60% of the personnel of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go to the front


Head of the Main Directorate of Defense Planning of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Evgeniy Ostryansky said that a decision had been made to reduce the number of General Staff by 60%. All released personnel will be sent to combat units at the front.

A functional survey was carried out at the General Staff, based on the results of which a decision was made to optimize the staffing levels of some structural units and military command and control bodies. This process includes the disbandment of a number of military organizational structures, the formation of new ones, as well as the optimization of existing ones. These measures will eliminate duplication of functions, as well as reduce staffing by 60 percent

– Ukrainian media quote General Ostryansky, an officer of the General Staff of Ukraine.

It is planned to supplement the operational and tactical level command and control bodies, as well as combat military units, with officers from the General Staff. The reason for this decision was the lack of junior and middle-level commanders at the front. In fact, platoons are often commanded by privates and non-commissioned officers who have received minimal experience in combat.

However, even experienced General Staff officers are unlikely to be able to influence the situation on the front line. It is obvious that headquarters and control points near the LBS, where the last personnel officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be located, will become a priority target for Russian missiles and aerial bombs with UMPC.
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    24 May 2024 21: 52
    LOL! High ranking cannon fodder.
  2. -2
    24 May 2024 21: 56
    I like it, and in general, in every fortress there is a gate where a donkey with gold can enter (F. Macedonian). They'll go to war and look, the RF Armed Forces will lose their sources of information
    1. +4
      24 May 2024 23: 34
      Usually crests say hi sobi povoyuyut, you didn’t hide all the words, hi came out in the head, Russians usually say let him instead of hi. Don’t you want to go to the front line with your General Staff?
      1. -1
        24 May 2024 23: 37
        quarterbulbash and I don’t like Bendera people
      2. 0
        24 May 2024 23: 38
        and how can we fight in the same song and the same crests?! well, these are okay, but the Westerners....
  3. +3
    24 May 2024 22: 13
    That's right, let Bandera's parasites from warm places go to feed the lice in the trenches. Otherwise they’ve warmed up there and can’t beat the damned Muscovites when the entire “civilized world” of them is Jewish
    Anglo-American ruling clans, filled with weapons, money and mercenaries!
    Let them go die in the fresh air, it’s a damn thing that the Americans impudently come up with and decide.
  4. +3
    24 May 2024 23: 55
    We also have personnel in the General Staff. For example, women with pumped up tits and lips. One was so much a marshal of the accounting department, it’s a pity she took off in Tahiti instead of Belogorovka.
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    25 May 2024 03: 28
    NATO defines the objectives, NATO develops the operations, NATO carries out the logistics. So there is no point in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine anyway. And they will use it for meat.
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    25 May 2024 03: 53
    Next in line, 90% are happy.
  7. +1
    25 May 2024 05: 01
    Why not send 100% of them, headed by the green president, to the front? I imagine the ukrosvins going on the attack, led by Zelya, with their own clutched in their hand....
  8. +2
    25 May 2024 06: 26
    Maybe it wouldn’t hurt for us to carry out some optimization of the high command.
    1. -4
      25 May 2024 07: 47
      YOUR command is being optimized, and in Russia the overwhelming majority are satisfied with the progress of the SVO. hi
      1. +1
        25 May 2024 08: 58
        Quote: passing by
        the overwhelming majority are satisfied with the progress of the SVO.

        I'm afraid you're wrong.
        1. 0
          25 May 2024 11: 56
          That’s it, there’s nothing to be afraid of!
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          25 May 2024 21: 12
          on this resource, perhaps but not by country. I put it mildly.
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      25 May 2024 09: 18
      The words “may” and “some” are unnecessary in your comment. hi
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        25 May 2024 16: 17
        They are still being shaken “for money” in the UK. "Some." But “maybe” they will do it someday, they’ve started. Well, I don’t know how parquet-staff businessmen in uniform can give orders... But what do we care, dill meat is even the same color as the headquarters for Caliber.
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    25 May 2024 09: 10
    If the President of Urina is an illegitimate ethnic Jew /V.Putin so designated him/, then what nation are the Bandera fascists of this Urina?
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    25 May 2024 11: 59
    The reality is somewhat different from the news article and this is this: unlike our army, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine the junior officers are located further from the front line trenches, where sergeants command. Therefore, the death and capture of officers occurs less frequently among them (according to sources)...
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      25 May 2024 16: 20
      The Americans have it this way, but they licked these ones, it should be so for them too. There was such information somewhere, last year.