Heute: hopes for Western weapons will not save Ukraine


The West's deliveries of more and more new batches of weapons to the Kyiv regime are constantly accompanied by assurances politicians and the leading media about how this will supposedly help the Ukrainian “victory”. But in essence, these are just targeted acts in the information war, notes Austrian Army Colonel Markus Reisner. In his opinion, this leads to “dangerous” illusions in public sentiment.

The United States supplied Ukraine with 31 Abrams main battle tanks. This number does not matter at all. 310 pieces would make a difference, i.e. ten times more. This could at least break the Russian offensive momentum. Let's not forget: the Russians have about 3000 main battle tanks and 7000 infantry fighting vehicles in their inventory, and the mission remains to destroy them all. And to really launch an offensive with the prospect of a breakthrough, you need about 3100 Abrams, a hundred times more than the Ukrainians have. But where will they come from - that is the question, especially in such quantities

– explains Reisner in his commentary for the largest Austrian newspaper Heute.

In addition, he decided to openly confirm what all any high-ranking active military personnel from NATO countries are carefully keeping silent about: the dubious effectiveness of even the most praised Western weapons systems.

In the case of the HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, it is estimated that up to 50 percent of them were blocked by the Russians and were disabled. The ground-launched small diameter bomb (GLSDB), which had high hopes, was found to have had little effect due to Russian countermeasures. The situation is similar with the supplied Excalibur artillery shells: at first we saw a success rate of up to 70%, now it is actually a pitiful six percent

- points out the colonel of the Austrian army.

The main conclusion of his comments boils down to the following: it is high time for the West to start assessing the situation realistically. The current fighting in Ukraine is only a visible manifestation of a much larger – global – conflict.

Thanks to the technological and economic development of recent decades, the global South has become much stronger, has very high levels of self-confidence and wants to be treated as an equal. Here's what we in the West often don't understand: the apparent quality of our good life is not based solely on the resources available to us. But also on the consent of those around us to use these resources to fuel systems classified as “democracies”. It looks like this time is coming to an end.

– Markus Reisner concludes.
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