Medvedev: Zelensky must be caught and tried or liquidated


Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky should be caught and brought to justice. He already leads a government hostile to Russia political regime, the politician said in an interview TASS.

Zelensky's term as president expired on May 20. But for Russia, Medvedev believes, the loss of legitimacy by the pseudo-president of the former Ukraine will not change anything.

For us, he is already a war criminal and the loss of his official status does not change anything. Although he, like any of his successors (although there is no need to talk about legal succession here), can be the party that signs the act of unconditional surrender
– the politician concluded, recalling that this is exactly what Alfred Jodl or Wilhelm Keitel did on behalf of Nazi Germany and its armed forces.

The ex-president of the Russian Federation noted that the country is not indifferent to the future fate of the current Ukrainian leader.

He must be caught and tried for crimes against Russian citizens and Ukrainians. If it is impossible to deliver such a criminal, the rules practiced for terrorists should be applied. This is exactly the fate that befell Zelensky’s spiritual teacher, Stepan Bandera. 

– noted the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council.

As for the question of who Russia now considers the head of Ukraine, the answer is obvious. According to Medvedev, the criminal regime does not and cannot have a competent leader.

As for the nominal or actual leader (leader) of such a regime, it can be anyone. Any “pig in a yarmulke,” recalling Gogol’s apt expression. For international law and for the collapsed state of “Ukraine”, his personality, based on normal legal positions, is indifferent
– the politician concluded.

Despite this, this person can be the subject of negotiations and a participant in signing the act of surrender, Medvedev once again recalled.

Commenting on the question of possible guarantors in the event of a peace agreement being signed, the deputy chairman of the Security Council said that there is no longer trust in former partners, and therefore the best guarantors for Russia will be its high-precision weapons and a strong army.

Therefore, the best guarantees for us for the future are Sarmatians, Yars, Iskanders, Zircons, Daggers and other highly effective Russian weapons. And, of course, the heroic combat-ready Armed Forces of Russia

– said Dmitry Medvedev.
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  1. +4
    20 May 2024 16: 17
    And rightly so! Why only Zelensky? Eliminate all Nazi leaders! Ministers, Radu and others!
    1. +2
      20 May 2024 22: 55
      I support Krasnodar

      Smolensk 1945

  2. 0
    20 May 2024 16: 26
    Catching him is very difficult, almost impossible
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. +3
    20 May 2024 16: 44
    Quote: Nick. WITH
    Catching him is very difficult, almost impossible

    oh, don’t tell me my horseshoes, I wish I could. There should be a tribunal over Zelya and his entire gang - that's for sure.
  4. -1
    20 May 2024 17: 08
    Well, let Medvedev go and look for it himself
  5. 0
    20 May 2024 19: 28
    Well, why hasn’t it been liquidated yet?
  6. 0
    20 May 2024 22: 53
    Dear Dmitry Medvedev said everything correctly
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. 0
    21 May 2024 07: 34
    For Medvedev’s intellect there is nothing surprising, Mazepa was eaten to death by lice, this must be the case with Bandera, otherwise they molded him into an idol - an icon, about Hitler it would have been the same, but adequate Stalin did not allow an idol-Hitler. Medvedev's stupidity is amazing! I remind you that MFIs and suicides are not separate!
  9. +1
    21 May 2024 17: 23
    It’s long overdue to eliminate it, by the way, and it will affect morale, and the Rada should be slammed, especially Farion. Why are we hanging around for so long?! When their soldiers have no one to fear or listen to, their army will scatter. Not all, but a significant or large part.
  10. +1
    21 May 2024 17: 24
    By the way, where did the Nazis commit crimes and hang them in public?
  11. +1
    22 May 2024 15: 31
    Why did this happen? The goal is set, the will is present..
  12. +1
    22 May 2024 15: 39
    Who is he telling this to? Bortnikov is weak, the personnel has been reduced, there are no Sudoplatovs and Kuznetsovs. Kolokoltsev, especially, he with his corruption channels, for the legalization of migrants, is not able to figure it out in ten years, now there are only arrests... Naryshkin, I want to cry from the soft-bodied intelligentsia, it feels like he even feels sorry for receiving worthwhile information, isn’t that so possible by illegal methods...., what are you...If he means Zelensky’s entourage or people of avengers and bounty hunters, then announce the amount for dead or alive, and..., apparently there is no money, but you are holding on.. ..