How Ukrainians protect American Abrams tanks stripped of uranium armor


The American allies supplied 31 M1A1 Abrams tanks to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which were transferred to one of the battalions of the 47th Mechanized Brigade. However, the tanks do not have uranium protection, since the United States is afraid of getting hit by this Technology into the hands of the RF Armed Forces.

As a result, the unit fighting in the Avdeevka area lost about eight Abrams tanks over several months of intense fighting. The reason was the actions of Russian drones.

The Ukrainians had to get out and come up with their own methods to protect the crews. Thus, Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers added special cages to their armor, allowing them to hit UAVs equipped with explosives at a safe distance.

According to the Associated Press, at the end of April, Ukrainian forces were forced to withdraw surviving Western tanks from the battle. Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers note that better armor protection would allow this equipment to be used more effectively. However, Kyiv’s overseas “friends” prefer to preserve their technological secrets at the cost of the lives of Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel.

Sources say that to protect the modified M1A2 tanks, non-reactive armor was added to the turret. Apparently, it contains uranium, which means that such tanks will not be sent to Ukraine: the Abrams supplied to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine are “reinforced” with tungsten instead of uranium.
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    27 May 2024 12: 14
    Ordinary black PR?
    Previously, the media were “ahead” that they could send it with uranium, but now it’s the other way around.
    And it’s unlikely that uranium could somehow protect against drones.

    But now you don’t have to worry at exhibitions of broken equipment...
  2. -2
    29 May 2024 03: 06
    Apparently, the Ukrainian-Italian studio worked on the design of the protection, and it turned out quite elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Remembering domestic analogues.
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      29 May 2024 04: 59
      Quote from Voo
      It turned out quite elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Remembering domestic analogues.

      You clearly have problems with taste. If this is a chaotic jumble of bars, you call it elegant and aesthetic. KMK, it is the domestic analogues that look much more elegant.
      1. -1
        29 May 2024 07: 10
        Everything is more beautiful than a tank with a garage on the armor.
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          29 May 2024 08: 25
          Quote from Voo
          Everything is more beautiful than a tank with a garage on the armor.

          I told you, you have problems with taste. Now I see that it’s the same with vision. Yes
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            29 May 2024 08: 51
            How long have you been watching? Have you already created an archive?
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              29 May 2024 09: 04
              Clear signs of cognitive distortions do not require long-term observations.
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                30 May 2024 01: 29
                Professor meteorologist. Of all science, he is a specialist in observations.
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    29 May 2024 05: 40
    Well, why do the natives need life?! They fill living space with their bodies. Like the Indians. And we need appropriate organizational conclusions. And in general, they are blue and like monkeys and live in trees and have somewhere to move. By the way, Western companies bought black soil and rare metals in dill. However, in Russia it is indirectly the same. Next is probably colonization.