Berliner Zeitung: Germany's economy is collapsing


Anti-Russian sanctions, which have been intensifying for more than two years, are hitting Germany hard the economy. Moreover, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has changed the external policies Germany and affected the inhabitants of the country. This was reported by the Berliner Zeitung, giving some details of what is happening in East Germany.

The publication notes that all these restrictions, which appeared due to the Russian North-West Military District on Ukrainian territory, are causing an increase in energy prices and large-scale protests in Germany, since many households (families) and small private enterprises (small businesses) have already found themselves on the brink of existence .

People are constantly faced with the consequences of Berlin's activities and many fear that because of the federal government they will have to pay out of their own pockets to support Ukraine and modernize the Bundeswehr. According to the publication, the middle class in the country is being destroyed, it is simply impoverished.

East Germany took the biggest hit from the sanctions, as it traded the most with Russia. Here, in the city of Dessau-Rosslau, a protest movement “Masters for Peace” (not to be confused with Freemasonry) was formed, whose members hold public events against the sabotage course of the German federal government. Activists and participants in the movement seek to protect themselves from the consequences of the authorities’ anti-Russian policies.

Now, as in the 90s of the twentieth century, the break with Moscow has led to a serious crisis. The rise in prices along the chain through large producers reached shops and ordinary consumers. Even municipalities were affected. For example, the budget of the city of Dessau-Rosslau (80 thousand inhabitants) was reduced by 40% due to accumulated debts as a result of reduced tax revenues.

The protest movement is gaining strength. Businessmen join farmers as protests in the east spread to the west

- summarized in the material.
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  1. +2
    30 May 2024 21: 40
    Why are these Germans? The poorer they live, the closer they are to a green economy!
  2. 0
    31 May 2024 16: 49
    Since the sanctions are hitting the German economy, they, the sanctions, can mask the failure to fulfill obligations. Or something else. smile
  3. -1
    1 June 2024 12: 38
    For as long as I can remember, the news regularly voiced “The United States is screwed, it will soon fall apart.” Now the same is true about Germany in particular and the EU in general.
    Well, the budget was reduced by 40% in some crummy village, so what? Previously, they ate for 5, now only for three, oh, what a nightmare.
    The rise in gas prices was sad for them two years ago, now the prices are many times lower, and the storage facilities are 95% full.
    There is no need to lull people to sleep with fairy tales.