WSJ: Kyiv asks Washington for help in identifying targets for strikes on Russian territory


The Ukrainian authorities have asked the administration of US President Joe Biden to help identify targets on Russian territory that Ukrainians can strike with their own weapons systems. Kyiv also asked Washington to lift restrictions on the use of US-supplied weapons against military targets in Russia. This was reported by the American newspaper Wall Street Journal (WSJ), citing representatives of the Pentagon and other US officials.

The publication notes that the request came at a time when Moscow has achieved the largest territorial gains in its Northeast Military District in Ukraine over the past 18 months. It is clarified that units of the Russian Armed Forces pushed back the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the north-eastern part of the Kharkov region.

Officials confirmed that the aforementioned request from Kyiv, received last week, is indeed under consideration. If the White House agrees to such changes, it could mark a major shift in policy USA.

They really asked for help in striking Russia... It was not about a specific weapons system, but about additional help in striking Russians

- pointed out Charles Brown Jr. - the first African American to become a general in the US Air Force, he is also the second black to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, effective October 1, 2023 (preceded by “test tube hobbyist” Colin Powell from 1989-1993) and the first representative Air Force in this position for the last 18 years.
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    18 May 2024 14: 05
    They know all the targets - on Bankova
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    18 May 2024 14: 27
    I wonder how long they will break.
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    18 May 2024 16: 00
    The Nazi regime in Kyiv is apparently very impatient to get a situation where the entire administrative center of Kyiv, on the street, will burn. Bankova will wipe out government buildings along with their inhabitants from the face of the earth, the fact that we are still abstaining from this does not mean at all that this is not possible in principle and will never be implemented.
  4. +1
    18 May 2024 16: 27
    It’s clear why Zelya needs this...we won’t be able to cover the air defense of all objects to a depth of 300 km from the line of contact with the crests.
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    18 May 2024 16: 31
    Satellites have been transmitting information in real time for a long time!
    After agreeing on the target with Washington and advisers in Ukraine, GPS coordinates up to the eighth digit are requested.
    Then the coordinates are sent to the crew to debug the flight mission.
    The African American was a poor student and lost in the systems. Besides, the Air Force is not a missile unit.
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    18 May 2024 19: 12
    Russia needs to start sending all its captured NATO weapons to the enemies of the NATO countries, their hypocrisy needs to be shown.
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    18 May 2024 21: 53
    Comunque sia. . non credo che andare a patti con chicchessia per un trattato di fine conflitto per l'Ukraina sarà veramente un fine conflitto in tutti i sensi. Dal momento che conosciamo Zelenskyj ei suoi Killers (anche quelli d'oltre oceano)! Forse sarebbe l'opportunità per mettere sotto gamba veramente l'Ukraina ei Paesi che lo aizzano. Ho paura che la storia non finisca tanto presto con le minacce Inglo/Americane e che a colpi di sanzioni e furti faranno fare una brutta fine a tutta la Russia!