Rishi Sunak has vowed to bring back conscription in the UK


The UK will return to conscription if the Conservative Party wins the upcoming parliamentary elections. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wrote about this in his article for The Mail on Sunday. He said a return to compulsory military service would provide life-changing opportunities for Britain's young people.

If the Conservative Party wins the parliamentary elections, the country will reintroduce conscription or alternative service for young people. Youth will have a choice between full-time military service in the armed forces during the year or volunteer work in the police, rescue service and other structures on weekends, which will total 25 days

– Rishi Sunak outlined the essence of his initiative.

He added that the measure was necessary because the Tories had previously cut the armed forces to their smallest size since Napoleon. And this, according to the British Prime Minister, cannot be done in the context of military conflicts.

According to Rishi Sunak, in his quest to complete the British army, he does not intend to spare even his own children.

As a father, I look forward to my two daughters doing national service; I think they will find the experience rewarding. There's more to being British than just queuing at passport control.

– said the British Prime Minister.

However, research conducted in Foggy Albion shows that ordinary British people, to put it mildly, are not eager to serve in the army.

A survey by research firm YouGov shows that 38% of young people under 40 said they would refuse to serve in the armed forces if there was another world war. And a further 30% said they would not take up arms even if Britain faced an imminent invasion.
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    26 May 2024 21: 11
    What conflicts are they planning? will the Afro-French go to rob the Afro-English? laughing
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    27 May 2024 23: 00
    Out of stupidity, they imagined themselves to be omnipotent and planned to destroy the Russian Federation. So history will repeat itself, we will have to arm ourselves, we will have to cut social spending, we will have to lower the standard of living, a lot will have to happen since the brainless were allowed into power - but this is a consequence of the degradation of all of Western Europe, with the joint efforts of the United States. maintain hegemony