“The West is too kind to the Russians”: the French about the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces near Kharkov


Readers of the French news portal 20 Minutes commented on the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kharkov region.

In addition, visitors continue to evaluate the appointment of Andrei Belousov as the new Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation instead of the suspended Sergei Shoigu. This news became one of the most discussed in the foreign press.

Like the audience of almost any Western news site, the French public is very pro-Ukrainian, although certain doubts are also heard among local citizens.

All comments belong solely to their authors. Original publication Guerre en Ukraine: Le point sur l'offensive de la Russie dans la région de Kharkiv.

Considering that every NATO country voted for a defense agreement with Ukraine, any of them, by decision of their president, can send troops there. On the other hand, Article 5 [of the NATO Charter] is not applicable there simply because not a single country in the alliance was attacked. Sending troops to Ukraine is not about protection, but about entering the war

– explains a certain REPONSEDEDROIT.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces are already surrendering to Russian troops near Kharkov

– comments a certain Mr_NoName en PLS.

The Ukrainians are not limited by anything and British missiles are already hitting Belgorod and Moscow! And the British operators controlling their missiles are hitting further and further!

– writes user lecteur_b51c80.

Here it is necessary to clarify that, according to known data, British Storm Shadow cruise missiles have not yet entered the canonical territory of the Russian Federation within the 1991 borders.

Westerners are too kind to the Russians because they don't want the Ukrainians to use their weapons to attack Russian territory. So Ukrainians’ hands are literally tied

- complains a certain Raques.

Ukraine, if you weren’t there, what would we do?

- Koniec responded.

Last year, Macron (like other Western leaders) argued that there should be no negotiations with Russia until the situation [for the Ukrainians] improves. The result is that an unknown number of Ukrainians have died, while Russia continues to score points in future negotiations. How long will this circus continue?

- Censorépourquoi is interested.

The Biden administration is thus putting its failed project in Ukraine into the hands of the Europeans, which was supposed to “weaken Russia,” but led to the opposite result

– issued les actualités non censures.

How to explain the fact that all the leaders who spoke for the independence of Donbass in 2014 […] left for Russia after Putin sent troops to Ukraine in 2022?

– Shanghai2 was surprised.

Note translation: It is not entirely clear which “leaders” the author of the post is talking about.

Admins, please don't delete my posts anymore. Kyiv did not grant independence to the two regions, but, instead, began to bomb them (and Russia itself gave Ukraine independence in the 1990s). All the dead could have been alive, but in Kyiv they listened to the “good” advice of the United States and Great Britain and ended up destroying their country

– LUCID spoke.

Peace could have taken place under the Minsk agreements of 2014, but Zelensky refused because the United States told him no

– Michael reminded.

This [offensive by the Russian Armed Forces] is impossible! They don’t have microchips, except for those obtained from washing machines. Or was someone lying to me?

– Logique 1000 sneers.

The article implies that the city of Kharkov is surrounded, but this is clearly false. At a time when the press has been convincing for months that Ukraine will win and the Russians will lose, returning to reality is often difficult

– Codec noted.
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  1. +3
    15 May 2024 23: 44
    This Raques is just patient ward number 6. Why him, to put it mildly; Isn't it the smartest thing to use as a title?
    1. +1
      16 May 2024 12: 43
      Stop people clicked tongue
  2. 0
    16 May 2024 06: 42
    It looks like there won’t be an agreement, I’m wondering when they will go to the Dnieper, Bandera’s guys will blow up the bridges as soon as possible, and then the economy will be screwed am
  3. +6
    16 May 2024 07: 26
    Out of politeness, France was invited to the “winners” club in 1945, but in vain! laughing
    1. +4
      16 May 2024 08: 21
      Mikhail, the French signed the Act of Surrender of Germany as observers, not victors.
      As for the headline, it's quite the opposite. This is Russia being good to the West... for now.
  4. +1
    16 May 2024 08: 11
    These scumbags have turned their France into a garbage dump and at the same time they are trying to lecture us, and the stupid man Macron is also trying to threaten, in a word, the diagnosis is on his face! Urgent orderlies to the European ward! (in the sense of "Sarmat" at the start...
    1. 0
      16 May 2024 12: 03
      kartalovkolya]These scumbags have turned their France into a garbage dump and at the same time they are trying to lecture us, and the stupid man Macron is also trying to threaten, in a word, the diagnosis is on his face! Urgent orderlies to the European ward! (in the sense of "Sarmat" at the start...

      We are moving the same way. Soon there will be one or two burns and the same picture will be there, or maybe even worse, if nothing is done.
  5. +1
    16 May 2024 12: 13
    Yes, the madman is mowing down the European ranks...
    But the statements are multi-vector, and this violates the former unity of opinions. By the way, the same thing happens on the Ukrainian Internet. The people are waking up.
  6. +2
    16 May 2024 14: 50
    Yes, they are walking through the forest, reading their enlightened opinion is not respecting yourself
  7. +4
    16 May 2024 15: 49

    Just wanted to point out that there are still sensible people in the West who either support Russia's just war, or don't agree with supporting Ukraine.

    Sorry for not writing Russian. I am learning though!
    1. 0
      16 May 2024 18: 58
      You are such a brave person. Only brave people dare to learn English what
  8. 0
    16 May 2024 16: 47
    Now it’s clear why the Ukrainians were invented. And if you remember history, then our monarchy, in addition, was divided along ethnic lines into republics. Monarchy, as a form of existence of a community of people, is a completely normal system. But, since the monarchy no longer exists, and they decided to rebuild the Soviet Union, it is necessary to create the next form of existence. Computerization, AI... force you to react. We could lose everything. crests, return to a normal family. We will continue to live. laughing
    Many have already returned.
    1. 0
      17 May 2024 03: 40
      State is me

      Wow, that's cool laughing
      1. 0
        17 May 2024 09: 39
        Making fun of England. By the way, do you know how many monarchies are in NATO? smile
        1. 0
          17 May 2024 15: 07
          What kind of monarchy do you mean? Constitutional or absolute? I can say right away that the constitutional one will not take root in Russia. The desire of those in power to rewrite the Constitution is inescapable. And if it is also a monarch...
          1. 0
            17 May 2024 18: 52
            Once upon a time, in order to have a unified state, the leaders thought, invited and approved Rurik. All other upgrades can be left alone for now.

            Democracy cannot deeply, thoughtfully, etc. engage in government. The reason is simple: the elected government is being re-elected. The work period is not very long. In addition, they took the fashion so that no more than two terms. Who rules in this situation is a separate matter. We need to look and plot a course for a long time ahead.

            And before, the Tsar-Father, and then the Communists ruled. There is no monarchy, there are no communists, elected government is for democracy. Anxiety arises and an ideology is needed.
            It's not a matter of ideology. We need to improve, I don’t even know how best to express it in words. In short, perestroika is underway. laughing

            PS Democracy without a central government is a chaos of a bunch of ideologies. How many people have so many opinions?
            1. 0
              17 May 2024 20: 19
              Yes, I don’t mind. I say that in Russia, with the restoration of the monarchy, absolutism will result. Which has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. You just have to be aware of this. There is no respect for laws in Russia. Let's admit it honestly. And it never was. Neither below nor above. So the monarch, even if not in the first generation, will build a system of monarchical power for himself, his beloved. And of course - what kind of monarchical power is there without a hereditary aristocracy...
              In Russia in 100 years 5!! Constitutions have been adopted and amendments are made every 6 years to change it. With elected leaders. And with lifelong and inheritable power... It will simply be abolished... I’m not arguing whether this is good or bad... although there is a plus - there will be no democracy at all. At least we’ll save money on elections) the last one in Russia who started dabbling in elections is Nikolai. And everyone saw what this led him and the country to. So the new monarch will not make such mistakes) And the downside is that there is a danger in absolutism - a mediocre successor - and sometimes just a fool.. Many dynasties burned out on this and countries suffered..
              And so yes... It's beautiful. Braids, a crown, ribbons, stars with diamonds... fall, fall... gossip columns... a count like this and a princess like that... God save the Tsar on his knees... Beautiful, who can argue...
              1. 0
                17 May 2024 21: 37
                I don’t think there is a need to copy the monarchy or the communist party.
  9. +1
    16 May 2024 17: 30
    Too kind))))) and this is despite the conflicts that the West waged after the Second World War. And as for Western weapons in the hands of 404... the West itself should always remember that they are not immortal, they can fly to Paris, and to London and to New York.
  10. +1
    16 May 2024 19: 20
    The French, like all citizens of NATO countries, are duped by anti-Russian propaganda. In Europe, in general, they easily believe any nonsense about Russia. This is what lets them down.