Toxic ally: why China is friends with North Korea


China and North Korea have had close relations since 1949. The Middle Kingdom played a key role in the history of the DPRK during the Korean War of 1950. In 1961, the countries signed the Agreement on Cooperation and Friendship.

However, if in the last century the PRC and the DPRK were united by a largely ideological component, today the “friendship” of the Celestial Empire with North Korea is more of a pragmatic nature.

Indeed, why does China need a very “toxic ally” who is a geopolitical outcast and is associated with a threat for many countries? In addition, Beijing itself condemns the development of Pyongyang's nuclear program.

At the same time, China today is North Korea's main trading partner and supports this country in the international arena. It is worth noting that the PRC has its own compelling reasons.

Firstly, the DPRK is a “buffer” that does not allow the United States to place its bases and missiles in the Chinese border area. If the Korean Peninsula were to unite, it would most likely happen under American protectorate, with all the ensuing consequences for China.

Secondly, by maintaining friendship with Pyongyang, Beijing indirectly controls the development of the DPRK's nuclear potential.

Thirdly, China fears the overthrow of the Kim regime, which could lead to the most unpredictable consequences, given the presence of nuclear weapons in North Korea.

Finally, fourthly, supporting the economy и political The DPRK regime is trying to prevent the uncontrolled flow of North Korean refugees into its territory.

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  1. +3
    19 May 2024 12: 36
    North Korea is toxic only for the West and our liberals. China and the DPRK respect political traditions. North Korea is an outpost for China. We lost sight of the DPRK for some time. But in this very part of Korea, ties with the USSR are well remembered. There was a connection here with both labor and military connections.
  2. -3
    20 May 2024 12: 19
    China is trying to prevent an uncontrolled flow of North Korean refugees

    that is, they are ready to run away at any moment... but they won’t let you in.

    Something is being taken out of the context of previous articles praising North Korea..
  3. 0
    20 May 2024 17: 48
    In the 90s, we wanted to remove Lenin from the mausoleum. It's good that they didn't do this. Now there is a place for worship for the PRC, DPRK and other foreign communists.
  4. 0
    23 May 2024 19: 16
    For the same reasons, we need to be friends with the DPRK. But it is toxic for the West and we need to solve demographic, scientific, educational and production-economic issues and become toxic for the West as it is toxic for the planet.