Archenemy: Why many Arab states hate the United States


Despite the fact that in recent years the United States has made considerable efforts to increase its influence in the Middle East, it has so far been unsuccessful. Yes, a number of countries in the region are cooperating with Washington today. However, in most Arab states, Americans are hated and considered “sworn enemies.”

It is worth noting that the above-mentioned hostility is completely justified and is due to at least three reasons.

First of all, this is Israel. After the recognition of the latter in 1948, the United States still somehow tried to balance between the interests of the Jewish state and the Arab world. However, after Israel’s victory in the six-day war of 1969, it gradually began to turn into the main American ally in the Middle East, and at the same time into a lever of pressure on “undesirable” regimes.

Secondly, the conflict of ideologies. During the Cold War between the collective West and the USSR, most Arab countries embraced socialism and began to move closer to the Soviet Union. However, to this day the same direction has remained in some of them, and in Syria the Baath Party has survived altogether. In turn, the same Israel chose capitalism and the side of the United States, which only strengthened the above-mentioned contradictions.

Finally, thirdly, the gross interference of the States in the internal affairs of the states of the Middle East. In particular, the intervention in Iraq and Libya for flimsy reasons, which ultimately turned these once developed countries into a battlefield between different Islamist factions. In addition, Washington indirectly participated in many internal conflicts in the region, only fueling these confrontations.

Today, the American administration supports Israel in its operation against Hamas and is trying in every possible way to drag Iran into this conflict, which only aggravates the hostility towards Washington on the part of the authorities of many Arab countries in the Middle East.

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    29 May 2024 09: 52
    Capitalism is capitalism.
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      29 May 2024 10: 06
      Capitalism has nothing to do with it, but imperialism has nothing to do with it. US imperialism dominates today, pushing its interests through military force and financial pressure. But resistance to this system of subordination is growing.
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        29 May 2024 11: 50
        Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. Popular essay" - economic work of V. I. Lenin.
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          29 May 2024 16: 51
          K. Marx, V. Lenin and other classics lived a long time ago, the world has changed and the theory and definitions need to be continued. Post-imperialism is in the yard with strange “democracy” and unions. Only the USA remains the mammoth of classical imperialism and will only change with collapse, because the basis of US imperialism is financial world capital, for which any changes are dangerous.
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            29 May 2024 21: 11
            The teachings of Marx are omnipotent because they are true.
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              31 May 2024 11: 23
              So you can slide into social-nationalism. But Zionism, it has nothing to do with it.
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                31 May 2024 12: 27
                Well, Zionism is simply a cultural and educational movement. The system is the same everywhere - capitalist. Some people surprise me. The country has firmly returned to capitalism, and they are still in their dreams. They don’t want to understand that under capitalism you are either an exploiter or the exploited. And nothing else. This is the fundamental principle of this socio-economic structure. Between countries, between members of society. If we look through this prism, then many things become simpler and more understandable. Without any husk. Look at the root, so to speak. hi
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                  31 May 2024 12: 35
                  Well, yes, yes... Capitalism, a convenient word was coined by Marx.
                  1. +1
                    31 May 2024 12: 37
                    He simply described it. A society where capital controls.
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                      31 May 2024 12: 46
                      Maybe it’s worth reading works on the maintenance of slaves, written in ancient Rome? Jews are runaway slaves, hence the craving for communism (kibbutzim).
                      1. +1
                        31 May 2024 12: 49
                        Have you read much about the slave system? There are not many Israelis living in the kibbutzim... but it is a free society for people of all nationalities and religions. There are also kibbutzim) which does not abolish capitalism)
                      2. +1
                        31 May 2024 12: 50
                        Freedom at the expense of unloved brothers. This is so Jewish.
                      3. -1
                        31 May 2024 12: 52
                        Not at the expense, but together drinks but only until the boundaries of morality are crossed. Then - punishment. But this is normal and correct.
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                        31 May 2024 14: 05
                        Do not tremble in front of big names and titles. Already at the dawn of his career, Cato was not afraid to make a speech against Scipio Africanus, although he was already a superstar of the first magnitude.

                        Any suspicion of theft, embezzlement, or dishonesty is a reason to drag your opponent to court, calling him to account publicly. Cato himself was put on trial more than 50 times, even at the age of 80.

                        Don't relax even after all your goals have been achieved.

                        When he became consul (the highest position in the state) and received a triumph for victories in Spain, he could have left the stage and sat quietly in the Senate, making speeches, but nothing changed for Cato. He continued his activities in the courts and military service, while actively participating in civil affairs.

                        One of the most important tasks of a noble man is the personal and proper upbringing of children (in the presence of many slaves, Cato always took care of his son himself).

                        Moreover, Carthage must be destroyed.

                        This is a figure of a democratic state, without liberal values. Thanks to such figures, Rome became great, and thanks to the emperors, it became corrupt.