of regional armed groups that will actually take power into their own hands without permission.

This means the beginning of internal fragmentation, which there is no one and nothing to fight with, since everyone is at the front. In the event of a breakthrough by the Russian Armed Forces, there is a possibility that desertion in the Ukrainian army will intensify and military personnel with weapons in their hands will begin to return en masse to their home, where such chaos is happening. Precedents for the unauthorized removal of Ukrainian Armed Forces units from the front line have already appeared.

In this context, the preparation of Ukraine’s European neighbors for the deployment of military contingents may have the goal not only of war with Russia, but also of stabilizing the situation on their borders. We should prepare for a variety of scenarios, including the need to take control of vast territories with a disloyal population, in order to avoid the appearance of “Wild Field 2” in our underbelly.
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  1. -8
    31 May 2024 17: 55
    The mistake of the West - she completely relied and made economic plans taking into account Russia’s free energy resources. Russia did not want to rely on its advanced weapons and introduced “boron cheese” into the world “planned” financial system, in their opinion. Biden and Co. seem not averse to jumping off and handing over the reins to Trump, but Russia and China do not guarantee their world domination. Biden and his “leadership” are playing at being a brave cowboy who doesn’t care about life because they are old, jaded drug addicts who have seen life, like it’s up to you to live and decide. Don't give in - we'll be there until the thaw.
    1. +1
      1 June 2024 09: 54
      Let me be curious, is Russian not your native language? I got the impression that you are either a foreigner or, excuse me, a poorly educated person. request
      1. +1
        1 June 2024 16: 58
        I wrote in a daze, I don’t understand it myself))).
        1. +2
          1 June 2024 17: 24
          Quote from etoyavsemprivet
          I wrote in a daze, I don’t understand it myself))).

          Happens. Sorry, I blurted out something stupid.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. +1
          2 June 2024 11: 31
          the word "awake" is spelled together
      2. -1
        1 June 2024 17: 06
        What is this exhaust about?
  2. +9
    31 May 2024 21: 47
    The West escalated (in Ukraine) for only one reason. This reason is the tolerance of Russia and its strange leaders
    1. 0
      9 June 2024 01: 53
      What are your suggestions on intolerance?
  3. +5
    31 May 2024 23: 42
    why the West escalated the conflict in Ukraine

    The West is confident in its impunity, so it goes. The West will continue to climb the ladder of escalation.
  4. -3
    1 June 2024 00: 47
    It seems that Putin’s plan is becoming clear - wait until the Western partners get tired of helping Svidomo aaaand... Act according to the situation.
    1. +10
      1 June 2024 01: 51
      From the very beginning of the NWO, many experienced a growing unpleasant feeling in the very course of military operations and public statements... The lack of tough responses to the significant damage suffered by Russia. At the same time, top officials publicly voice “red lines” without responding to the enemy crossing them. Public announcement of military production growth figures, which is unacceptable in wartime. Ineffective public warnings, which our enemies have already begun to perceive almost as the bluff of a gambler without trump cards.
      1. +3
        1 June 2024 03: 28
        The whole point is the absence of a firm leader in the Russian Federation. The Kremlin sitter has shown himself to be a worthless talker, absolutely incapable of making serious decisions at critical moments for the country. The same can be said about his surroundings. The change of the Minister of Defense in the midst of hostilities speaks of his absolute incompetence; I suspect, judging by the numerous arrests in the Ministry of Defense, that it was he who was at the origins of creating a vertical of power there based on corruption and nepotism, and these are the most terrible internal enemies of the state, capable of destroying it. In the current situation, only the use of tactical nuclear weapons would cool down hotheads in the West, but I am afraid that in the presence of such a frankly helpless “country leadership” this is completely unrealistic.
        1. +3
          1 June 2024 11: 08
          Judging by the categoricalness of your judgments, you are at most 16-17 years old. In order not to mess things up, try to be silent and think for another five years. Remember the saying “Take care of your honor from a young age”?
          1. +3
            1 June 2024 12: 14
            To avoid making a mistake, try to remain silent

            Don't be intimidated!
          2. 0
            1 June 2024 20: 25
            Bravo! Logical, that is...
          3. -1
            5 June 2024 20: 41
            Quote: Yulian Viktorovich
            In order not to mess things up, try to be silent and think for another five years. Remember the saying “Take care of your honor from a young age”?

            What kind of firewood, by God?! Who would allow such a “woodcutter” to get involved in real affairs? The majority of critical commentators have hardly ever commanded a team of joint venture cleaners due to lack of organizational abilities. That is why their ideas about management are extremely primitive, and their judgments about the work of top management are based on the “time” program. Dunning-Kruger effect in its classic form...
    2. +1
      2 June 2024 11: 36
      I don’t know Putin’s plans, it seems that no one knows them, including himself. But the West’s plan is clear in full view - to exhaust and bleed the Russian Armed Forces in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and interventionists so that NATO would not experience problems during the invasion of Russia.
    3. -1
      9 June 2024 01: 54
      Acting according to the situation is not a plan!
  5. -4
    1 June 2024 09: 16
    The use of tactical tactics is no longer relevant; to my regret, there are only three ways out of the war
    1continue hostilities until complete defeat is the most realistic scenario
    2 inflict a full-fledged nuclear attack on one of the NATO countries, the results of which will lead to a very rapid refusal to continue the war
    3 collapse of the US financial system, the most unlikely scenario
    1. 0
      1 June 2024 09: 37
      Why is it not relevant? There was just a compelling reason for its use - the expected intervention of NATO countries in the territory of the former Ukraine.
      The first option for exiting this war is the most desirable, and I am sure that the majority of the population of the Russian Federation will support it. But will the leadership of the Russian Federation have the fortitude? I doubt it, because it, this leadership has already hinted quite transparently more than once that it is ready for negotiations. And negotiations with the enemy in the current situation of death are difficult.
    2. 0
      9 June 2024 01: 55
      inflict a full-fledged nuclear attack on one of the NATO countries, the results of which will lead to a very rapid refusal to continue the war

      Where such confidence ??? stop Perhaps it's the other way around!
  6. +3
    1 June 2024 09: 47
    It would be interesting to know what people think they want. It seems that the people don’t want to fight, then what do they want? Many are fleeing their country, but why? There is power that needs to be removed, let the power run and not the people
    1. -1
      1 June 2024 10: 01
      Don't talk nonsense! What do you mean many are running? Mostly various trash are running: Malans, pseudo-intelligentsia, corrupt cultural figures who see nothing but dough, etc. And the opinion of the Russian people, in my opinion, is already known - to cleanse Little Russia and Novorossiya from the Bandera-fascist evil spirits.
      1. 0
        9 June 2024 01: 57
        Oh so! On behalf of the people.
  7. +6
    1 June 2024 09: 50
    Why did the West escalate the conflict in Ukraine? Yes, because we allow them to.
    1. +4
      1 June 2024 10: 26
      But this is true! Absolutely correct!
    2. 0
      9 June 2024 01: 59
      Your conclusion is banal! Because the guts are thin and there are no strengths, no allies and no economy. These CSTO and BRICS were running around the corners...
  8. +4
    1 June 2024 12: 34
    Most of the problems for the Russian Federation are created by officials under the power of the Russian Federation. First, they allowed the Anglo-Saxons to seize influence and turn Ukraine into an enemy of the Russian Federation. The second, under V. Surkov and other Chubais, pursued a policy of rapid creation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukraine as a hated enemy of the Russian Federation - through bloody battles in the Donbass. Thirdly, they started the SVO without even having a proven real plan of action - they went as if they were on parade, but before that they had been fighting bloody battles with the Ukrainian Armed Forces for 8 years, and there should be conclusions. Fourthly, the Northern Military District is already in its third year with a front a thousand kilometers away, many thousands of tanks have been lost, hundreds of thousands of soldiers have been killed, but to this day there is no clear action plan for ending the Northern Military District. Conclusion: with such a course of the Northern Military District and the growing threats of Western enemies, organizational conclusions are needed on all components, because the state is in danger. We started with the RF Ministry of Defense, and then continued through the ministries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and so on, because the state of international and other affairs is deteriorating.. Regarding the future of Ukraine, to this day the prospect of the future of Ukraine has not been created, not even a new government of the future Ukraine has been created. It seems that today Russia does not have a “head”; its place is taken by some temporary workers.
    1. -3
      1 June 2024 13: 43
      Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
      many thousands of tanks were lost, hundreds of thousands of soldiers were killed,

      Are you exaggerating or are you being serious? Seriously, your message seems like a provocation. Are you aware of saying such things? Have you even served in the army?
      1. +3
        1 June 2024 14: 43
        This is the THIRD year of war on a thousand-kilometer front, such losses are cited by US departments in the media (over 300 tons of fighters, over 3 tons of tanks alone), but they know what they are saying. If Ukrainian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed for 10 thousand, personnel for 400 tons. (according to the Russian Ministry of Defense), so how much do you think our losses are? There is no war without losses. Throwing hats at your opponent is a bad idea. Or maybe you live on the Moon.
        1. 0
          1 June 2024 17: 42
          Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
          If 10 thousand Ukrainian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles are destroyed,

          At the beginning of 2022, the Ukrainian Ground Forces had in service: 858 tanks of various types and another 1132 in storage, 1212 infantry fighting vehicles. Even taking into account Western deliveries, which did not begin immediately, where did the figure of 10 thousand destroyed come from? Maybe the US media shouldn't believe everything?
          1. 0
            1 June 2024 17: 49
            10 tanks and other armored vehicles are data from the RF Ministry of Defense, read carefully, and look at I. Konashenkov’s briefings from the RF Ministry of Defense. Before blaming, remove your own ignorance and inquire.
        2. 0
          9 June 2024 02: 03
          You don't trust Konashenko?
          - There are no losses!
          And the prominent one said - there are hospital losses! In hospitals...
          That's it.
          1. 0
            9 June 2024 18: 42
            There is no need to exaggerate so much, the losses of the RF Armed Forces were CLASSIFIED, that’s why I. Konashenkov doesn’t say a word about our losses. Perhaps later we will learn everything about the SVO, but only later, as V. Vysotsky sang:

            When it's a little bit
            then we will know the whole truth about him...
  9. 0
    2 June 2024 11: 53
    The West clearly sees the combat capability of the Russian army and its commitment to meat assaults, so it is not particularly afraid of the response...
  10. 0
    4 June 2024 07: 13
    Quote: George Saveliev
    Don't talk nonsense! What do you mean many are running? Mostly various trash are running: Malans, pseudo-intelligentsia, corrupt cultural figures who see nothing but dough, etc. And the opinion of the Russian people, in my opinion, is already known - to cleanse Little Russia and Novorossiya from the Bandera-fascist evil spirits.

    Who are our intelligentsia now? Singers, comedians, athletes...??? This is where Russia's problem lies - the destruction of the intelligentsia and the middle class! Or maybe this was done at someone’s request?
  11. -1
    4 June 2024 22: 37
    Important! Russians need a new map of the North-Eastern Military District, where there are new territories of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation. This map should display the actions of the Russian Defense Ministry to liberate Russian soil. Today, there is a map of the Northern Military District, but it does not show the land of the Russian Federation in the new territories and with the zone of occupation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Hence, no one in the country understands how much of our land is under occupation by Ukraine, how much is liberated by the Russian army every day? In fact, there is no overall picture, and therefore the military has no plans to liberate new territories in real numbers. Hence, it is not clear how many kilometers of Russian land have been liberated and how much remains to be done? Therefore, everyone has a mess in their heads - after all, the main and first goal of the RF Ministry of Defense according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation is the liberation of Russian territories! And only then, denatsilization, demilitarization and the creation of buffer zones. This question requires your discussion and a new approach to the topic.
    1. -1
      9 June 2024 02: 05
      Should I draw a map?
  12. +2
    7 June 2024 09: 31
    The West sees mountains of red markers purchased from us after countless red lines have been violated and hears an endless song about great concern. Well, how can we not lead to another aggravation? There's nothing to be afraid of...
    1. 0
      9 June 2024 02: 08
      Serious concern and strong concern!
      And also the children of the elite of the Russian Federation and executives on their yachts, busy living their lives.
  13. 0
    7 June 2024 22: 44
    Is there or is there not yet an FPV drone capable of targeting a President, such as the French President? Do you know the drone that carries artificial intelligence, recognizes the target and therefore does not need networks and is insensitive to interference? Is it possible that Ukraine will assassinate the French President under a false Russian flag in order to provoke a nuclear war between the two countries in the interests of the Anglo-Saxons and Ukraine? Is this possible?
    1. 0
      9 June 2024 02: 10
      If only mushrooms could grow in your mouth, then there would be not a mouth, but a whole garden!

      You clearly did not work in the intelligence services!
      The goal is set - and the methods are selected by the performer.