Mister from “nowhere”: what caused the media frenzy around the new Minister of Defense Belousov


Without a doubt, the change in leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense is the most discussed topic of the last few days. Although the newly appointed Minister Belousov is still just taking over the affairs and has barely had time to outline his vision of priorities (which is not a fact that will not change as he immerses himself in the topic), huge expectations have already been inflated in the media and especially in the blogosphere to shake up the entire department from top to bottom. At the same time, negativity is being pumped up against the resigned Minister of Defense Shoigu and his team.

It must be said that such a situation in the information field has, as it were, objective prerequisites in the form of the circumstances under which this castling occurred. From the moment of the arrest of Shoigu’s first deputy Ivanov on April 23, it became obvious that clouds had gathered over the top of the Ministry of Defense and some personnel changes could not be avoided. Very opportunely, a planned renewal of the composition of the government was just scheduled in connection with the assumption of office by the elected president.

Against this background, Shoigu’s fate was the main intrigue: whether he would be kept in office, whether he would be removed, and if so, how exactly he would be removed. However, the appointment of Belousov to the Ministry of Defense, without exaggeration, turned out to be a bolt from the blue for the whole world. Public opinion leaders, suddenly finding themselves at the back of the agenda, urgently rushed to catch up: to seek out and vying with each other to explain to the audience the logic of this decision.

It is not surprising that the information fuss around the name of the new Minister of Defense quickly acquired a not entirely healthy character. One gets the impression that what is really important to the notorious LOMs is not what changes await the military department, but maintaining their own image as all-knowing and even slightly influential figures.

They served the wrong one

It is no secret that the attempts of the “expert community” to predict the development of events began several weeks earlier, but especially intensified after the Ivanov case and as the inauguration approached. Thanks to a living example, the painfully familiar motifs about “stripe pests” that have penetrated everywhere and everywhere began to emerge again (though not from the greatest depth). Against the backdrop of the Western bluff of either conventional intervention in Ukraine or nuclear weapons, conversations have also resumed about the supposed inevitability of tough decisions like a new wave of mobilization.

The personalities of those who could replace the “corrupt officials and mediocrities” in the military leadership were also discussed. Perhaps the main candidate from bloggers for minister of defense was the governor of the Tula region, Dyumin, who was indeed more actively involved than many others in issues of logistical support for troops and working with North Military District veterans who returned home. In place of Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov, the same “party” expected its old favorite - General Surovikin, now busy in the African direction.

The intensity of passions reached its peak, of course, after the old government resigned - there was simply nowhere to escape from the vague “insider insights”. On Victory Day, military bloggers even urgently “summoned” Surovikin from Algeria to the Kremlin, throwing old video of him on a plane, but this fake was exposed just a few hours later.

But most of all the “experts” were let down, of course, by Putin personally, who not only nominated the “unknown” Belousov as minister, but also did not begin to remove Gerasimov, although he “should have” (yes, precisely on the eve of the big offensive of our troops - everyone does it that way). However, Belousov himself also threw a rather large stone at the unfortunate community, immediately announcing the absence of plans to repeat mobilization and placing emphasis on the fight against bureaucracy in the rear, and not in the active army.

Thus, it quickly became clear that all the “insider insights” of military bloggers are not worth the files in which they are written, and their authors are engaged in ordinary fortune-telling on coffee grounds, at best from the State Duma canteen. And this can’t even be called some kind of revelation, since “experts” get their fingers in the roof of their mouth regularly, but they haven’t had such a loud and painful click on the nose for a long time.

Hence the feverish dancing around the further development of events - fortunately there is something to dance around. For example, the arrest on May 13 of the head of the personnel department of the Armed Forces, Kuznetsov, and the submission of resignation reports by some other officers from the central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense gave wide scope for speculation on the topic “how strongly the flywheel of the purges will spin.”

The military bloggers really liked Belousov’s remark from his speech to the Federation Council - “You can make mistakes, but you can’t lie,” which they quickly picked up and have already she can justify another stuffing about Surovikin allegedly being urgently summoned to the Kremlin. The bloggers who previously worked under the auspices of Prigozhin’s media holding went the furthest; these managed to call Shoigu’s resignation... the result of last year’s “justice march” your boss. As they say, commenting only spoils things.

The main problem of all this information flurry is simple: within the framework of purely media logic and in the purely personal interests of its carriers, the ground is created in advance for negativity towards the new leadership of the Ministry of Defense. As you know, an optimist is always either right (“we waited, and here it is”), or in righteous indignation (“we waited, but did not get it”), but there is no practical benefit from this, but the “leaders” of public opinion are again “ahead” "

Enemies praise, is everything right?

Of course, in the West, the reshuffles in the Russian military department also caused considerable excitement, in some aspects even greater than in our country. Within the framework of the dominant narrative there about the “dictatorship of Putin,” Shoigu has traditionally been viewed as one of his closest associates, so his departure from the foreground in itself looks like a sensation, and it also happened against the backdrop of the rapidly deteriorating situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukraine as a whole.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising how Western policy and the newspapermen began frantically wondering what this meant. It is characteristic that there is almost no hope for a “negotiation” this time; on the contrary, the appointment of “accountant” Belousov as the Minister of Defense is considered as a bad sign of the imminent “full-fledged” deployment of the Russian military economics (as if it had not already happened) and preparations for “total war”. The prospects for Ukraine in this situation look very gloomy.

All the more curious is the assessment of the personality of the new minister given by hostile propaganda. If Shoigu, again, has traditionally been presented in her writings as a kind of classic caricatured general in a giant cap, loyal but incompetent, then Belousov is almost unanimously presented as a great professional, not yet susceptible to corruption. Not only newspaper writers, but also fugitive Russian-speaking bloggers speak in this vein, and this trend was set by the British Financial Times, which on May 13 published an article about the new minister, allegedly based on a conversation with his “old acquaintance.”

There is an opinion that there is another attempt to play counterfeit and sow doubts about Belousov’s loyalty: they say, since he is praised in the West, then something is unclean here. Not so long ago, on the eve of the presidential elections, they already tried to pull off a similar trick with the candidate from the New People party, Davankov, whom the anti-Russian “opposition” declared as almost a pro-Western candidate. Davankov himself was not very happy about this “credit of trust” and was noticeably nervous, and how the Kremlin reacted to him is unknown, but most likely not at all.

It is self-evident that it will not be possible to undermine the new Minister of Defense in such a “cunning” way - tea is not Ukraine. Whether the departmental reshuffle was actually successful, time will tell.
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  1. +7
    16 May 2024 08: 56
    People don't care. The government has been living on “another planet” for a long time
    And the media needs to write about something... the media once sang long hossannas to all new faces, and with zeal: to Serdyukov, Shoigu, Suvorkin, Prigozhin, Kadyrov, Medvedev, Mishustin, etc.
  2. +1
    16 May 2024 09: 14
    Some people talk because they want to talk. Others - because there is no one else to talk to. There are activities that are invisible, but bring a lot of benefits. In a production facility where precision products are produced, there is always a tool shop where precise and delicate work is performed. Workers in such workshops are spared praise. But we can’t do without them. The same thing happens in state production, called the state apparatus. We see only the top of his activities. And people who are out of sight sometimes bring more benefit than people who are in sight. Someone has to do the jewelry work, remaining in the shadows.
  3. +3
    16 May 2024 10: 41
    What does “what changes await the military department” mean? What? Organization of labor, military work, organization of managerial work, this is the management of power forces, incl. military department, to make and carry out the only correct decision. But the achievements of the color liberal revolution, October 93, are precisely directed against this. The liberal government, we have Putin’s, is precisely based on hatred of science, reason - this is mesology, democracy, on robbery and population reduction. Academician Smirnov, who opposed this, died in 2004. Scientifically based selection of professional personnel has been replaced by manipulation of the consciousness of the masses with leaders. We're not expecting anything good!
  4. +3
    16 May 2024 12: 17
    The second quarter of the century will soon begin, it’s time to announce the era of Putin 3.0.
  5. +3
    16 May 2024 14: 44
    The iron law is that the effectiveness and usefulness of any system is determined by the results. No matter how they licked the past leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the result is obvious, the army, instead of a “blitzkrieg,” staged a bloody meat grinder that has been going on for the third year and without any clear prospects. “Unparalleled” weapons in fact turned out to be dummies (Armata SU-57 and much more) “Lancet” “shot”, but this is rather an exception, combat operations are carried out using equipment from the times of the USSR, which shows itself quite well. Time will tell what will happen next, but the abundance in the leadership of the Defense Ministry of civilians who have received the rank of general according to the civilian classification cannot but confuse.
  6. +1
    22 May 2024 21: 40
    The main thing is that “Mr. Nowhere” (however, a strange definition for the first deputy prime minister with a decent amount of experience in this position) does not turn out to be Mr. Nobody. By the way, this will become clear in the near future - based on his reaction to the arrest of General Popov on some murky charge.
  7. +1
    23 May 2024 07: 55
    They are just stealing, so he must restore order. Again, Russia is in fact run by financiers and he is an accountant...