Houthis captured an American MQ-9 Reaper drone and attacked US destroyers in the Red Sea


Rebels of the pro-Iranian Ansar Allah movement shot down an American MQ-9 Reaper drone from an air defense installation in Marib province in Yemen. Judging by the fact that the drone remained in good condition, it will most likely be transferred to Iran for study.

It is possible that Tehran will use the information received to develop its program for the production of combat unmanned aerial vehicles. Iranian specialists will apparently be interested in the electronic components of the MQ-9 Reaper.

Houthis captured an American MQ-9 Reaper drone and attacked US destroyers in the Red Sea

The American side stated as an excuse that the UAV was lost as a result of technical errors. In total, since the beginning of the operation of Western troops against the Yemeni Houthis, the United States has lost six such drones.

Along with this, Ansar Allah militants successfully copied the Iranian Ghadr ballistic missile to create their own Mohit missile, which is used to attack American ships in the Red Sea.

Thus, the Tasnom agency notes that the Mohit is equipped with an optical guidance system similar to that of the Iranian missile. Experts believe that the Houthis' use of Ghadr missiles poses a danger to the interests of the United States and its allies in the region.

Previously, rebels attacked two American destroyers and three commercial ships in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Houthi spokesman Yahya Saria reported “devastating strikes” against Western targets.
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  1. +12
    29 May 2024 17: 34
    So exchange it with the Houthis for Bastion or other weapons. Maybe copying will be more successful, because creating similar ones for a decade is not effective, if necessary for the RF Armed Forces.
  2. +12
    29 May 2024 19: 31
    It’s time to open a Houthi trade mission in Moscow, as a colleague has already suggested here... I take my hat off to these guys.
  3. +8
    30 May 2024 06: 50
    since the damned West supports the Ukrainian fascists, then we fully support the Houthis, beat the American invaders in the Red Sea, the defeat of the United States in Vietnam in Afghanistan and in the Red Sea is only a rehearsal for their global defeat in the economy and the threshold of their defeat in Ukraine
  4. +7
    30 May 2024 07: 32
    They don’t draw red lines, they’re not afraid of the striped ones, not like some people, they shoot down and bomb ships whenever possible, there’s a lot of respect for them.
    1. 0
      30 May 2024 23: 41
      There is nothing to lose, so there is no fear. Some VIP probably responded for the Reaper, which was dropped into the Black Sea, from his personal foreign bank account. And what happened to the pilot became unknown, maybe he would be in bondage for life.
  5. +2
    30 May 2024 08: 45
    But at the same time, the Houthis control only one third of Yemen and are not the official government; they are fighting it. Amazing guys!
    If the Iranians study this Tripper, then we should get these results too.
    Although why, ours still don’t shoot them down, don’t jam them!
  6. +1
    30 May 2024 11: 43
    Men!!!. and our people are still afraid...
  7. +2
    30 May 2024 12: 29
    It’s high time to invite us - let them hold a seminar at the General Staff, and we will tell them how to build some kind of palace.
  8. 0
    30 May 2024 13: 41
    Even though they are nuts, respect to them. Dudes in rubber slippers have nothing to lose
  9. 0
    30 May 2024 14: 44
    The rebels are demonstrating their very high effectiveness in the fight against the colonialists, maybe we should already think about options for helping them so that they have something to meet the aircraft carriers with?
  10. 0
    30 May 2024 14: 49
    Biden seems to enjoy letting American technology fall into the hands of his targets.
  11. 0
    31 May 2024 08: 43
    It wouldn’t hurt to supply the Houthis with our missiles to protect them from the United States
  12. +2
    31 May 2024 16: 27
    Why won’t our anti-ship missiles give the Houthis a mosquito, they would have drowned all the American trash long ago.

    We are not against Russian weapons hitting US territory...
  13. 0
    1 June 2024 18: 30
    Glory to the Hussites, they are not afraid to beat the damned Satanists, that’s who Russia and China need to learn from, two dumplings inflated with their fictitious importance!
  14. 0
    1 June 2024 18: 37
    It’s high time to supply long-range missiles of great destructive power to the Houthis and all the enemies of lice and the blooming garden of parasites and rabid dogs, and therefore to allow our friends to hit them with our weapons day and night, around the clock, let them feel the depth of the anger of the peoples of the world oppressed and robbed by them!