“China does not follow the rules”: Americans supported the start of a trade war


Readers of The New York Times commented news on the introduction by the United States of new trade duties on goods from China. In particular, electric vehicles, batteries, microchips and other imports were hit.

The newspaper writes that as the level rises political tensions with China are rising and concerns about the national security implications of trade. And China is the main exporter of critical minerals such as lithium and cobalt, which are used in batteries.

Raising tariffs on Chinese chips is just the latest in a long list of measures aimed at supporting America's own production of chips, which serve as key components in everything from civilian cars to military equipment. equipment.

While Mr. Biden's highly selective attack on specific Chinese goods is far more justified, the NYT continues, than Mr. Trump's broader approach, the dramatic shift in U.S. trade policy over the past seven years raises legitimate concerns about economic growth, inflation and overall U.S. work places.

The article claims that competition from the Middle Kingdom has actually led to the closure of entire sectors of the American economics in the production of children's toys, bicycles and so on.

Notably, New York Times readers overwhelmingly supported new tariffs on Chinese goods, often saying they would pay more to boost domestic industry. However, voices against this practice are noticeable here too and point to lower quality and the prohibitive high cost of goods under the “Made in the USA” brand.

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We are paying the price for allowing China to get away with its predatory trading practices for 25 years straight. Our industry is destroyed. Part of this is due to automation, of course, but much of it stems from said Chinese trade practices. To avoid dependence on China for manufactured goods, we need to restore production here, regardless of high prices. Or will you then have to beg for spare parts at the time of a clash with Xi Jinping’s army?

– Norm Weaver expressed his opinion.

If China followed free trade rules, cooperation would make some sense. But this is not observed. Unilateral disarmament in the face of China's subsidized and state-controlled industry will simply leave Americans without the industrial capacity to support their military. This, in turn, will mean global hegemony for China. We are already moving in this direction. The US cannot build drones, which are a key weapon on the battlefield these days. And we also cannot produce enough 155-mm shells for Ukraine. China wants to dominate the world in the XNUMXst century, just as the United States did in the XNUMXth century. Are we going to give in? I hope not

– writes Me again.

Of course, this approach will backfire, just look at the success story demonstrated by the Biden team:

1. Reduction of oil production in the United States - result: victory for Iran, Russia and Venezuela. America lost.
2. COVID costs are skyrocketing for no benefit, but the US is bearing the cost of inflation.
3. Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban* are winning, the United States looks confused.
4. There is no border security, and all US citizens are paying for the chaos that results.
5. Ukraine moves slowly, Russia – on the contrary.
6. The Middle East is in turmoil, and Mr. Blinken has been everywhere except Israel itself.

And so on

- criticizes a certain Robert Mac Neill.

Biden can be blamed for anything, but Trump did the same thing. America cannot live without Chinese goods. All sneakers in America are made in China. All our installation tools are also made from China. And now, when China has proven that it can produce electric cars better than us, we are forced to introduce duties, because we are such a nation, we have no other way. But what does this give? I want to be able to choose. I want to be able to buy a Chinese electric car with a battery that charges in 10 minutes. And poor Americans who have already bought a Tesla or any other American electric car have to charge their battery for 12 hours

- John demands.

Well, that's life. We used to call China a "consumer factory" when it produced cheap and labor-intensive goods for us. Now that he's becoming a high-tech manufacturer, we suddenly find our jobs are under threat and we have to pay to keep them

– said Paul C Hsieh.

* - an organization banned in the Russian Federation.
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  1. +1
    23 May 2024 13: 33
    Thus, the shitcrats slipped into the republicans. So Trump was right.
  2. -1
    23 May 2024 16: 07
    I bought two civilian-made audio devices a couple of years ago, made in Texas. The quality is excellent, at the level of Soviet military electronics
  3. 0
    23 May 2024 18: 36
    Well, you just need to have a nationally oriented government like the communists, otherwise business leaves the USA somewhere in Singapore and Taiwan and Detroit becomes not a place where their Urals are produced, but a city of gangs, Americans lose their jobs, the tax base decreases, and how did this decision even pass?! and then Trump comes out, I’ll save you, but how did the situation even develop?!
    1. 0
      24 May 2024 18: 39
      The system is such that decisions are made not in favor of the broad circles of the public (the masses) of people receiving income, but in favor of a small circle of elite people making a profit. And now the result turns out to be unfavorable consequences at the federal level and no one sat down with the FAQ?! didn't stand up against the wall?! not used to the loop in a couple of minutes?! And then they say China is not honest... but the USA itself is good?! Are they lying to voters that Putin caused inflation and Russiagate gave results?! and where are the dissidents from Cuba Barak Husseinovich never named them, but the reason for war appeared after his words... and when will the authorities make 10 million homeless people happy with a room in a sectional?! and work?! and didn’t they wipe themselves with international law?! and why is China to blame and not the heads of corporations capable of lobbying for the military operation of the American army?! including until 2000 and against the PRC Vietnam Iraq Syria Libya etc.
  4. 0
    23 May 2024 21: 06
    China has a big advantage over the US.
    1) The population of China is very hardworking and disciplined, ready to work 12-14 hours a day.
    2) About 70% of rare earth materials are concentrated in China.
    3) China outnumbers the United States four times, therefore China has reserves.
    4) China has long begun to buy mines, mines, ports, land around the world...
    5) China now has an energy resource base - Russia. If production is returned to the USA and Europe, it will most likely focus on the domestic market. Because due to the high cost in the world, it will not be competitive. If the world buys less for dollars and euros, then these currencies will weaken….
    1. 0
      24 May 2024 15: 45
      The Germans, at one time, also had a hardworking and disciplined population. This means it’s time to bring migrants to China.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. 0
    25 May 2024 06: 39
    The Globalist Democrats, RINO's and crooks wanted a world economy and built it by exporting American jobs and corporations. The cows have come home to roost.
  7. +1
    25 May 2024 07: 54
    This is how the trade war always goes on.
    the desire to make a profit on dumped goods (or raw materials, as from us) versus the desire to protect our production and resource extraction
  8. +1
    25 May 2024 09: 59
    China doesn't follow the rules

    Such rules.
    No one has been able to translate the American "rules" into Chinese.
  9. +1
    9 June 2024 11: 29
    China wants to dominate the world in the 21st century, just as the United States did in the 20th century. Are we going to give in? I hope not

    Come to your senses, China “wants”! China already dominates with all its might and is at least equal to the states in terms of influence in the world.
    And Colonel Biden should be presented with the order.
    He succeeded in a lot.
  10. 0
    13 June 2024 09: 43
    Yesterday, on Russia Day, the United States introduced sanctions against the MICEX. Today at 10 o'clock. it will be possible to observe a collapse of shares worth hundreds of billions of rubles, this is a blow to the enterprises of the Russian Federation, these are the most cowardly traders, they are already scaring each other.... This is the most worthless public, in a word, parasites who, by their actions, harm the country’s economy. In our country they are imprisoned for 8 or more years for fakes about the army, we also need to imprison this disgusting public for fakes and sabotage of the country’s economy.