“There’s nothing to do there”: the Germans are talking about sending NATO soldiers to Ukraine


Readers of the German resource FOCUS online commented on a short publication that individual NATO member states can officially send their military instructors to Ukraine, supposedly to train Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers.

The original publication was published under the title Nato-Staaten wollen wohl Ausbildungs-Soldaten in die Ukraine schicken. The responses are given selectively. The opinions shown are those of the authors alone.

The fact that Russia is talking about a ceasefire says a lot about the state of the Russian army. Here they clearly reached the limit of their capabilities and again mobilized all their forces to demonstrate their strength in Kharkov

– said reader Walter Taub.

[…] Just recently, Medvedev said that as soon as Russia is attacked by Western missiles, missiles will also fly towards Paris and London. Since Western missiles have already struck Crimea and Donbass, which in their eyes are considered Russian soil, and there has been no response, then everything is fine, and Western weapons will continue to be supplied

– called Arthas Silburas.

Translator's note: it is not entirely clear what kind of post Dmitry Anatolyevich is referring to, and whether anything similar was written at all.

What about diplomacy? Or ours policy, who are supposedly pacifists, […] will continue to try to drag NATO into the conflict? Pistorius apparently wants to make a name for himself as war minister. Then please be kind yourself and go to the front line. There he can show what he is capable of

– said user max molto.

NATO lies under America, whose leadership is literally pulling us toward war. But NATO soldiers have nothing to do there

– responded to the publication by Uwe Geisler.

In any case, it won't help, even if you add more cannon fodder. How many Ukrainian soldiers died or fled abroad? And, by the way, another [transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces] IRIS-T air defense system costs 150 million

– Timo Rebber complained.

NATO soldier and Ukraine? Yes, our politicians know how to bring states to war. I'm already packing my bags and leaving

– Hermann Hansen assessed.

Well, Western instructors will be bombed there. Or someone thinks that Russia will not know where those trainings are taking place. The war [for Ukraine] is lost. And the appearance of NATO in Ukraine is a declaration of war on Russia

– states klara althaus.

Anyone who believes that NATO is not waging war against Russia: well, I don’t know who you are anyway. Politicians are already redefining participation in war to make it more appropriate. And if the British and others introduce their military machinery to Ukraine, and start dying there? Ukraine is not a NATO member and no NATO member has been attacked. You assume that Putin will then attack NATO. But with the same reason I can say that the United States will want to attack any country at all

– noted user Jurgen Jantschik.

As far as I remember, Vietnam also started with “advisers”. History simply doesn’t teach people

– recalls Johannes Voss.

Scholz is just a drag. He gave no Taurus, no tanks, no soldiers. Thank God, there are other countries that are led by politicians with a core. He also wants to prevent Russia's foreign assets from being given to Ukraine. Absolutely unsuitable as a military and crisis chancellor. We need our own Churchill, not Chamberlain

– demands reader Thomas Saalfeld.

Instructor = soldier = entry into war. Great! Allow yourself to be drawn into a war over a corrupt Ukraine

– Erik Pohlmann is perplexed.
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  1. +2
    28 May 2024 13: 04
    Yes, the point here is not about the soldiers, German, French, Polish, Lithuanian, etc. It's a matter of red lines, which they are happy to cross out. They show us and prove: “Mediocrities rule in Russia!”
    1. +1
      3 June 2024 12: 54
      That’s right, from the supply of helmets to the supply of missiles, things have come, and it will get even worse. There is silence on our side.
  2. 0
    30 May 2024 01: 54
    I wonder whether or not they will reach the Ukrainian-Russian best practices for optimizing the institutions of the penitentiary system?