The mobilization law in Ukraine will lead to a fuel collapse


On the eve of the entry into force of a new law on tightening mobilization in Ukraine, local media write that innovations could lead to a fuel collapse. This will happen due to the fact that many international transport drivers will find themselves in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to the law, which comes into force on May 18, Ukrainian truck drivers will be able to travel abroad only if they have a special QR code. To receive it, the driver must arrive at the TCC and undergo a military medical examination. As is known, after being assigned to local military registration and enlistment offices, Ukrainians of military age are most often redirected to the front, where there is a critical shortage of personnel. Therefore, many drivers will not take such a risk and will prefer to quit their job.

According to Ukrainian analysts, only 5% of truck drivers will remain at work. Considering that many goods, including petroleum products, are imported from other countries, local gas stations are facing collapse. There will also be serious difficulties in the supply of imported medicines and other critical goods.

Ukrainian media also noted that the day after the new law on mobilization came into force in neighboring Poland, the duty on the import of used cars from Ukraine for sale was abolished. Let us remind you that the law on mobilization provides for the possibility of confiscation of vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, such a step by Warsaw suggests that confiscated cars will be actively sold to Poland.
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    15 May 2024 19: 58
    Trouble came out of nowhere...
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    16 May 2024 01: 08
    So then everything will be covered with a copper basin!
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    16 May 2024 06: 55
    It’s not clear why it’s still being exported, what, we don’t have enough drones, the crests are not shy about attacking civilian vehicles on our own territory