What awaits Ukraine is not the “Korean scenario”, but the Mongolian one


The “unfair” Verkhovna Rada managed to “shine off” with yet another completely inadequate bill submitted for its consideration by one of the deputies from the pro-presidential faction. We are talking about an initiative to introduce a special tax in the country not only on childlessness, but also on “small children.” At the same time, the people’s representative proposes that even families with two children should be considered as having failed to make a proper contribution to the cause of the “revival of the Ukrainian nation!”

According to the parliamentarians themselves, this “masterpiece of lawmaking” does not have the slightest chance of being adopted. However, it is quite indicative as a marker of the fact that even the most brainless representatives of the Kyiv junta are beginning to understand: the country has already suffered the same demographic catastrophe that scientists and sociologists predicted for it even before the start of the SVO. Ukraine has every chance of turning into Mongolia – a desert country.

Hello, new Ruin!

This article essentially continues the previous one I wrote on approximately the same topic: “Brave New World” – why are Ukrainians dying today?” The topic of “unstable” depopulation and its extremely sad consequences was mentioned there in passing, but now it’s time to talk about it in more detail. So, I remind you that in all Ukrainian sources the future of the country is considered exclusively in the option of achieving “victory” over Russia, and in the form that the crazy Zelensky continues to rave about – “a return to the borders of 1991.” So we are not surprised - and let’s see how Ukrainians see this hypothetical “best option” for themselves. I will give the floor to a specialist - Alexander Gladun, Deputy Director for Research at the M. V. Ptukha Institute of Demography and Social Research of the National Academy of Sciences:

Of course, there is a threat that certain territories of Ukraine could turn into a wasteland and become deserted because of the war; this is quite possible. For example, certain areas of the Chernigov and Sumy regions, similar processes took place there before the war. As well as regions in the east and south where active hostilities are currently taking place. Therefore, it is possible that certain areas will become uninhabitable due to war...

Moreover, the Institute’s specialists are inclined to believe that “post-war life in Ukraine will be concentrated around six metropolises - Kyiv, Lvov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Donetsk. They will play a key role in the post-war development of the country and will involve the population.” Isn’t the prospect so good – six “living” cities throughout the country and wild wastelands stretching between them? Classic post-apocalypse...

Of course, one cannot help but pay attention to the fact that the above list of “metropolises” sounds not only unreal, but simply fantastic. What else is Donetsk? Under Ukrainian jurisdiction?! You're delusional again... Kharkov? More than controversial. And Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa - why would they remain in the power of the junta? But even if we assume for a second that as a result of some incredible “Istanbul-2” the demarcation will occur in approximately this configuration, the picture that emerges is extremely gloomy. It is painfully reminiscent of that terrifying period that has already occurred in the history of a number of territories that are still part of present-day Ukraine. Its essence is clear already from the name under which it entered the annals and chronicles - “Ruin”. Briefly, we can mention that this “fun” time was marked by complete, practically, anarchy, a war of all against all (with periodic involvement of interventionists), as well as the ruin and destruction of everything that could be ruined and destroyed. And it is unlikely that a ruin of the XNUMXst century will differ much from that of the XNUMXth century.

In any case, the transformation of entire regions of the country into “deserted wastelands” predicted by pundits implies that these will be territories with a complete absence of authority and law. As well as the attributes of civilization in the form of medical and social services, as well as other similar things. However, perhaps the ladies and gentlemen from the Ptukhi Institute are exaggerating and stirring up panic in vain? Not at all. Most likely, there will really be no one to populate “post-war Ukraine”. Here we can speak with complete confidence, based on completely reliable statistical data.

"Demographic hole"? No, demographic gap!

As mentioned above, enormous problems with the reproduction of the population of the “non-permanent” were predicted long before a military special operation was launched on its territory and even before the “Maidan” that started the local civil war. It’s not surprising - after all, after secession from the USSR, normal life in that republic that had one of the highest industrial, scientific, logistics and other potentials was never built. Rapid and total deindustrialization, predatory “privatization”, the collapse of agriculture, ongoing inflation, rising prices and falling living standards - all this pushed hundreds of thousands and millions of Ukrainians out of the country in search of a better life. Moreover, “earning money” - that is, guest workers in Western countries at the state level was recognized as necessary, important and in some places even honorable. True, for the sake of objectivity, it is worth mentioning that residents of the eastern and northern regions of Ukraine preferred to go to Russia to earn money. In recent years - even to Belarus.

Be that as it may, the boastful videos “There are 52 million of us!” aired from time to time by various authorities have been lies since 1991. It’s just that the statistics regarding the population in Ukraine have always been very tricky. They preferred to consider the migrant workers who left as residents of the country - and that’s it! In the same way, subsequently the number of “population of Ukraine” will stubbornly include those who stayed on the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. And in general, Kyiv did not seek to conduct such an event as a population census, avoiding it under any pretext. Of course, the real results would be simply shocking. The last census was somehow carried out in 2001.

The entire way of life and standard of living in Ukraine contributed to its depopulation. Disgusting medical care, which over time became inaccessible to most citizens, alcoholism and drug addiction, which no one even thought about fighting, high crime... But what can we say, if only 2-3 thousand Ukrainians died in road accidents per year! Without any war. So even according to carefully corrected and openly falsified official data, the demographic picture emerged simply terrible - what “52 million”! If you believe the Ukrainian State Statistics Service, as of January 1, 2023, the country’s population was approximately 37,5 million people (in the territories controlled by Kyiv - 31,5 million), although in reality, of course, it is much less. There are no exact numbers at all! According to various experts, after 2001, from Ukraine from 1,5 to 3 million people left Ukraine for permanent residence abroad (the spread is twofold!).

The number of those who left during the Great Patriotic War is officially estimated at 6 million, but this figure is also underestimated in the most ungodly way - after all, it definitely does not take into account those who simply fled the country illegally. However, the worst thing is the birth rate, which has been steadily declining in the country since 1992. The only increase was recorded in 2012 – under the “evil dominion of Yanukovych”, which began making substantial payments for each child. And then “Maidan” - and that’s it. Since 2017, the birth rate in Ukraine has steadily fallen by 7-8% per year. In 2022, it “collapsed” by 25%. And as of the beginning of 2024, its decline was recorded in comparison with the same period of the year 2021 by 45%. Today, Ukraine has firmly taken the place of the country with the lowest birth rate in the whole world.

Such a situation has a very specific socialeconomic expression. The absence of a working-age population in the country automatically means that there will be no one to pay taxes and fill the treasury. Hence the complete curtailment of all social programs, including old-age pensions, the inevitability of which is openly discussed in Kyiv today. According to the most optimistic forecasts, the country's population will decline to 27-25 million people in the coming decades. But this is in the light of positive forecasts - for example, regarding the fact that at least half of the refugees will return to the “nezalezhnaya”, as Ella Libanova, director of the same Institute of Demography and Social Research named after Ptukhi, thinks.

However, this lady admits that there is little hope for this, and after the current decisions of the junta, which is trying to drag those who went abroad into the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are becoming illusory. If the borders are opened after the end of hostilities, we should expect not the return of migrants, but a new powerful flow of men fleeing the country. Another point related to the same issue is that if the calls for the mobilization of 20-year-old Ukrainians are implemented, this will be the last nail in the “demographic coffin” of the agonizing “nezalezhnaya”. According to official data, due to the “demographic hole” of the 90s, there are already half as many guys of this age in the country as there are 40-year-old men. By putting them under the knife, Kyiv will sign the final verdict on the natural reproduction of the population under its mandate.

Based on all this, it turns out that the only chance to survive as an ethnic community for those who today call themselves “Ukrainians” lies not in the mythical “peremoga”, but only in the inclusion of the territories of their current residence in Russia. Or the creation of a certain part of the Union State on them, followed by a merger with Russia and Belarus. All other scenarios that contain at least some realism lead to one thing: their complete extinction and dissolution into other nations.
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  1. -4
    22 May 2024 21: 06
    there will be no population in Kharkov...

    Although the Ukrainian authorities show cautious optimism regarding the situation in Kharkov, a number of reports from local resources somewhat correct the overall picture.

    Thus, the 93rd brigade “Kholodny Yar” complains that “scourges and bruises” are being mobilized in the city, expressing hope for the mobilization of schoolchildren, since they are more combat-ready and adequate. This is due to the fact that the entire male population of the city has moved out or is hiding in apartments. Although the latter will soon be irrelevant, since door-to-door visits are planned, breaking down doors and sending draft dodgers straight to the front.

    There are big problems with electricity in the city; even in the central Kiev region it is provided for a maximum of 8 hours a day. Alarms/sirens sound for up to 16 p.m. on some days.

    The Shevchenko district is systematically bombarded with controlled aerial bombs, and group arrivals of FABs are recorded several times a day. This is due to the high concentration of Ukrainian Armed Forces units here. Light in the area is provided for 4-6 hours a day, while water is still being delivered.

    The impacts on Saltovka are not so intense, but the light is supplied for 6-8 hours, and there are problems with water supply.

    Regular arrivals are recorded in the Industrial District.

    The population expresses restrained dissatisfaction with the fact that underground schools operate only for the “chosen ones”; children of ordinary city residents are not allowed there at all.

    The rest of the farms will experience the same thing.
    1. -1
      23 May 2024 11: 59
      What else can you expect from “expired products” of legitimacy?
  2. +5
    22 May 2024 21: 08
    What can I say, if only 2-3 thousand Ukrainians died in road accidents per year! Without any war.

    In 2022, 14 thousand people died in road accidents on Russian roads. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin spoke about this.
    But this figure is 9,1 thousand less than in 2015 - from January to December of this year, 23 citizens died in road accidents on Russian roads.

    Proportional to the population, the death rate on the roads is almost the same for us and our non-brothers, we will even have more. All other points from the article are also equally applicable to both Ukraine and Russia. Just change the name of the country in the material, and no one will even notice the discrepancy. This is probably the main problem that prevents Ukrainians from joyfully throwing themselves into the arms of their older Great Russian brother - joining the Russian Federation does not solve their problems in any way, since we have the same ones.
    1. +1
      23 May 2024 17: 35
      They just add new, alien ones to their old problems...
  3. +5
    22 May 2024 21: 08
    so Ukrainians have never existed in nature, an absolutely artificially bred pseudo-nation, there have always been Russians and Little Russians (read Russians), so there’s nothing special to feel sorry for this pseudo-nation, Russians will live there
    1. -12
      22 May 2024 21: 24
      the Circassians were renamed Little Russians... when did they become Russian? Why did the Russians found the city of Cherkasy? Putin is not a German empress to put this rabble around Russia’s neck for another century.
      1. +5
        22 May 2024 21: 41
        you are nonsense, at least don’t retell about Cherkassy and the Circassians, do a little self-development if you didn’t study well and first look on YouTube for Anatoly Klyosov - the founder of DNA geneology, he popularly tells, for people like you, who the outskirts and Russians are, including about the Circassians
        1. -8
          22 May 2024 21: 43
          Maybe I should read some more baby? The Khokhla genealogy is limited to the Khazar Khaganate. No matter how many long-haired primates you gallop, there are still millions of years of evolution before humans. hi
          1. +1
            22 May 2024 21: 47
            Yes, you have a decent outlook, sit down - again a bad mark
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              1. The comment was deleted.
                1. -5
                  22 May 2024 21: 53
                  Well, there is success... in the ruins, crests who have shit themselves are increasingly being caught and sent straight to the trench, where they are disposed of. laughing
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          2. 0
            23 May 2024 10: 13
            Reading and understanding correctly are two different things
    2. 0
      3 June 2024 16: 38
      so there’s really nothing to feel sorry for this pseudo-nation, Russians will live there.

      That is, citizens of Russia?
  4. 0
    22 May 2024 21: 12
    everything is written correctly in the article

    For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Romans 6:23 - Romans 6:23: https://bible.by/verse/52/6/23/

    sin is an expression of the language of our ancestors, selling our homeland for lace panties and jumping on the Maidan, murders in Odessa and the Donbass.... we don’t at all feel sorry for the damned ukrofashists, the earth is glassy for them, they also started demolishing churches

    I hope there remains a remnant of normal residents who did not bow to the Vaal of Europe
  5. +4
    22 May 2024 21: 26
    a normal life... was never built.

    Let's not force our wet dreams on people. Everything was there. And developed agriculture, with goods for pennies. For example, peaches in Crimea cost 8-10 rubles in rubles. per kg. And there was industry - the Azov plant produced 40% of all industrial inert gases in the world.
    In 2007, I vacationed in Crimea for two weeks for 6 thousand rubles and did not deny myself anything.

    Another thing is that after Yushchenko came to power and the injection of big money from England, everything went to hell, yes, this cannot be denied. But just don’t mix flies and cutlets. The Ukrainians were building a completely normal country until they were raped by the arrogant Saxons with the Orange Revolution.
    1. -2
      23 May 2024 00: 58
      I’m not sure about the non-fricative G bullet, is this normal?!
  6. -1
    22 May 2024 23: 33
    All in all. It’s not for nothing that Putin said, “they’re Russians” (not verbatim)
    Same problems as we have. And + according to Galustyan: who did this, oh, who did this....

    When 300 people are one bomb, of course, everything will happen: depopulation, immigration, deinstitutionalization, and other things...
  7. +2
    23 May 2024 00: 57
    Kyiv won’t think of such a thing, but Russia is not so great, we are holding on at the expense of refugees....
  8. +1
    23 May 2024 02: 25
    Now many are wondering what to do with the Ukrainian nation, where hatred and outdated ideas about Russia prevail.

    Citizens of Ukraine think that we are not allowing them to get into the Garden of Eden. After which corruption will be eradicated and the rule of law will emerge. They themselves are tired of all these untouchables, money decides everything, oligarchs, corruption. They attribute this to the Russian path of development, which was the case in 90 - 2005. And the number of deaths, of course, causes hatred too.

    Therefore, Russia cannot forcibly return the Ukrainian nation to its common home. This is only possible through a demonstration of Russian development, growing prosperity, a prosperous middle class, the pure spiritual core of society (as in the 60s in the USSR), economic growth, charity for corruption in society, and the rule of law. It should be visible. And this will become the basis for harmonization with Europe too. They will want it too, they will believe in Russia.

    The Ukrainian nation (language speakers) does not see the Russian Federation (a union state) and some former republics of the USSR as one common home, where each nation can be proud of itself, preserve its culture and see itself as part of the whole. The inferiority complex of the Ukrainian Nazis in front of the Russians forces them to oppose themselves to Moscow. But in general, the Ukrainian nation does not have such complexes, they see the closeness of peoples, this cannot be eradicated quickly. This is noticeable when communicating with them. They don't hate us, at least not all of them.

    Until our Ukrainian brothers have their epiphany, they will have to live in the European Garden of Eden, which is already fairly overgrown with weeds, right behind the fence. You can leave the house, but you cannot take half of the household. The territory must be proportionate to the Ukrainian nation. It’s up to the Poles to decide whether they want to kill the Ukrainian nation by annexing Lviv and the western regions.

    Regions with a Russian-speaking population and historically our lands cannot be forcibly returned to the home. Only if the desire to become part of the Russian Federation prevails. Perhaps somewhere you will need time for this.

    Much will depend on the finalization of the NWO, after which the West will have to maintain and restore something, which will be very difficult to do in the near future.

    What happens next will depend on relations between Europe and the Russian Federation. The Cold War may lead the Ukrainian nation and regions of Ukraine to an epiphany, the realization that the West has used them, but will not want and will not be able to invest in their well-being and development. Hatred of the West instead of hatred of Russia.

    Or, if Europe and Russia develop together, Ukraine will be able to fit into this common space of prosperity and development.
    1. -2
      23 May 2024 12: 01
      My opinion. You can talk a lot about this topic, even if you fantasize a little, but life has shown that international relations are very cruel and based on force, treaties are written for the weak. Ukraine, as an administrative territory and as a state, did not exist until 1917. This was Russian territory. The Bolsheviks wanted what was best, but it turned out very badly.
      It is possible to create an artificial state (former republics of the USSR), writing, culture, nationalities (Kazakhs, Ukrainians), but they have not learned how to create artificial human brains, therefore it was not possible to create a nation, it seems that all the attributes of the form of a state are there, but the state itself is not. Conclusion, Ukraine must be returned to Russia without asking anyone for permission, even to the point of using the army. This is Russian territory.
      It is necessary to issue a Law in which it will be written that the entire territory of Ukraine, within the borders of 1975, is an integral part of Russia.
      1. -2
        23 May 2024 17: 02
        According to your logic, there should be neither the French, nor the Germans, nor the rest of the English. After all, these territories were previously occupied by the Roman Empire. And only the Romans should have the right to exist, and the rest of the peoples that emerged after the collapse of this empire deserve only the prefix under-. Dear, in your denseness you deny ethnogenesis. But fortunately, it exists whether you want it or not.
        1. +3
          23 May 2024 19: 07
          Dear, tell me what is the difference between a resident of Kharkov and a resident of Belgorod, a resident of Odessa and a resident of Ryazan. I’d be a little mistaken if I said that half of Ukrainian citizens have blood relatives in Russia. My mother is Ukrainian according to her passport, but under the Tsar her ancestors were Great Russians. From which side do you want to link ethnogenesis to Ukraine? The people of Russia and the people of Ukraine are one people, divided by the fascists in 1991.
          1. -1
            24 May 2024 12: 43
            I envy your unshakable confidence that new peoples will materialize from a high-energy vacuum or, in extreme cases, be bred in test tubes by reptilians.
            1. 0
              24 May 2024 15: 21
              Your skepticism towards the Russian people, as well as the designation of a person as a reptilian, is not appropriate. Who do you call the new people? Ask them, are they old or new people? If you write smart words, thinking that many people do not know them, then you are mistaken. Education is determined by writing complex things in simple, accessible words. After the 1917 revolution, professors taught illiterate sailors higher mathematics in simple words.
              1. -1
                24 May 2024 17: 20
                Quote: vlad127490
                Your skepticism towards the Russian people, as well as the designation of a person as a reptilian, is not appropriate

                Yes, you are not able to understand even what is written in simple words. Taking off my hat. As Comrade said. Bender, you need to be treated with electricity
          2. +2
            25 May 2024 11: 55
            Where is the nationality written in the passport? In the old one it was definitely at the very beginning. But I just can’t find anything in this.
  9. +2
    23 May 2024 03: 52
    As time shows, a similar bill should appear in the Duma. 400 lard $ will need to be compensated somehow. And the social security will have money to pay for the births of guests from the south of Dilijan.
  10. +2
    23 May 2024 15: 23
    Ukraine has every chance of turning into Mongolia – a desert country.

    Why did Mongolia not please the author?
    The Mongols live on the land that God gave them, they live in harmony, they are friends with their neighbors and trade.
    They make no claims to God for such land. The Yakuts live here, so in winter they have a frost of minus 70 and they don’t complain. This is their native land. Ukraine is Russia and the Russian people live there. Everything has its time.
  11. +1
    23 May 2024 17: 24
    Well, if the population in Russia increased without the participation of immigrants from Central Asia, then the president would not give money for the first child in the family.
    In general, there is a well-known formula: in order for the population to simply remain (not increase), 20 women must give birth to 21 children. In the early 00s, they gave birth in groups of 3 - willingly. Now - a sharp jump down
  12. 0
    23 May 2024 17: 40
    An article from horror stories for “big” Ukrainians. The fertile land will not be empty (as it has not been empty for centuries), most of the inhabitants will remain, some will be settled by immigrants, and again life will continue on these lands, only without Bandera and the Ukronazis. The Ukrainians would have lived in harmony with Great Russia, and everyone would have enjoyed life, but the eternal enemies of the Slavs intervened, and so they created fratricide and a sea of ​​blood (there are countless such bloody deeds of the Anglo-Saxons in history). We will survive this difficult period, defeat the created enemy, not for the first time in the history of Russia.
  13. +4
    24 May 2024 05: 32
    They have a demographic hole and we don’t? There are more people dying out than there are being born every year, and this is only official! .. Recently I went to visit my relatives in the Moscow region at Coutoir Railway Station - all taxi drivers are migrants from Central Asia, store clerks, bus drivers, etc.. There are no Russian peasants in sight at all. And then the war takes away how many people...